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 Sep 26th, 2009

The weekly Club Olympus Swimming Gala (On Thursdays) is taken very seriously and is considered part of the warm up to the 2012 Olympics. The proud prizewinning athletes from last weeks Gala display their certificates and prizewinning bottles of champagne.

With compere Dave O'Neill (left) are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the "Belly-flop" competition.

Pictured above is Great Britain Olympic hopeful Sarah Carney from Manchester with Mick Wilkin of the Poolside Bar

Sarah came first in the "Bombing" competition.

We salute these Great British athletes!

 Olympus World
 Sep 26th, 2009

As part of the ongoing improvement programme, the Community of Garden City is installing ramps in all needed areas. Club Olympus is an integral part of the Community as a whole and welcomes the progress. New ramps have been constructed around the main pool area.

The photo above shows the new access that has been installed in all the pool area entries.

A major piece of work is to make a usable ramp through the rear gate of the resort and work has begun in this area as you can see below.

A gentle gradient zig-zag ramp is being constructed here. Work is expected to be finished in the next week. The whole rear gate area is being re-vamped to improve this access point. We will keep you informed of the progress here.

The weather is superb and the resort is in great shape as we continue to improve Club Olympus and Garden City as whole.

We look forward to seeing you!



 Olympus World
 Sep 9th, 2009

Many of you know Mark and Dave, the O'Neill twins who have both compered at Club Olympus. Both have lived in Tenerife for many years. Dave currently hosts our Saturday welcome party and the Thursday afternoon swimming gala as you can see below.

I recently asked Dave if he had any photos of them when they were younger and he duly obliged. Can you tell which is which from this shot? Click on the comment box below right and let us know if you can tell the difference!

Or what about this slightly more up to date shot of the twins at an 80's party, dressed as Bros, a few years ago!

Which is which?


 Olympus World
 Sep 9th, 2009

Harry and 'Queenie' Gardener celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary (60 years) at Club Olympus this week. As an extra special anniversary gift, Her Majesty the Queen sent a card directly to them here in Tenerife.

Here are Harry and Queenie with Ray Karlsen at our Monday night party sharing their anniversary celebrations with us.

Queenie shows us her card from the Queen congratulating them on their 60 years of marriage. Harry and Queenie from Stevenage, Herts. have owned weeks at Club Olympus for more than 15 years and it has been a pleasure having them with us.

Here are some of our other owners enjoying the Monday evening party.

This is Dave and Janet Steel from Wakefield in West Yorkshire. They have owned with us since 2004

Retired merchant Seaman Bill Holmes and wife Yvonne (from Southampton) have also owned with us since 2004. They thoroughly enjoy their hols at Club Olympus and we thoroughly enjoy having them down here (however don't get Bill started on his old seafaring stories unless you have a bit of time on your hands :-).

Our Monday evening Owners parties are a highlight of our week. We get a bit of time with our valued members and can relax and have a bit of fun.

Make sure you join us when you are next at Club Olympus.

We will see you soon!!

 Olympus World
 Sep 1st, 2009

Kate and Gabi are looking forward to a slightly less hectic month in September. The main school hols are over and despite odd bouts of illness Kate and Gabs had a great summer. September signals a change of guest but we still get quite a few youngsters at the resort and all are welcome to join the Kidz Club.

Activities are tailored to the age group who are on holiday and we still have the swimming Gala on Thursdays. On Mondays and Thursdays the guys are here with the "Walk on Water" experience.

Get in the inflatable plastic ball and "make like a hamster"!

The weather is superb, there is a lot to do and everbody is having a terrific time at Club Olympus!

So come down and join us.


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