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 Jun 30th, 2008

Spain beat Germany 1 nil and then the whole of Tenerife went crazy! The noise was deafening as the Spanish locals celebrated this historic victory. It has been so long since Spain actually won a major tournament which is remarkable when you consider how football mad the spanish are. The Poolside Bar was packed and it really was a terrific atmosphere. All major sporting events are covered in the bar so do drop in when you are next in Tenerife or at Club Olympus.

Well done Spain.

 Olympus World
 Jun 27th, 2008

As you can imagine, Tenerife erupted into a night of mad partying last night after Spain defeated Russia in the Euro 2008 semi-final. Fireworks and car horns could be heard late into the night as Tenerife celebrated Spain’s spectacular win. Their 3 nil victory puts them into the final with Germany on Sunday. This will be Spain’s first appearance in a final for 24 years.

We will of course be watching the final in the Club Olympus Poolside Bar. If you are here on holiday in Tenerife then do come and join us.

The final is being shown on June 29th live at 7:45 pm (British Summer Time) 8:45 (Central European Time). In Tenerife our clocks are always the same as the UK. Link here for a very cool timezone world map.

 Olympus World
 Jun 26th, 2008

Over the last week or so we gave the Poolside Bar a spring clean. The biggest job was putting all the personality pictures and sports shirts back up which took absolutely hours and we haven’t finished yet. However, a fresh coat of paint and sorting out a few bits and pieces makes a big difference.

The ‘Darren Gough’ corner above still has a few photo’s and shirts to go up.

Those of you who are familiar with the Club Olympus Poolside Bar will notice that we have changed the support pillars. They used to have rope wrapped them but now they have been boxed in and squared off. We think it looks much better.

The “Gelderd End” of the bar has quite a number of new photographs, pieces of memorabilia and signed shirts from Leeds United.

We appreciate that not everybody is into football or sports particularly but we have had many none sporting celebs come and enjoy a pint or two with us as well. You will always find a warm welcome at the Poolside Bar whether you enjoy sport or not and will often rub shoulders with well known people such as this character below!

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Come and enjoy the fun with us at Club Olympus in Garden City!

 Olympus World
 Jun 17th, 2008

In the absence of an England side in the Euro 2008 competition we had to do something!

So here we are, the Club Olympus Poolside Bar is officially supporting Spain!

From left to right: Carl, Gary, Ivan, Hedley, Jane (Jane? what the heck is my mother doing there?), Marco and Bruno.

And which player are we following particularly?

You’ve got it. Fernando Torres.

Actually, I think it’s more to do with Bruno getting a good deal on the batch of Spain shirts rather than any specific preference! No, we are going to support Spain in this campaign as they are our hosts. The Spanish Tourism slogan “Passion for Life” is certainly appropriate and we love this country.

And Spain score against Sweden!

All of the matches are being shown in the Club Olympus Poolside Bar. Come and watch them with us.

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 Olympus World
 Jun 17th, 2008

Ex St Helens and Leigh Rugby League star Gary Ainsworth was back on his hols at Garden City with his family. Gary brought a fully signed St Helen’s rugby shirt from this last season and presented it to Marco Atkin in the Poolside Bar.

Gary’s main career was at Leigh Rugby Club in Lancashire. They are now known as ‘Leigh Centurions’ as the Club has been in existence for more than a hundred years. During the 1985/86 season Gary was at St Helens and played an important part in that years successful campaign.

46 year old Gary still plays Rugby every week in his home town of Oldham

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