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 Oct 29th, 2007

Hedley Rhodes, Chairman of Club Olympus, met with Leeds United Chairman Ken Bates this week to discuss the situation regarding the Leeds United Supporters Club in Tenerife.

(From left to right) Ken Bates, Jane Rhodes and Hedley Rhodes

Hedley and Ken discussed the situation at the Leeds United annual dinner. For many years the Club Olympus Poolside Bar has been the official Leeds United Supporters Club Branch in Tenerife. Under the new Bates regime things have changed and a new format of supporters club is now in place. Discussions are under way to make sure that Leeds United supporters in Tenerife are looked after properly. Mr Bates was very supportive and swung things into place immediately to ensure that Leeds United fans in Tenerife and holiday makers who are visiting the resort have the best access to Fan’s resources. This includes having LUFC TV in place as soon as is technically possible. This live feed via the internet will show Leeds games as they happen.

Hedley is pictured below with Manager Dennis Wise and Chairman Ken Bates

Hedley said “it was a pleasure to meet Ken and he swung into action immediately to ensure that everything was being done to assist us, Jane and I had a super evening as guests of Leeds United and were very impressed with the efficiency of the management team, Leeds are playing great football at the moment and Mr Bates is determined to get Leeds back to where they belong, at the top of the Premiership. We wish Ken, Dennis and everyone at Leeds United all the best!”

 Olympus World
 Oct 27th, 2007

Thursday of this week (25th Oct) saw an EGM of the Owners Committee for Club Olympus. A number of important issues were addressed at the Extraordinary General Meeting as owners are aware from the notices recently issued. Voting was brisk and support from our members was overwhelming. The results from the EGM will be circulated shortly. Suffice to say that your committee has been working very hard. Below is a photograph of your committee in action.

From left to right we have Brian Bottomley, John Tarling, Hedley Rhodes, Tony Hartley, Janet Smales and Tony Rhodes.

The EGM was held at the Las Dalias Hotel, next door to Garden City. Many of our owners at Club Olympus hear about our committee members but don’t meet them very often so we will profile our committee members over the next week here on the official Club Olympus Website Blog.

 Olympus World
 Oct 22nd, 2007

As you can see from the above, work is progressing at rapid pace in Siam Park. This will be one of the premier theme parks in Europe and is looking to open early next year. As we have mentioned in previous blogs there will be a wonderful assortment of rides and attractions in this water based fun park, complimented by the fabulous weather in Tenerife.

The shot above shows progress of the “Lazy River” ride that will meander through the whole park. And all of this is just about next door to Club Olympus in Garden City as you can see from the photograph below.

The middle of the photo shows the end of Siam Park. In the foreground is exit 29 Palace and in front of that towards the sea is Club Olympus. We are starting to have great demand at Club Olympus for the next year or so as Siam Park nears completion. Follow the Siam Park links to view their web-site. We are very much looking forward to this facility being ready for timeshare owners and all our guests at Club Olympus. We will keep you posted of all developments.

Ps. These Photo’s were taken on the afternoon of Monday 22nd October, did you notice the weather! We have had a fabulous year for sunshine this year so please come and enjoy yourselves down at Club Olympus

 Olympus World
 Oct 22nd, 2007

Do you remember this guy?

We mentioned “wee” Jimmy Crawford on our blog a few weeks ago. This photo is of Ivan and Jimmy in the Olympus Poolside Bar. Jimmy is a friend of everybody down at Club Olympus and he comes down to the resort quite often. Well I just happened to be in ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’ recently and came across this fellow:-

Now he does make Jimmy Crawford from the Isle of Bute look wee!

He is of course Robert Wadlow, the tallest man to have ever lived. He was 8 feet 11.09 inches tall. Not a lot to do with timeshare or Club Olympus but I thought you might like it anyway, comments please. All the best - Ivan

 Olympus World
 Oct 12th, 2007

We are getting great feedback at Club Olympus about the Blog. The idea is to keep you all informed of events and happenings of special interest down at the resort and in Tenerife. In fact it’s supposed to be a running newsletter like The Olympian which is sent out every year or so. Many of our timeshare owners are checking the blog regularly now which is terrific news. Lots do express the view that it is time to up-date the website as a whole. We agree so we are on the case with that right now. We want to make the official Olympus website more intereactive. The idea is for it to be a useful tool rather than an information point. Again your feedback is required. Please let us know what you want from the website. You can post comments here or email sales at and that will go through to Ivan Rhodes. Comments in general are more than welcome anyway so please feel free even it is just to say hello or relate your Tenerife experience. Simply click on “comments” below each article.

To see the whole blog scroll down to the bottom of each page and go on to the next page by clicking on “next”. Please give us your imput and help us to design the website the way that you want it.

Cheers and all the best from all at Club Olympus in Tenerife

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