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 Olympus World
 Jul 31st, 2008

Summer is here and for the last few weeks the Club Olympus Swimming Gala’s have been in full swing. Hosted by Dave O’Neill (one half of the world famous O’Neill twins!) the Gala’s are a highlight of the week.

Teams are usually arranged into red and blue and certificates for winners are given out at the Thursday night Kids Club leaving party.

Angie’s Red Team are looking particularly miserable as they lose the “Lilo Relay”. Angie Decaro is our Kids Club Team Leader (Black vest and red visor). She speaks English, Italian, Spanish and German and is a great addition to our Resort Management team. Angie will be assisted by Gabi Rhodes during this year.

Here is Angie leading her team from the front!

The “Lilo Relay” is fiercely fought for! Dave then brings the teams together for a bit of “Team Building” and instruction prior to “Hunt the Toothpick”. Dave spent hours painting the toothpick black to make it stand out more!

The teams are ready and the toothpick has been released at the bottom of the pool. When the toothpick is spotted it’s EVERYBODY IN!!

Which team will come off victorious, Red or Blue? It’s just like Chelsea versus Man United! Everybody of course wants Blue to win!

Come on down to Club Olympus where we are having a proper summer!

 Olympus World
 Jul 31st, 2008

‘Adeje spicy chicken’ is part of the staple diet for anybody coming to Tenerife especially Club Olympus owners and guests. There are three main restaurants to visit to enjoy “Adeje Chicken”.

They are Oasis (which we featured recently), Damary’s and Otello’s. Each place has its own unique recipe, style and ambience. Having said everybody has their own particular favourite.

Otello’s can be found right at the top of Adeje town (entrance shown above). It is situated at the beginning of the “Barranco Del Infierno” walk so to get to it, just follow the signs for the walk. Their chicken is a little drier than Oasis or Damary’s but is still very tasty and packed full of the typical spicy flavour. Their local wine is also very good. Their ‘House Salad’ is to be recommended and is usually had as a starter.

What really makes Otello an outstanding place is its location and views. Such as this view below of our ‘Tabletop’ Mountain to the right of the terrace. It’s official Spanish name is “Conde” but many locals call it “Montana Mesa”.

From their terrace pictured below, we have views up to the mountains, the “Barranco” and right out over the sea.

Here we can clearly see the beginning of the famous “Barranco Del Infierno” or “Hell’s Gorge” walk.

Which then leads right up into the dramatic scenery of the Barranco. Of course everybody who goes on the 3 to 4 hour walk ends up back at Otello’s for lunch or dinner.

A regular visitor to Otello’s is this beautiful black Crow who injured his wing some years ago. The staff feed him regularly and he drops in several times per day.

The town of Adeje can be quite difficult for parking so a great feature of Otello is its large car park at the rear of the restaurant.

The restaurant also has a lovely interior with giant windows to take advantage of the views if the weather is a little cooler or for the evenings.

The food, the views, the atmosphere of Otello’s make it an absolute winner especially at lunchtime when you get the full impact of the panoramic vista’s. The next time you are visiting Club Olympus in Tenerife, you might give it a try. Please comment if you have been to Otello’s or enjoy any other restaurant that you have tried in Tenerife.

Bon Provecho - Hedley

 Olympus World
 Jul 22nd, 2008

As I mentioned in the last post, I have been back in the UK for a while and the weather was not particularly pleasant. We did enjoy the trip as a whole and it’s always good to see family and friends. We grabbed a little bit of time in the English Lake District. Here below is one shot of Lake Windermere that I managed to grab between rain showers.

We did get odd periods of “non-rain” and here below is me sat in the middle of a stream in Langdale!

However, this is what the resort looked like in Tenerife this morning.

So far we are having a terrific summer down at Club Olympus in Garden City. The resort is busy and the families are enjoying themselves. We are re-arranging the Kids-Club for summer and have a new team leader called Angela. She will be assisted by Gabi again during the holidays. Dave O’Neill will continue with Swimming Gala’s and the Saturday Welcome Party.

The Poolside Bar team are also very busy and have made one or two adjustments. Due to popular demand they now supply Carlsberg on draught as well as Dorada and Magners Cider in bottles!

So I am delighted to be back in Tenerife and enjoying the warmth and island life. We are all geared up for a great summer and can’t wait to see you all down here at Club Olympus. A warm welcome awaits you and we are all here to assist you and make sure that you have a wonderful, well earned holiday.

Best wishes from Emma (above), a valued member of our Housekeeping team and from all of us at Club Olympus in Garden City - Ivan

 Olympus World
 Jul 22nd, 2008

I have only been away for a short while and already the rot has set in. This photograph was taken of one of our guests and friends Tommy Delaney in the Leeds United (”Gelderd End”) section of the Poolside Bar!

Not only is Tommy wearing a Manchester United shirt in the “Gelderd End” but he has put my name on it! Unbelievable.

Never mind, ex-England Boxer and “Mein Host” Marco of the Poolside Bar is keeping an eye on him.

Ahhhhh..It’s good to be back!!

 Olympus World
 Jul 19th, 2008

Sorry we have had no updates for the last couple of weeks, I have been away on hols and business. Most of my time was spent in the UK where it has rained every single day except for one! Got back into Tenerife last night and it is scorching! I will get things back up to date starting today. I am also training up daughter Cassie to keep posts flowing in my absence. Best wishes to you all and sympathies if you are in the UK! - Ivan

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