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 Olympus World
 Jul 25th, 2007

Construction of the fabulous Siam Park complex in Tenerife is progressing well as the below photograph shows.

All sorts of attractions are planned for Siam Park which will be a water based theme park. You can see the cone of what will be one of the biggest funnel rides in the world. Other attractions include a giant “Lazy River”, a wave pool with surfable waves, “Kamikaze” type slides and numerous tunnel rides. We don’t have a firm date for opening yet but we can see that great progress is being made.

This photograph shows the proximity of Siam Park to Garden City. Siam Park ends just before the large building in the foreground which is the Exit 29 Palace Theatre. Garden City can be seen just to the right of Exit 29 Palace and across the road. The Bouganville hotel is clearly seen at the rear right of the shot. No doubt it will be a terrific attraction for all guests at Club Olympus in Garden City, Tenerife. We will keep you up-dated!

 Olympus World
 Jul 25th, 2007

During the course of the year as part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, we have had some brilliant Monday night parties. On these occasions when lots of owners have been on the resort we have stepped things up a notch! Here are a couple of shots from some of the parties at the resort in Tenerife.

And a ‘Cheers’ to our owners too!

Owners and friends for years!

Our Nikki sneaking in a quick cuddle!

If you are completely sick of the miserable UK weather then get your bones down to Club Olympus and join us in celebrating 20 years.

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