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 May 31st, 2009

Newcastle defender Stevie Taylor tried to ease the relegation blues with a few of days of sunshine at Club Olympus this week. Pictured below are, from left to right, Alf Taylor, Ivan and Stevie.

His mum and dad, Alf and Sheila, have owned with us since 1991 and Stevie has been a regular visitor since childhood. Despite the enormous disappointment of recent relegation, "Tayls" put on a brave face for his fans and brought smiles to everbody at Garden City. As always it was a pleasure to have the Taylors with us at Club Olympus.

 Olympus World
 May 30th, 2009

During this week a very good friend of mine, Hildegard from Germany, was leaving Tenerife to go into an old peoples home in her native country. One of her last requests was to have a quick trip up to Mount Teide as she will probably not return to Tenerife. I took a few shots on the trip and have posted some here as a reminder of how dramatic and stunning the scenery in Tenerife can be.

This is looking down towards Los Cristianos from the fringes of the forest on the mountain road. We went up the Vilaflor road from Arona and from there right up into the Canadas valley. Mount Teide really is awesome when you get up close as you can see below. It was called "Echeyde" by the Guanches who were the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

At over 12,000 feet high it is the highest point in Spain and Spanish territory and the landscape is certainly very lunar. I would imagine that virtually all Club Olympus owners, guests and visitors have taken a trip up here at some point. It actually only took us about half an hour to get here from Club Olympus.

This is an iconic shot in Tenerife and everybody must have taken this photo! This famous rock has several names. It is known as "Roque Chinchado" or sometimes it is called the "Roque de Garcia" or even "Dedo De Dios" (God's thumb). Whatever it is called, this 90 foot high, beautiful, naturally carved sculpture is breathtaking up-close!

Driving on through the valley we came across a huge film set with trailers, gantries, lighting and all the usual paraphenalia of filming. Apparently some of the up-coming "Clash of the Titans" is being filmed here in Tenerife at the foot of Teide.

It is always spectacular driving back down through the forest, particularly on the northern side of the island because you just look down on a sea of cloud. It really is amazing.

Hildegard who is 85 (on the right for the sake of clarity) really did enjoy the drive out and is now back in Germany. She has tremendous memories of Tenerife and really didn't want to leave but sadly ill health forced the move. It was a great reminder to me too, firstly of how beautiful Tenerife is but secondly how grateful I am for a degree of youth and health.

When you next visit Club Olympus in Garden City, treat yourself to a drive up to Mount Teide, breathe in the clean mountain air and let Tenerife work its magic on you!

 Olympus World
 May 28th, 2009

In keeping with our recent theme of spectacular Tenerife sunsets. This terrific shot is from Club Olympus owner Bob Thomson, taken on his recent holiday to Garden City.

The sun just setting on the edge of the island of La Gomera, wonderful.

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 May 22nd, 2009

The Club Olympus AGM was held on Wednesday the 21st of this month (May) at The Las Dalias Hotel. It had been slightly delayed because of the untimely death of Tony Hartley, the former Club Secretary. Tribute was paid to Tony at the AGM. Normal business was then resumed and all relevent matters were discussed as per the reports sent out to all the members. It was a friendly atmosphere as usual and business was dealt with pretty quickly. Quite a number of Club Olympus members who were on holiday attended and contributed to the AGM in a very positive way.

Here is Committee Member Brian Bottomley with Resort Manager Alan Gibbons (left) and wife Josie. Brian has been a longstanding Committee member and is well known by all at Club Olympus.

Above are pictured Olympus members John and Jenny Noble with In-House Manager Suzanne White.

Here are Tony and Anthea Hewitt from Leicester, they have been Club Olympus members for nearly 17 years. Tony has a thriving Steel business and so really enjoys a break in the Tenerife sunshine. We are concerned however about his taste in shirts!

Byron and Joyce Shepherd from Cleethorpes are pictured here with Club Olympus Chairman Hedley and Jane Rhodes (centre). Byron and Joyce have been owners for nearly 20 years.

Geoff and Jane Butler from Leeds also attended and are pictured here with John Bone (centre). John is the Scrutineer who oversees the registration and voting at the AGM. Jane and Geoff have owned with us since 1990.

Jean Faichney (Operations Manager - centre) with Janet Ewers and Denys Evans from Warwickshire

And pictured here below is Club Owner John Offord from Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex with Tony Rhodes at right

Just a brief selection of owners who attended this years AGM. Many thanks to all involved and to all of you Club Olympus members for your continued support and imput.

Best wishes from us all at Club Olympus.






 Olympus World
 May 21st, 2009

We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our Reservations Team, Suzie Turnbull.

Suzie, originally from Huddersfield in Yorkshire, has lived in Tenerife for 18 years. She was previously the Sales Director for exchange company Interval International down here on the Island. Suzie brings to Club Olympus a wealth of experience in the holiday and travel business. She began life as a Thomson Rep in France, Spain and the Canaries before working in the United Arab Emirates for 3 years. She has been with Interval International for 14 years and is a well known personality in the Canary Islands. We are delighted to have Suzie aboard and know that she will be a great asset to Club Olympus and to all our Members and guests.

Suzie joins Reservations Team Leader Sue Simons who has been with Club Olympus for 13 years.

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