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 Oct 23rd, 2008

Club Olympus Committee member Brian Bottomley joined us this week. Brian has been a mainstay of the Owners Committee for years and puts in hours of work on behalf of Club Olympus members. His outgoing personality, friendliness and great experience have made him a tremendous representative for the the Club. Brian has had a slightly rough ride healthwise for the last year or two but says he is “fighting fit”.

Brian with Jane Rhodes of Club Olympus.

Brian’s objectives remain the same, to look after the interests of Club Olympus owners and to thoroughly enjoy his holidays down at the resort in Tenerife. Brian and wife Josie (shown below with Gabi Rhodes of the Kids Club Team) have been coming to Club Olympus for 22 years.

Brian and Josie are originally from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. Brian has a background as a Technical Engineer specialising in the oil and gas industry and has worked all over the world. Josie has a nursing background and now specialises in looking after Brian!!

Its a pleasure to have them with us for the next couple of weeks.

 Olympus World
 Oct 23rd, 2008

Good food is good food, no matter the location. For a quick snack we enjoy an occasional visit to “Don Kebab” in the Gran Sur shopping centre. The boys use it more than we do but still it’s a great little spot for a traditional Donner Kebab.

The new Gran Sur Shopping Centre is only a few minutes away from Club Olympus in Garden City. It boasts a 7 unit cinema, shops, bars and restaurants and of course Don Kebab!

This new shopping mall is quite an attraction for Club Olympus owners and residents alike. There are some other terrific restaurants which I will review shortly but in the meantime the kebabs are great! At Don kebab the owners and staff are from Bulgaria, the traditional home of Turkish kebabs??!

Vess and Ali of Don Kebab say hi!

The Gran Sur centre is well worth a visit. There are some really lovely shops apparently, just ask Jane! Seriously though, our owners do report that this modern shopping mall is superb.

All tastes are catered for and the cinema shows English films throughout the week.

Anyway, enough shopping, good grief what’s wrong with me, back to Don Kebab where the food is brill and the beer is ice cold! This is the view (below) from the terrace taken at lunchtime today! (Thursday)

When you are in Tenerife next and visiting Club Olympus, if you really need a kebab (and sometimes you do) remember Don Kebab. You will love it.

All the best and Bon Provecho!


 Olympus World
 Oct 23rd, 2008

Did you know that musician Mike Oldfield had written and performed a piece of music entitled “Mount Teide”. See it performed live here on YouTube or this video of the music accompanying fabulous pictures of Mount Teide, Tenerife.

Mount Teide is the highest point that you can see from this offshore shot of Tenerife taken by Ivan.

This shot below shows Mount Teide from Club Olympus.


 Olympus World
 Oct 17th, 2008

The Club Olympus management team attended the OTE timeshare conference in Madrid this week. Staying at the same hotel was football legend Pele seen here with Tony and Ivan below.

Pele was launching a new cruise programme but took time out for a brief chat and for photographs. He is still Brazil’s highest scorer for the national side and the only footballer to be part of 3 World Cup winning teams.

We had a lovely chat and it was a pleasure to meet this real gentleman.

Here is Jodie Rhodes with Pele. Jodie said “You never put me on the blog Ivan but because it’s football I might stand a chance of getting on there! Anyway please say Hi to all the owners for me” - Consider it done. (Then she said “Who’s Pele anyway?”)

Watch this YouTube clip “the best of Pele” by clicking here

 Olympus World
 Oct 12th, 2008

We hit Siam Park today for the first time and honestly it exceeded all expectations, in fact I am slightly sunburned, still covered in sun cream and sand and pleasantly exhausted as I am writing this!

This Theme Park is without a doubt on a par with anything that you will find in Florida, California, Cancun or wherever. The water rides are superb, particularly “The Dragon”, “The Volcano” and the Wave pool. There is a glorious white sandy beach and when you are relaxing there you could honestly be in the Caribbean (without the hurricanes, daily downpours, humidity or insects!). The entrance fee is 28 Euros for adults and it is worth every penny. Once inside, the prices for food and drinks are very reasonable and the quality is very high. The entrance is literally a 3 or 4 minute walk from Club Olympus in Garden City.

We think it is a superb day out and had a blast so do give it a shot when you are down here. If you have already been, leave us a comment (click on “comment” just below) or if you have any questions drop us a line via “comments”. Click here for the official Siam Park website.

Cheers - Ivan

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