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 Dec 27th, 2007

The photo below shows Jane Rhodes, wife of Club Olympus Developer Hedley, with In-House team member Ann Harrison.

As it happens, Jane Rhodes’ maiden name was Harrison and Jane has a sister also called Ann who was the Club Olympus UK office manager for years, known to many owners as Aunty Ann. Jane and this Ann pictured above were born within a month of each other. Amazing eh?

Ann Harrison has worked with Club Olympus for nearly 10 years, mostly in the UK and is now a valued member of our In-House team in Tenerife.

 Olympus World
 Dec 24th, 2007

Recently I took our In-House and Reservations Team for lunch as I like to do quite often to say thank you for their hard work. As you know, there are no shortages of terrific restaurants to choose from in Tenerife. We are blessed with quite a few excellent fish restaurants in the south of the island. One of our favourites is ‘Masia Del Mar’ at La Caleta. I have been coming here for decades and know the owner and his family well.

Pictured above is the entrance to the restaurant on the little road going down into La Caleta. I can remember when this tiny fishing village was literally a tiny fishing village with just one scruffy little bar on the seafront.

Over the years La Caleta has become a sought after residential area and is now home to some great bars and restaurants. Masia Del Mar with its sister restaurant ‘Pisces’ underneath, has always maintained very high standards and quite reasonable prices.

My team always love to have a real ‘picky and pikey’ lunch (is that a Yorkshire expression?). They love to have lots of little bits and pieces and that’s where Masia Del Mar excels. We usually just have a big selection of different shellfish including Mussels in Mariners sauce, Clams in white wine and garlic, Cockles, Limpets, King Prawns, Boquerones (anchovies in vinegar and garlic), Chipirones (baby squids in batter) and so on. We normally have a bottle or two of Vina Sol, which is an outstanding dry white wine by Torres, and it goes with seafood superbly. One of our favourite red wines is Marques De Caceres which goes with just about anything!

The team are pictured above just finishing off ‘deep fried baby squids’ and shown below is the interior of Masia Del Mar.

One of the fabulous things about this restaurant is its location. It is right on the seafront and has a beautiful terrace area overlooking the sea and the views are simply wonderful, just look at this!

This is the view at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon on a day last week. No wonder the team enjoy this instead of work!

Just below is a great shot at lunch of 3 generations of the Rhodes’s at Club Olympus.

On the left is Ivan’s daughter Cassie who is in the Reservations team, then number one son Ivan, and I am on the right.

We all had a lovely lunch at Masia Del Mar in La Caleta. If you get a chance then do go and try it yourself. Ask any member of staff how to get there or email us for directions. Drop a line to info at or call 0034 922 795606 (Sue or Cassie).

If you have tried this restaurant and enjoyed it let us know. Simply click on ‘comments’ below. Indeed if you have any other favourites or suggestions drop us a line by clicking on ‘comments’. Your feedback is always appreciated.

All the best - Hedley

 Olympus World
 Dec 21st, 2007

Twelve thousand feet high Mount Teide had its first serious covering of snow this week. We all woke up on Wednesday morning to gorgeous views of Teide and the surrounding mountains covered in snow.

Here you can see Teide (on the left) as seen from Club Olympus at Garden City on Wednesday the 19th of December. Please note the resort is in glorious sunshine! Temperatures on the south coast of Tenerife still were in the 70’s.

Our timeshare owners and guests all had a day of sunbathing in fabulous sunshine.

The snow on Mount Teide is one of the major water sources in Tenerife. As the snow melts slowly, the water is absorbed through porous volcanic rock. This water finds its way into enourmous underground reservoirs or gallery’s. It is then distributed into the islands water network.

 Olympus World
 Dec 18th, 2007

Pictured above is Owners Committee member Janet Smales. The Club AGM was held in Tenerife last week and here is a shot of Janet on the resort.

Janet and husband Chris, have been owners at Club Olympus since June of 1995. They hale from the beautiful Yorkshire Dales village of Gargrave near Skipton in North Yorkshire.

Janet was born in the UK but brought up in the USA before moving back to Yorkshire. Janet and Chris are in the wholesale chocolate business and have run a very succesful company for many years. Chris is part of the world famous Whitaker chocolate family from Skipton.

Janet has also, for a long time, been part of the Gargrave Village Committee giving her great experience in community matters. The Smales’ have three daughters who have all loved taking their holidays at Club Olympus in Tenerife.

Janet takes her role as a committee member at Club Olympus seriously and her business acumen, sharp mind and great sense of fair play make Janet an extremely valuable member of the team.

 Olympus World
 Dec 15th, 2007

Club Olympus UK headquarters at The Leeming Wells Hotel, hosted a sportsmens dinner last weekend. The event was organised by Mick and Kath Roper of the “Dog and Gun” pub next door. The dinner was held to raise money for Manorlands Hospice in Oxenhope, West Yorkshire. Almost £2,000 was raised for the charity and a brilliant evening was had by all.

Guest speakers were Norman Hunter of Leeds United fame and Johnny Stiles, son of England World Cup Winner ‘Nobby’ Stiles (Full name Norbert Peter Stiles!)

Norman is pictured above with Tony Rhodes of Club Olympus

Norman “Bite yer Legs” Hunter was born in October 1943. He was one of the more uncompromising members of the world renowned Leeds team of the 60’s and 70’s.

Norman joined Leeds United at age 15 and had 14 eventful years with the club. His partnership in defence with Jack Charlton lasted a decade. Norman was actually a very skillful player and was noted for having a ‘cultured’ left foot.

Norman gave a terrific speech at Leeming Wells that was filled with memories, great stories and terrific humour.

Pictured above with Hedley is Johnny Stiles

John Stiles, as mentioned, is son of England legend Nobby. John was born in 1964 and was a professional footballer himself. His uncle Johnny Giles gave him his first footballing chance for Shamrock Rovers but John went on to have 5 years with Leeds United. He then played at Doncaster Rovers and moved into football and entertainment management. He now is a very succesful comedian as was proved by a brilliant performance at Leeming Wells last weekend.

Norman and Johnny together at Leeming Wells after an outstanding evening of entertainment.

Above is pictured the Dog and Gun pub with the Leeming Wells Hotel behind.

Kath and Mick Roper, of the Dog and Gun, often use the conference and dining facilities of the Leeming Wells Hotel for events such as weddings, conferences, dinners and so on and can be contacted on 01535 643158 or follow the link at the top of the page to their website.

Leeming Wells and the Dog and Gun are situated just outside the village of Oxenhope near Haworth, Keighley, West Yorkshire. This area is known as Bronte Country.

We will be doing a profile on the Leeming Wells Hotel, which is part of the Olympus group, shortly

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