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 Apr 23rd, 2009

The Leeming Wells Hotel is part of the Olympus Group and also acts as the UK headquarters


It is set in the rolling hills and wild moorland of Bronte country near Haworth, home of the famous Bronte writing family.

We have launched a new website dedicated to this beautiful Boutique country hotel. You can find it at

If you would like to know more about staying at the Leeming Wells Hotel, have a look at the website here




 Olympus World
 Apr 20th, 2009

Many of our visitors to Club Olympus have various claims to fame and here is one. Some of you will remember the 1977 International Football match between England and Scotland at Wembley. During the game the Scottish fans invaded the pitch, climbed up on the goalposts and broke them. It was an iconic piece of British Television. There were two lads up on the crossbar when it broke and here below is one of them! (He says....)

Iain Gardner from Glasgow is pictured in the middle with Marco (right) and his wife Jane. If you click here you can see the Youtube film footage of that famous moment which put an end to 'Home Internationals'. Iain is the one on the left (he reckons). Mind you after speaking to many Scottish football fans over the years, half of Scotland must have sat on that crossbar! Iain says he broke the heel off his purple 'Chelsea boot' when he landed and had to limp all the way back to the train.

Iain is thoroughly enjoying his holidays down here at Club Olympus.

If you have a claim to fame, let us know :-)

 Olympus World
 Apr 17th, 2009

A restaurant that we use frequently is Kikiriki in the Apollo Centre, Los Cristianos.

It has moved location from Cabo Blanco in the mountains to this much more accessible place.

There is an interesting story behind this restaurant. The owner, Antonio, used to be the head waiter at the famous "El Sol" restaurant which is owned by a friend of ours, Jacques.

Antonio and Jacques are great friends and Antonio wanted to leave and set up his own place so Jacques assisted him and let him use the same menu as the "El Sol" as well as the same suppliers. Jacques also has a bakery at the "El Sol" and to this day he provides Antonio with all his Desserts, cakes and pastries.

Antonio and I have known each other for 30 years and it's always a pleasure to see him and enjoy his hospitality.

Kikiriki (which is the Spanish way of saying 'cock-a-doodle-doo') specialise of course in delightful roast chicken with Arlesienne sauce.

The fillet steak, shoulder of lamb and pepper steaks are to die for. His starters include Blue cheese pasties, rough Pate, mozzarella and tomatoes smothered in olive oil, asparagus in Bearnaise sauce and the famous Kikiriki salad.

For dessert try Jacques' Lemon meringue, Almond tart, chocolate mousse or flambee'd strawberry's with vanilla ice cream.

We love this place and know that you will too. Give it a go!

Bon Provecho


 Olympus World
 Apr 9th, 2009

At great personal sacrifice I gave up valuable time in the office to walk in the mountains of Tenerife with my erstwhile companion Terry Tomlinson from Rochdale. Purely in the interest of gathering information for the Club Olympus website, we drove up to Taucho and spent several hours walking through forests and meadows in the dramatic scenery of the south of the island.

Tenerife is blessed with fabulously clean air and of course tremendous weather so hiking is just a pleasure. Because of the mountainous nature of the island there are spectacular views around every corner.

Here is Terry looking out over Playa De Las Americas from a ridge above the town of Adeje. This winter has had a slightly higher amount of rainfall in the mountains than usual so the vegetation growth has been vigorous, as you can see from this shot below. Here I am stood in a typical mountain meadow. Notice how the camera adds pounds to my physique!

An old football injury has been niggling my knee, hence the brace. However a brisk walk did me the world of good. Being up in the hills really does make you feel full of life and recharges the batteries. Here below is a mountain snack fit for a king!

Spicy Chorizo sausage, a bit of cheese and a tin of San Miguel, how good is that?

This particular walk takes us through farming communities and up through the tree line at about 3,000 feet. Terry is pictured above right on the fringe of the tree line and the terrain changes almost instantly. It is a walk of real contrasts and part of the beauty of it are the sudden changes round every corner. We walked right up into the forests of Canarian pine where all you can hear are birds singing, lizards scurrying, rabbits scrabbling, the wind in the trees (and Terry endlessly talking!)

Coming back down through the forest and back into open farming country, we often come across isolated little settlements where life has changed very little in hundreds of years. The locals are incredibly friendly and open and will stop and chat for ages and talk about what they grow, how they grow it and how much they enjoy life.

Many visitors to Tenerife just do not get an opportunity to see this aspect of the island but to me, this is really what Tenerife is all about!

If you get a chance, on your next visit to Club Olympus in Garden City, try and get up into the hills a little bit. This walk is literally a 15 to 20 minute drive away from the resort. There are stunning walks that begin directly behind Club Olympus. The photograph above shows the Tabletop mountain called "Conde" in Spanish and Club Olympus is not far from the bottom of that 3,000 feet high mountain.

We all enjoy doing different things on holiday and we know that Tenerife caters for all tastes. Have a wonderful time when you next visit this amazing island and we look forward to seeing you.

All the best - Ivan

 Olympus World
 Apr 8th, 2009

A superb place to visit next time you stay at Club Olympus is the tiny fishing village and port of Radazul. You can find this village up the TF-1 Motorway just before you descend into the capital Santa Cruz.

Why is it such a good place to visit? I hear you ask. Well, the atmosphere here is really pleasant. You are away from the Madding crowd, it is very Spanish orientated and..................there is a whole row of outstanding bars and restaurants on the seafront.

Each bar or restaurant has something different to offer, from Pizza to fresh locally caught fish. The prices are very reasonable and the surroundings are delightful. There is plentiful parking right in the Marina and the locals are very friendly. Many Club Olympus owners and guests have visited Radazul and always comment on what a terrific place it is.

On your next visit to Tenerife try and give the beautiful Marina at Radazul a visit.


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