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 Sep 30th, 2008

For many years at Club Olympus we have provided free Spanish lessons to all our guests. These take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 11 O’clock and 12 noon in the Poolside Bar.

Here are the ‘class’ from this morning (Tues 30th Sept). They are Olympus owners Margaret, Myra, Anita and Janet with instructor Joanne.

Spanish teacher Joanne Clarke (above) has been with us for many years and has a lovely easy going way about her that makes learning basic Spanish fun. Everybody is welcome, there is no charge, no strings, just learn to speak Spanish - that’s it.

By the way, just so you know what the weather is like today, here below is the view from the top of the resort at lunchtime today!

See you soon - The Team at Club Olympus

 Olympus World
 Sep 29th, 2008

Our guests and owners at Club Olympus have been using the new theme park extensively since it opened nearly two weeks ago. Everybody is reporting that it is a brilliant day out. Siam Park is virtually next door to Club Olympus in Garden City and is less than a five minute walk to the entrance. Here are some shots taken by Mark and Dave O’Neill who visited the Park this weekend.

Here is the “Wave Pool” and “Lagoon”. It features a fabulous beach with glorious white sand and the biggest, surfable, artificial wave in the world.

Dave and Mark managed to get to the park very early and get towels on sunbeds before other “continental visitors” managed to get their towels on!

Dave is obviously quite pleased with his sunbed acquiring skills and is set to enjoy the day!

Here is the “Lost City” Childrens area with lower level slides, however there is still plenty of action to keep the kids entertained. Here below we see the famous “Tower of Power”. A 90 foot sheer drop followed by a trip through a glass tube surrounded by Piranha fish.

And here below are the the Piranha fish!

Mark has just sent his brother Dave down the slide and is enjoying watching Dave whizz through the Piranha’s.

Not everything in the park is like the “Tower of Power”. There are quite a few much gentler attractions such as the “Lazy River” featured below.

Although even the “Lazy River” has an optional diversion which takes you through rapids and drops you down a waterfall if you wish!

And the amazing thing is that all of this is just the first phase at Siam Park. There a 2 more phases that will happen over the next couple of years so we shall see what that brings.

Siam Park is a great feature of the south of Tenerife and our Club Olympus owners and guests are using it to the full. If you need a break from the UK weather and economic climate, come down to Club Olympus as soon as you can and enjoy being next door to one of the worlds finest theme parks.

 Olympus World
 Sep 25th, 2008

A few posts ago, we mentioned that the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE) were holding a writing competition. They invited timeshare owners to sum up in about 500 words why they loved their timeshare. A number of Club Olympus owners entered and here is one of the entries. This was written by Cathy Antony from Swansea. Cathy and husband Chris have owned with us since 1990. This is Cathy’s entry:-

My timeshare at Club Olympus - Garden City Tenerife


Our timeshare will always hold a special place in my heart…..


It is the place where I spent my first ever holiday with my Husband.


It is the place where he asked me to marry him just 2 weeks after us meeting -I blamed the Sangria in the pool bar! Or was it too much sun!


It is the place where we got engaged 3 months later, and where we returned for our honeymoon, bringing all the family with us.


It is the place where I learnt that I was going to be a grandmother.


It is the place our children and grandchildren visit every year. And I know it will be the place all future generations of our large family will grow to love as well.


Sadly it is also the place where I learnt that my beautiful baby nephew had died.


It was also the place that helped us sort out a quick flight home… and the comforting place we returned to after the funeral.


It is a place I return to as often as possible - I have never visited another RCI resort - nothing could ever beat this special place.


Club Olympus may not be Five Star but for the warm welcome we receive every time we stay, I would consider it the best resort in the Directory.


It is the place I consider my home in the sun -as soon as I step off the plane I feel myself relaxing, emotionally and physically, knowing that my family and I are in safe hands, as the Staff on Club Olympus are second to none.


It is the place our Grandchildren learnt to swim, it is the place we play bingo and do the quiz - but rarely win! - one day that commemorative t-shirt will be mine!


It is the place where said “never in a millions years would you see me on that stage”…… It was then the place where Davy O’ Neil told me I had “shattered the myth that all Welsh people could sing”. …..Don’t worry Davy, I have imposed a lifetime ban…It is now the place where I shall never sing Karaoke again… But you never know with lots of encouragement (or cider!) I may, make a (welcome?) return.


It is the place where I overcame my fear of birds (well, sitting next to the stage and watching an amazing Lorro show and managing to smile my way through the photos convinced my grandson anyway!)


It is the place where visitors are always known by their first names, where the team never seem to forget a face - how they manage this I will never know! You always feel you are back amongst old friends.


It is the place where I can watch the soaps, the x-factor and casualty to name but a few or where I can be found sitting on the balcony overlooking the pool whilst enjoying a fresh croissant or a large glass of wine - just like being at home with the added bonus of maid service and of course the sunshine!


It is the place not too far from anywhere - the beach, the sea, the Aqua Park, Mount Teide, the harbour, the jungle park, the Lorro park, the many boutiques, the list is endless and of course, the eagerly awaited Siam park.


