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 Jan 31st, 2009

Storms across Europe, freezing fog in England (well certainly at Leeds/Bradford Airport!) and the heaviest snow falls on record, but of course in Tenerife.............

Sedge Rhodes (Property Development) and Lupe Ortega (Assistant Resort Manager) are enjoying the sunshine down at Club Olympus in Garden City, Tenerife and so can you.

As you know, Tenerife is famous for its fabulous weather and temperate climate.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

 Olympus World
 Jan 30th, 2009

Many owners are reporting phone calls saying that "Club Olympus have informed a re-sale organisation that the owners wish to sell their timeshare......."

Please ignore these people. We have issued many warnings about this type of scam. They will not be satisfied until you have sent them some money and then you will hear nothing from them again.

They often also use seemingly credible advertising in the press.

We do not give out your information to anybody. It is suspected that some exchange organisations have had their data bases stolen and sold illegally to people who then abuse them. These are then fraudulently used. If somebody is calling you then you should immediately treat them with great suspicion and in reality just hang up.

We understand that they often sound very plausible and credible.

Please, please, please do not give them your credit card details or send them any money. If you are in doubt give us a call in Bradford on 01535 640050 and speak to Louise, Andrea or Tony.

Follow this link to the OTE official website and scam warnings here!

 Olympus World
 Jan 16th, 2009

The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE) has launched a brilliant new website called GoTimeshare.

It is wide ranging and is designed to reflect the tremendously positive side of timeshare holidays. It features member testimonials and resort reviews. Our very own Cathy Anthony is featured with her beautiful article about why she enjoys holidaying at Club Olympus.

It also provides up-to-date industry news such as the recent Watchdog programs featuring the latest scams by "resale" companies and "Holiday Pack" companies that plague timeshare owners.

Indeed our owners are reporting that even now somebody is calling our members pretending to represent Club Olympus and offering 3 year holidays! When will they ever stop?! Do be aware that this is a scam everybody so just ignore them, of course give us a call if you have any worries. The Bradford office number is 01535 640050 and speak with Andrea, Louise or Tony.

Anyway, back on topic, I checked the GoTimeshare website out this morning and it really is superb. Highly informative, very forward-looking and you will find it a refreshing site to enjoy. It is certainly one to Bookmark! Click here to go the site or click at the link on the Blogroll!


Ivan at Club Olympus

Ps. The OTE will be changing its name very shortly to the Resort Developers Organisation or RDO so watch out for news of that.

 Olympus World
 Jan 13th, 2009

If you go up this little snicket (Ginnel, alley, passageway) on the seafront in Los Cristianos (below)

Which you will find next to the bar Bahia just by the port in Los Cristianos between the two buildings below.....

You will find one of Tenerife's best little eatery's. It is called the Cine Bar because this was where a tiny little outdoor cinema used to be 30 years ago. The Cine Bar has only 12 items on the menu, Chicken wings, sardines, mackerel, King Prawns, Octopus, Hake, Cuttlefish, Herrings, Tuna, Onion and Tomato salad, Canarian potatoes and chips. They are all delightful. We try to get in here a couple of times per month if we can. My favourites really are the sardines but Jane loves the prawns and the lads enjoy the chicken wings.

To be honest it is all superb and to enjoy it sitting outside under the awning with a bottle of vino is as good as it gets.

Honestly it is such simple food but so tasty and such great value for money that it is without a doubt one of my very favourite places in Tenerife to get lunch. Many Club Olympus owners already know this place but if you don't then do find it and give it a go.

Because the sardines (eaten with your hands as they should be) are fantastic! All the food comes from a tiny little kitchen which is all run by one family.

Here is Jose grabbing the next order to fly out to a table. It is Jose's brother Carlos who is the owner. We have been coming to the Cine Bar for nearly 30 years and the quality has not changed one bit.

Here is Ivan about to devour a sardine, you can tell that his diet is really working??!!??

After a bit of lunch at the Cine Bar we normally grab a quick coffee at the little kiosk by the car park in the port of Cristianos as we head back to the cars.


Here I am with Ivan and Sedge at the little Kiosk before we head back to Club Olympus in Garden City.

Please do try the Cine Bar in Los Cristianos when you are next out in Tenerife. Don't worry if you have to queue for a short while (usually 10 to 15 minutes max) to get a table. It is worth the wait and you will enjoy a genuine Canarian eating experience. Los Cristianos is also a lovely place to spend a bit of time as most of you already know. We have been using this little fishing village since the early 70's and love it.

Bon Provecho - Hedley and Jane - Club Olympus


 Olympus World
 Jan 12th, 2009

As well as being the headquarters of Club Olympus in the UK, Leeming Wells is also a beautiful boutique hotel. Many of our Club Olympus timeshare owners and guests also stay at the Leeming Wells Hotel.

Set in the heart of "Bronte" country in Oxenhope near Haworth, Leeming Wells is perfect for a weekend break or mid-week stay. It is surrounded by gorgeous Yorkshire Dales countryside and dramatic moorland. Directly next door is the famous Dog and Gun Pub which has some of the best food around.

The Dog and Gun has two roaring log fires and on a freezing, wet miserable night if you can't be in Tenerife, here is not a bad choice and the Menu is outstanding.

The Leeming Wells Hotel has beautiful rooms and it is only £70 per night for two people in a double room including breakfast.

Haworth village is minutes away by car. The cities of leeds and Bradford are within easy driving distance. We are on the doorstep of the Worth Valley Steam Railway and are in the center of a walkers paradise.

If you would like to know more call Louise (below) on 01535 640050

Or Andrea (below) on the same number


The Leeming Wells Hotel is a delightful place to stay so if you fancy a break enjoying our Yorkshire hospitality then give the girls a call. We have recently been working towards permission to extend the hotel. Eventually we would like to have Leeming Wells as a timeshare destination.

For any enquiries about our main resort in Tenerife call Sue or Cassie on 00 34 922 795606.

Here below are you some useful links if you wish to visit the hotel or are in the Oxenhope/Haworth area. The city of Bradford is not too far away and has a reputation for the best curries in the UK so we have included links to a couple of the seriously recommended restaurants.

Oxenhope Village (Wikipedia)

Worth Valley Steam Railway

 Haworth Village Website

Dog and Gun Website

National Media Museum Bradford

Bradford Curry Guide (Informal)

Akbars Curry Restaurant Bradford (outstanding!)

Sweet Centre Restaurant (even more outstanding!!)


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