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 Olympus World
 Jun 29th, 2007

As many of you know, Club Olympus Marketing do some Sponsorship at Leeds United (for our sins!) as well as at Bradford City. Our association with both cities gives us great interest in those football clubs. Just before the woeful season closed Hedley and sons Ivan and Tony visited the Leeds training facility at Thorp Arch, Wetherby, near Leeds. They met the players and coaching staff and tried be as positive as possible in what has been a pretty dire season. Manager Dennis Wise told us that much of this years poor form has been down to the lack of availability of many key players due to injury. At one time nine senior players were out for great chunks of time. This had a seriously negative affect on team performance. Obviously we hope that Leeds can fight their way back up a couple of divisions but it will no doubt be a slow process! Here are a couple of shots from the day:-

Hedley with Leeds Manager Dennis Wise

Tony with Leeds Assistant Manager Gus Poyet

Ivan with Leeds and Northern Ireland International David Healy

 Olympus World
 Jun 1st, 2007

As many of you know, in December of 1986 Hedley Rhodes and Mike Green opened Club Olympus in Garden City. Both were very experienced business men with backgrounds in the Bradford Textile Industry. As the Textile business in general went into decline they diversified into the home improvement and property sectors. Both Hedley and Mike, with their respective families, spent a great deal of time in their favourite holiday spot,

Tenerife. Lying on the beach with cold Beers in hand they often talked about having a business on The Island of Eternal Spring. This idea became reality at the beginning of December 20 years ago.

The Timeshare business has always had an image problem but Mike and Hedley were convinced that with their family based business ethic they could produce timeshare that you could trust. Twenty years later that has proved to be the case. Club

Olympus is still a family run business with a large extended family of owners. The reputation is still one of family spirit, honesty with integrity and that is saying something in today’s world, let alone the Timeshare business!

While the Green family has diversified into other business interests they still remain the closest of friends and have a keen interest in Club Olympus.

The resort is in better shape than ever and Club Olympus in Tenerife continues to be a fabulous place to come for your holidays. We will be having special events, special offers and special occasions throughout the year and we will keep you informed of what is happening. The celebrations kicked off on December 23rd with an open house party in the Poolside Bar, some photos of that event are posted below.We will be having events throughout the whole of 2007 so come and join us!

Cheers Olympus!!

Party time at Poolside bar

Brian and Pat Clarke in Tenerife, Owners and friends for 20 years!

Elvis lives (actually Graham Gold, well known Tenerife entertainer) at the 20th Party

Owners enjoy!

Hedley and Mike

Cheers Kim! Kim Naseem, owner for nearly 20 years

Emma, Pasquale, Gabi, Antonia, Dominique and Mandy of Club Olympus party in Tenerife!

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