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 Nov 26th, 2008

You might remember that we recently publicised a writing competition being held by the OTE (Organisation for Timeshare in Europe). A number of Club Olympus Timeshare Owners entered. The winner was announced this week as Cathy Anthony who owns at Club Olympus. Cathy won £150 and will have her winning entry published in the OTE News magazine. Pictured here below is Cathy with her family on their last trip to Tenerife. Cathy is on the left.

Cathy and husband Chris are from Swansea in South Wales and have owned timeshare at Club Olympus for nearly 20 years. Congratulations Cathy, it was a beautiful piece that we all enjoyed and it was a well deserved win, now go right that book that you have been promising to do for ages!

You can see Cathy’s winning post by scrolling to the bottom of this page, then click “next” and scroll down the next page until you see “OTE Writting Competition”.

 Olympus World
 Nov 25th, 2008

We just had to publish this Tenerife Sunset from last week. The picture was taken by Mark O’Neil (one half of the world famous O’Neil twins) from a vantage point in Torviscas, Playa De Las Americas.

We often experience spectacular sunsets but this was a beauty!

 Olympus World
 Nov 25th, 2008

Chairman of “Timeshare Consumers Association” behind libellous websites

The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE) welcomes the recent verdict in a libel case against Alexander (Sandy) Grey,Chairman of the self-styled “Timeshare Consumers Association”, which has been consistently critical of the reputable timeshare industry.”

The High Court found that it was Sandy Grey himself who was behind the so-called “Crimeshare – Timeshare Frauds and Scams” and related Websites.

The Website not only included personal attacks against employees and directors of timeshare companies and OTE, but also produced so-called “black lists” falsely incriminating reputable timeshare companies.

Even though Grey denied his involvement; the Judge – Mr Justice Eady, found that Mr Grey had published the Crimeshare website on all five of the domain names which formed the basis of the High Court claim. Grey was ordered to pay the substantial costs involved in proving his responsibility for publication.

Over a number of years Grey had denied that he was behind these sites and had even signed court documents to verify his false denials. Despite this, he continued to portray himself as an independent advisor on timeshare issues to consumers, the media and government. It is believed that up to 1.5 million individuals may have relied on his “advice” over the years.

More than 200 companies were “blacklisted” by Grey including publicly traded companies such as RCI - the timeshare vacation exchange company, the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE), to which most European developers belong and ARDA - the American Resort Developers Association.

Peter van der Mark, Secretary General of OTE said of the judgement: “OTE is very concerned about the legitimacy of a number of private organisations set up around Europe to purportedly provide “consumer advice”. These companies have absolutely no link to the industry or to any government authority. We would advise consumers to exercise caution in dealing with any organisation that refers to the so called Crimeshare blacklist, Mr Grey or the TCA.”

OTE tried to establish cooperation with the TCA in 1999 but its Chairman Mr. Grey personally refused any cooperation. It now appears, from the judgement of the High Court on 28 October 2008, that for the past five years Mr Grey has been responsible for publishing serious and false allegations about many of the leading brands in the timeshare industry in Europe.

Club La Costa is also involved in High Court proceedings against a company over unfounded and serious allegations. It is believed that the defendant company had worked closely with Sandy Grey. High Court proceedings continue.

 Olympus World
 Nov 24th, 2008

Retired Premiership Referee Jeff Winter was the guest speaker at a Club Olympus sponsored charity event.

Here is Ivan getting the Red Card from Mr Winter!

The event was a charity dinner held at The Leeming Wells Hotel, headquarters of the Olympus Group in the UK. The charity benefitting from the event was The Manorlands Sue Ryder Hospice based in Oxenhope, West Yorkshire. £2,700 was raised for Manorlands at the dinner which was organised by Mick and Kath Roper of The Dog and Gun pub (situated right next door to Leeming Wells).

Jeff Winter, pictured here with Olympus Chairman Hedley Rhodes, was also promoting his new book. He signed copies of the book and also brought a number of items for the charity auction which was attended by 90 local business people, local dignitaries and members of the police and fire services.

Tony gets a Red card as well!

It was an excellent evening topped off with a very entertaining and enlightening ‘after dinner’ speech by Mr Winters (Click here for his wikipedia profile). We pointed out some of the truly awful decisions that he made against Leeds United and he expressed his opinion and attempted to defend the indefensible! Great fun.

Club Olympus supports a number of charity organisations with Manorlands Hospice being one of our primary choices.

 Olympus World
 Nov 24th, 2008


The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in the UK has participated in a pan European day of action to warn holidaymakers about Spanish bogus holiday clubs that cost tourists millions of pounds a year.

The OFT Scambusters Team, trading standards officers and advisers from Consumer Direct handed out information and fake holiday club scratchcards at airports across the country. Designed to look like those handed out by bogus holiday club touts, the scratchcards asked:

- Have you won a luxury holiday?

Also taking part were representatives from the European Consumer Centre in Spain at Tenerife South Airport to reinforce the message to arriving holidaymakers. Also advertisements were placed in the baggage hall of the airport as well as selective in-flight magazines.

November is a peak time for bogus club operators to target holidaymakers seeking winter sun in the Canary Islands. Every year large numbers of consumers are tricked out of thousands of pounds at resorts across Spain.

Typically, consumers are targeted by touts who distribute bogus winning cards. To collect their prize, tourists are required to attend a lengthy presentation and persuaded into signing a contract for an exclusive club on the basis of false claims about the price, range and quality of holidays available.

In most cases, they find they have bought little more than access to an Internet booking site offering the same service they could get at a travel agency free of charge.

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