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 Feb 27th, 2009

On the left side of the blog page is a "Links" button. We have made sure that there are some excellent links for you to have a look at. They are all related to holiday activities in Tenerife or at our UK Hotel. You will find them useful as part of your holiday preparations. All holiday trips, excursions and 'sites to see' can be booked directly from the Club Olympus reception at Garden City. Booking through reception is usually better value for money as we get bulk purchase discounts on many trips and events. Check out the links before coming to Club Olympus on holiday!

 Olympus World
 Feb 19th, 2009

The work on the Club Olympus Reception is just about complete. We are just finishing a few bits and pieces on the outside and then it will have had its spring clean.

Reception team member Sylvia Keteslegers is pleased with the results and can say so in five languages (Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish)!!

And Lupe (Assistant Resort Manager) , Alan (Resort Manager) and Elvira (Head Housekeeper) are pleased with the results too and are ready to welcome you to Club Olympus!

And to cheer you all up, here below is what the weather was like outside Club Olympus Reception this afternoon (19th Feb)

And looking the other way

Wish you were here!

 Olympus World
 Feb 19th, 2009

We were sorry to see Cassie from our Reservations leave us recently. She is heading back to the UK after 7 years in the Reservations department and will be missed very much by everybody at Club Olympus.

We had a modest leaving lunch for Cassie last week at the 'El Rodeo' restaurant. Pictured above from left to right are Joanne (In-House) , Janette (Mum), Cassie (Ex-Reservations), Sue (Reservations) and Suzanne (In-House).

The Rodeo restaurant is an Argentinian style 'Churasqueria' where meat is served on long swords and sliced off at the table. It also boasts one of the finest salad bars you will ever see. It's a bit of a favourite of ours at Club Olympus and Cassie decided to head there for her leaving lunch.

We are very sorry to see Cassie go, she leaves a big gap.

We wish Cassie all the best back in sunny Bradford.

 Olympus World
 Feb 10th, 2009

Jean Faichney has taken over as operations Manager of the Olympus Group down in Tenerife.

Jean has tremendous experience in Resort operations having been in charge of the Oro Negro resort in Puerto De La Cruz for many years amongst others. Jean has lived in Tenerife for 25 years and speaks perfect Spanish. She is married to Manolo, a Chartered Engineer from mainland Spain. After a teaching and schools background in Scotland, Jean specialises in corporate finance and management.

It is a pleasure to have Jean aboard.

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 Feb 10th, 2009

A spring clean was in order at the Club Olympus Reception and the maintenance team have been hard at it this week. We did not close the very busy reception area and got the work done quickly.

Here is Javier getting the first coats of paint applied.

Bernardo and Javier getting into all the awkward corners and trying not to splash the receptionists!

Resort Manager Alan Gibbons oversees the operation whilst keeping reception running.

Alan said "The reception area is due a big overhaul but we decided that until the pound improves against the Euro we would go for a freshening up operation in the meantime. It does look great and we canvassed owners to see what colour scheme they would like".

The lounge area of reception was completed a few days ago and the shot above gives you an idea of the colour scheme. It is a complete coincidence that the colours are similar to those of Leeds United!

The outside of reception has also been painted and spruced up for the Spring Season. Let us know what you think by clicking on "comment" below.

We look forward to welcoming you to Club Olympus shortly.

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