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 Sep 29th, 2007

For the second week running our Saturday morning quiz winner was from Cornwall. Pictured above is Shirley Simmons with our compere Dave O’Neill (one half of the world famous O’Neil twins). So another fabulous Club Olympus 20 Year anniversary shirt will be winging its way to the southwestern corner of the UK. Shirley is pictured below with husband Chris.

Chris and Shirley Simmons are Timeshare owners in Malta and are guests at Club Olympus via RCI. This is their fourth visit to Tenerife and they are enjoying the hospitality here at Club Olympus. It’s a pleasure to have them here with us.

We have had quite a few owners and guests asking where Mark O’Neill is (the other half of the world famous O’Neill twins). Mark also had a long spell as compere at Club Olympus. Well just so that you know, he is alive and kicking and pictured below in the Poolside Bar with his bro!

Davey Dave and Marky Mark in all their glory!

Mark is of course still talking as the shot was taken, no surprise there then. Both lads are very popular with our guests and owners alike and have enjoyed 16 years of compereing and cabaret work in Tenerife. Dave tells us that they came here all those years ago on holiday and just never left. The boys are originally from Walney Island, Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria. Their experience in show business came from working as Red Coats at Butlins and other holiday camps. The question they are most often asked is “who is the oldest?” and after some hesitation and various attempts to wriggle out of the conversation, Dave admits that he is by 20 minutes although, he says that Mark looks a lot older.

It’s a pleasure for Club Olympus to be associated with the twins and we wish them all the best.

You can send them a note via the comments box below.

 Olympus World
 Sep 27th, 2007

For the last few months our Compere Dave O’neill has been hosting the Saturday Welcome meeting. Dave brings his own brand of humour and liveliness to this event and has really taken it up a notch. Timeshare owners and Guests at Club Olympus enjoy free Bucks Fizz, a prize quiz and informative up-dates at the Welcome Meeting.

Brief presentations are given by Resort Manager Alan Gibbons and In-House Manager Suzanne White. The idea is to make sure that everybody is aware of events during the week, what excursions we recommend, how to stay safe on holiday, best places to eat and drink and so on. Below is a picture of Resort Manager Alan Gibbons (right) with Owner Richard Hawes who is proudly displaying the Olympus 20 year anniversary T-shirt that he won at the Saturday quiz!

Richard and Joan Hawes are long standing members of the Club. They are from Cornwall and have owned at Club Olympus since 1990.

When you are at the resort, please try and get to our Welcome Meeting which begins at 11am. You will enjoy it and it will get your holiday off to a great start. We would also like you to give us feedback on the Welcome Meeting so feel free to comment by clicking on the comment box at the bottom of this piece. We look forward to seeing you soon - Club Olympus

 Olympus World
 Sep 25th, 2007

Pictured here below is the Tall ship “Kruzenshtern” which visited Tenerife this week. The ship is the second largest of its kind in the world. This magnificent vessel was built in 1926 in Germany but given to the Russian navy as part of war reparations after the second world war.

She was built as a cargo ship and transported building materials to South America and returned with Saltpetre. In time she became a grain carrier to and from Australia. The “Kruzenshtern” has made a number of visits to Tenerife in her latest role as a training vessel and passenger carrier. Club Olympus timeshare owners and guests have enjoyed watching this beautiful ship cruise up and down our coastline. She is currently moored just outside the harbour in Los Cristianos.

“The Kruzenshtern” is pictured here with ‘Sedge’ from Club Olympus and the South of Tenerife coastline as a backdrop. She will be here for a week or two more so if you are coming out the resort shortly you will get a chance to see her.

 Olympus World
 Sep 21st, 2007

Work on Siam Park is progressing rapidly. This fabulous theme park really is shaping up to be a great attraction, especially as it is virtually next door to Club Olympus in Garden City. Below is a photo taken yesterday (20th September) from above the construction site. You can compare it with the shot on the Club Olympus Blog in July by scrolling down and clicking on ‘next’ at the foot of the page.

Much more infrastructure is in place and more buildings are nearing completion

Such as this below, which is going to be “The Tower of Power”. This is a ‘Kamikazi’ type water slide which has a brilliant twist. As you shoot towards the bottom of the slide you will go into a glass tunnel that goes right through a crocodile pool! Ace!

Below is a close up of the nearly completed “Typhoon” ride. The biggest of its kind in the world.

Our timeshare owners and guests are very much looking forward to Siam Park opening. It will be a terrific asset for the south of Tenerife and indeed the Island as a whole. Siam Park is part of the group of companies who have the Loro Parque and Casino Taoro in Puerto De La Cruz. The Loro Parque now has the amazing Orca show. This project was done in conjunction with Sea World in Florida and mirrors their outstanding Orca spectacular. It is well worth a visit when you next come to Club Olympus. Follow the links to the official Siam Park web page for the latest up-dates.


 Olympus World
 Sep 17th, 2007

Ivan is not stood in a hole and the other guy is not stood on a crate! This is wee Jimmy Crawford out on his hols at Garden City in Tenerife. He is a great character who we see quite regularly down at the Club Olympus Poolside Bar. Known as “High Tower” to his friends and the local press, 6′7″ Jimmy serves as a police officer on the beautiful Isle of Bute in Scotland and is literally ‘the long arm of the law’. Well known as an excellent officer, great golfer and keen footballer Jimmy is always a pleasure to see down at the resort.

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