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 Jun 29th, 2009

A fabulous viewing point (or "Mirador" in Spanish) has been constructed overlooking the dramatic scenery at Los Gigantes. There is a superb bar and restaurant with an enormous wooden terrace taking advantage of this unique scenery. I took this shot from the terrace on Saturday.

Spectacular eh? And this was just using my small Olympus FE-230 camera. This viewing point, about 20 minutes by car from Club Olympus in Garden City, is worth the trip out alone.

Los Gigantes is a beautiful place to visit anyway, the town is quaint with lovely shops, bars and restaurants. It has a terrific marina and a cake shop that is world famous!

Here is me (Ivan) on the right with two of my daughters and son-in-law enjoying a bit of 'down-time' with the family. We spent a very pleasant few hours in Los Gigantes and are sure that if you are visiting Club Olympus, you will too.

The black cliffs provide a very dramatic backdrop to this beautiful part of Tenerife.

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 Jun 24th, 2009

Many Club Olympus visitors and owners are familiar with the fishing village of El Medano, well, it was known as being a fishing village. It is now more well known for being one of the top "Windsurfing" and "Kiteboarding" centres in Europe if not the world.

Fantastic weather coupled with a good breeze make El Medano a 'Mecca' for waterborne activities.

The village itself has grown recently and now has an excellent infrastructure. There are some super bars and restaurants as well as shops of all kinds. It still retains plenty of atmosphere and has terrific beaches all around.

Although the main attraction for many are the outstanding conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding, the village itself is worth a visit. Seafood restaurants cluster round the old harbour, there are winding cobbled streets, little old Tapas bars and it still feels like a bit of old Tenerife. A weathered boardwalk winds its way along the seafront and surfers mix with Canarian pensioners in the cafes.

At various vantage points you can watch the kiteboarders dodging through the more traditional windsurfers!

It is possible to rent boards of both varieties. Lessons and equipment are readily available at dozens of seafront shops and windsport outlets.

"Where'd the sea go??"

El Medano is about a 15 to 20 minute drive from Club Olympus in Garden City out towards the airport. It makes for a very pleasant day out on your holidays.

See you soon - Club Olympus


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 Jun 16th, 2009

Recent press reports in the UK started a rumour that Volcanic Mount Teide was near to some sort of eruption. Quite a number of Club Olympus owners and guests have commented on this in the last few weeks.

The Tenerife government has stressed that Mount Teide has shown no sign of any volcanic activity according to the main institiute that manages volcanic surveillance (ITER).

In addition the Scientific Volcanic Evaluation and Monitor Committee, which monitors volcanic activity in Spain, have seen no reason to issue warnings.

The President of the "Cabildo of Tenerife", Ricardo Melchior, has submitted a written complaint to certain scientists complaining of contradictory and incorrect information. The Cabildo (or autonomous parliament) stresses that not only is there no indication of any volcanic activity but that the island is equipped to deal with any volcanic risk situation if it were ever to arise.

Here in Tenerife there has been not a hint of anything untoward and I drove past Teide last week and took this shot - Ivan

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 Jun 15th, 2009

You have probably noticed that our website date was frequently out of whack with the real date and our "Tekkies", namely Charlie and Mark, have been trying to sort it. Not as easy to as it would appear apparently, however, the lads say that it should be okay now. We will see!

Club Olympus

 Olympus World
 Jun 3rd, 2009

A great pleasure, for those who enjoy golf, is playing in shorts and T-shirts and enjoying the fabulous weather of Tenerife. Club Olympus is surrounded by Golf courses. In fact within easy striking distance are 5 championship standard courses.

A great favourite however is the 9-hole par 3 course at Los Palos. This is a delightful little course, ideal for improving your "short" game. Los Palos is a real hit with visitors to Club Olympus.

Pictured above is the approach to this superb little course situated at 'Guaza', a 7-10 minute taxi drive from Club Olympus in Garden City. At 15 Euros per round it is also great value. Club Hire is available and the course also has a great little clubhouse.

Pictured below are local Tenerife businessmen Phil, Joel and Oliver. They take occasional time out from their thriving business to enjoy Tenerife sunshine and a quick round of golf.

While the quality of the golf may be patchy, the quality of the greens is excellent. As always the best bit of the game is re-living it in the 19th hole!

For the big hitters who need a bit of practice, Los Palos features a tremendous driving range as well as a  putting green, bunker practice area and childrens playground.

If Golf is your 'bag' then do give Los Palos a try. Ask any member of staff at Club Olympus and they will point you in the right direction.

Click on the links for previews of some Tenerife's best golfing.

Costa Adeje Golf course is 10 minutes away from Club Olympus.

Golf Las Americas is a short walk or 2 minute Taxi ride from the resort

Amarilla Golf and Country Club on the Golf Del sur is a spectacular Links course about 15 minutes drive from Club Olympus

Golf Del Sur is adjacent to Amarilla and is probably one of the most popular courses in Tenerife

Los Palos as mentioned in the post above if you missed the previous link.

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