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 Olympus World
 Aug 27th, 2008

The Cafe Epoca in the El Camison area of Playa De Las Americas is a terrific place to stop for coffee. They have a variety of coffee’s and it has a very continental atmosphere.

Cafe Epoca was originally opened by Giovanni Lecci from Sicily and has been a popular meeting place ever since. Cafe Epoca also prepare light snacks and have a wide variety of pastries, cakes and delicious things that go with coffee!

Coffee is serious business in Tenerife and there are a number of different coffees to choose from. Try the world famous “Barraquito” coffee of Tenerife shown above. This is made with condensed milk, an espresso coffee, milk, a shot of ‘Liqueur 103′, a tiny slice of lemon and then all sprinkled with cinnamon and it is outstanding!

Legend has it that “Barraquito” is an obscure word for camouflage. When the family was on their way to church on a Sunday morning they would stop for a coffee. Dad would ask for a Barraquito with a wink to the barman, so his coffee would have a little shot of alcohol in it (Licor 43). The tiny slice of lemon was to indicate which coffee had the booze in it! Or so they say……….?

Cafe Epoca is well worth a visit and do try try the “Barraquito”!

 Olympus World
 Aug 21st, 2008

Dear Club Olympus Members

Please be advised that a number of so called “Resale” companies are still aggressively calling our members and offering “too good to be true” deals.

If any resale company calls you then they have obtained your number by illegal, unauthorised or fraudulent means. This should immediately make you suspicious!

We DO NOT give out your contact details to anyone so if they are calling you then it is not a good start. Under no circumstances should you give your credit card details to these callers no matter how credible they sound. Please, please, please be careful. The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE) has given repeated warnings about this type of operation. Most of these companies are only interested in obtaining your “registration fee” and then you will hear very little else.

Give our Bradford Head Office at Leeming Wells a call if you are receiving unsolicited calls. We are compiling a list of companies and their methods for the OTE which will go to their enforcement agency in an ongoing effort to stop these companies.

 Olympus World
 Aug 19th, 2008

As we mentioned a couple of posts earlier, The OTE (Organisation for Timeshare in Europe) are holding a writing competition for timeshare owners. They would like an article of between 500 to 800 words describing why you love your timeshare. Entries should be emailed to Sue McNicol of the OTE on

There is a first prize of 200 Euros, a second prize of 100 Euros and a third prize of 50 Euros. Entries may be published on the OTE website and in Newsletters.

A number of Olympus owners have already submitted entries which we will publish shortly on this blog. If you submit an entry to OTE then please send me (Ivan) a copy to sales at or info at so that we can publish them anyway on our blog.

Don’t forget to let Sue McNicol at the OTE know which resort you own at.

The OTE are the main trade body for timeshare resorts in Europe. All members adhere to a strict code of ethics and protocols which are recognised at government level throughout Europe. Club Olympus are founder members of the OTE.

 Olympus World
 Aug 15th, 2008

Damary’s completes the trio of restaurants that specialise in “Adeje Spicy chicken”. The other two being Oasis and Otello’s. Each one is brilliant in its own right for various reasons but all have one thing in common, fabulous spicy chicken.

Damary’s is a family owned restaurant and is situated towards the top of Adeje. It is only a 15 minute taxi or car ride from Club Olympus. The chicken pieces here are a little smaller than at Oasis or Otello’s but there are more of them and the sauce is particularly tasty.

Not only do Damary’s specialise in “spicy chicken” but they also do “garlic chicken” which is different again. Their house wine is also very good but we tend to have a Marques De Caceres Rioja when we are here.

Cheers all, we hope that you come and give Damary’s a try, it’s well worth the run out. Recommending restaurants is always a bit fraught because every place can have on off day but we are confident that you will not be disappointed with Damary. You can eat out on their terrace or inside if it is a little cooler or busy.

This little place is certainly one of our favourites and deserves its place in my “Good Food Guide”.

If you look at the categories on the top right hand side of the blog page you will see the “Hedley’s Good Food Guide” section. Click on this to see all of the restaurants currently on that guide. There is also a section in the main website that has even more restaurants highlighted. We are very blessed in Tenerife by having some tremendous restaurants which are great value for money. If you need to know more then please speak with me, Ivan, Sedge or any of our staff and we will point you in the right direction. Do also feel free to comment on this restaurant or on any others that you like by clicking on “comment” below right.

Bon Provecho and have a wonderful time when you are in Tenerife - Hedley and Jane

 Olympus World
 Aug 14th, 2008

The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE) would like any budding writers, who own timeshare, to write a short article about their timeshare holiday experience. I know that we have some very talented owners at Club Olympus so if the idea appeals, get writing.

The competition has been launched in four countries, The UK, Spain, Greece and Hungary.

Entrants are required to submit an article reflecting why they love their timeshare. The articles should be between 500 to 800 words. A top prize of 200 Euros will be awarded to the winner with 100 and 50 Euro prizes to 2nd and 3rd respectively.

You can email your entry to Sue McNicol of the OTE on

submitted entries may be published in newsletters and on the OTE website.

If you enter, let me (Ivan Rhodes) have a copy to publish on the Club Olympus Website via sales at or info at

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