It is the place that recommended we sample the world famous Adeje chicken! It’s their fault that I will never be slim… it’s the place that advertises the gym that I never use.


It is the place where I can choose to dine or have too many “lemonades” like the many celebrities to be found on the Island (the only difference is my face won’t be all over the newspapers the following morning). The staff at Club Olympus are always very discreet!


It is the place where so many wonderful memories have been made and where so many more are yet to come!

Well we liked that! We will post our other superb entries shortly!

All the best from the team down at Club Olympus in Garden City - See you soon!

 Olympus World
 Sep 16th, 2008

The fabulous Siam Park had its official opening ceremony yesterday evening and Club Olympus were invited. Peter Rhodes represented Club Olympus as the park was opened by a Princess from the Thai Royal family.

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn signs the opening page of the visitors book at Siam Park. Stood at her side is Mr Wolfgang Kiessling the owner of Siam Park and also of the world famous Loro Parque in Puerto De L Cruz.

Over 2,000 guests were present at this grand occasion which marks a very important point in the history of the south of Tenerife.

The opening ceremony was attended by many local dignitaries including the President of the Cabildo of Tenerife and the President of the Cabildo of the Canary Islands.

Here on the left is Senor Paulino Rivero, President of the Canary Islands and in the centre rear is Senor Ricardo Melchior, President of Tenerife.

The Park is going to be the largest of its kind in the world and will be mainly a water based theme park with a flavour of Thailand.

Guests at the ceremony enjoyed traditional Thai Dancing as well as arts and crafts from ancient Siam as Thailand was known.

The visitors had a tour of the Park and saw the various rides, slides and attractions in action.

Siam Park will feature the biggest “Wave Pool” in the world. It has an enormous ‘beach’ area and amazingly generates surfable waves!

There are many different types of slides include “The Tower of Power” which features a 90 foot sheer drop! However there are many more gentler slides such as this one below.

Lots of animals will be a part of the Park and the first ones have begun to arrive as the first phase nears completion. There are two more phases yet to be constructed and one of them will include the worlds largest Roller Coaster using the natural contours of the parkland. Animals are still being located at various Zoos and theme parks to bring into the Park. The Kiessling family have a great reputation for conservation and the breeding of endangered species. They also are insistant on keeping animals in the conditions that closely resemble their original habitats.

After the tour the Mayors of Adeje and Arona Districts gave speeches welcoming the opening of the Theme Park. Here below is Senor Jose Fraga, the mayor of Adeje Province under which jurisdiction Siam Park comes as well as that of Club Olympus in Garden City.

The evening was topped off with a superb show followed by a spectacular firework display and the Park was officially open. Here below, at the conclusion of the event, the President of the Canary Islands, Senor Paulino Rivero congratulates Christoph Kiessling (left) on the inaugural event.

The Park officially opens to the public tomorrow on Wednesday the 17th of September. Tickets and passes to Siam Park will be available through reception at Club Olympus. Don’t forget that Siam Park is next door to Club Olympus in Garden City and is one of the many attractions surrounding the resort that make Club Olympus one of the best placed resorts in Tenerife to have a fantastic holiday.

Club Olympus, it’s a way of life!

 Olympus World
 Sep 13th, 2008

The clans gather for our usual Saturday morning welcome bash! It has been a slightly tough week on the travel front. The difficulties with XL airlines caused a number of Club Olympus Owners and guests a few problems. We had a number of guests who were delayed yesterday as they tried to get out to Tenerife and some families had long waits at the airport but everybody managed to get sorted out and this mornings party went with a swing.

Everybody enjoyed their ‘Bucks Fizz’ and took part in the quiz and novelty bingo with gusto as you can see. The Saturday Welcome Party is a great feature at Club Olympus and gets the week off to a fabulous start. The team who will look after you for your hols are introduced. We talk about the ‘do’s and don’ts’ to make sure that you get the best out of your hard earned time in Tenerife. We run through the excursions available and generally give you useful background information.

Brian and Pat Clarke (above and below) are Club Olympus owners from Bradford in Yorkshire. Pat has just completed a charity fun run for cancer research and was ready for some sunshine down in Tenerife.

They have owned timeshare with Club Olympus for 20 years and it is a real pleasure to see them back down at the resort. Brian is battling health problems with an inspirational spirit and he does us all good by simply being here.

Despite inclement weather in the UK we have had a brilliant summer so far and it has been a welcome change for many of our UK owners.

Our Compere and host at todays party was Dave O’Neill (one half of the world famous O’Neill twins) and he was in fine form and fine voice!

And a great time was had by all. The In-House team headed by Suzanne White (below) are ready to look after you all throughout the new autumn season which, despite economic gloominess, looks set to be quite busy.

Our reservation department are reporting that our bookings and reservations are up on last year which is a very positive sign. This shows that timeshare has great benefits when things are tight. Your quality accommodation is already paid for!

Alan Gibbons, our Resort Manager (above), is reporting that all is well and the refurbishment programme at Club Olympus is going full steam ahead. He said that owners will certainly see a difference over the next few months.

So come on down to Club Olympus in Garden City, Tenerife. There will always be fabulous weather, a great family welcome, lovely apartments and a team ready to look after you when you arrive!

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