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 Oct 30th, 2009

As many of you know, Tenerife is a wonderful place for all sorts of things and one of those wonderful things is the sea-fishing. Super weather,  consistent sea conditions and a great variety of  edible fish.

Cap'n Keith and his trusty vessel "Snappy" gave us a great day out today!

We caught a wide variety of fish, mostly quite close inshore, I will compare the fish sizes with my world famous flip-flops shortly. The reality is that even if we don't catch fish it is still brilliant to be in the sunshine, on the sea, fishing rod in one hand and an ice-cold beer in the other, surrounded by the dramatic scenery of Tenerife.

However when you do catch a fish, it really makes the moment! (Will Ivan's wife kiss him ever again after seeing this shot?)

Tenerife is all about relaxing in fabulous surroundings and what can be better than 'chilling' on the ocean wave.

'Lady Shelley' on the left, 'Shogun' on the right and Cap'n Keith in the middle. Both boats are whale watching excursion vessels and well worth a trip on.

And here by special request are the world famous flip-flops with my share of the edible catch!

We took these humble offerings (Red Snappers, Boga's and a Dorada) back to the Club Olympus Poolside Bar where they got a rapturous welcome and were very much appreciated by Stacey.

Stacey said she wouldn't eat anything that was still looking at her. However, later, after Tracy in the kitchen cooked them beautifully, they disappeared very quickly and Stacey loved them.

Do come and enjoy the delights of Tenerife soon, you won't regret it!

We look forward to seeing you down at Club Olympus shortly.

 Olympus World
 Oct 23rd, 2009

October has been quite a busy month down at Club Olympus which has kept Kate and Gabi busy with the Kidz Club.

The girls look worn out after a busy afternoon "Walking on water"

Young Milly Wilkin takes a break from trying to imitate a hamster :-)

The "Walk on Water" team visit Club Olympus on Tues and Thursday's and it really is a hit with all our guests. It keeps the kids busy and wears them out!

In other news, the rear disabled ramp is nearing completion (did we say earlier that it would take about a week!)

As you can see, we are ready to build the steps at the side instead of having a ramp that only the fittest would survive. We will keep you posted with further progress (this is Tenerife so it might be finished Mañana).

The weather is terrific and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

All the best from the team at Club Olympus

 Olympus World
 Oct 22nd, 2009

Geoff and Barbara Hartley celebrated their 50'th at Club Olympus this year

Geoff and Barbara, from Great Harwood in Lancashire, have been owners with us since 1989 and are considered part of the Olympus family.  It is always a great pleasure to have them with us and it was a privilege to be part of their anniversary celebrations.

We wish them happy anniversary and tons of love from everyone at Club Olympus.

 Olympus World
 Oct 7th, 2009

We thought we would keep you informed on a regular basis as to the progress of the ramp. So here is a shot from this morning (Wednesday) so you can see what is happening.

The overall shape and design can clearly be seen now. Javi and Nicolas of our maintenance team are smoothing the concrete of the first stage.

Here below is what the main pool area at Club Olympus looked at 11am today.

A number of Club Olympus owners have been asking what happened to the little fountain that was in the middle of the archway leading to the rear of the complex. As it gets breezy in the archway, water from the fountain used to get blown about a bit, so we relocated it to one of the garden areas as you can see here below.

The birds love it!

 Olympus World
 Oct 5th, 2009

Somebody, who shall remain nameles, (Steve Lightfoot, Stacey's Dad from the Poolbar) decided it would be funny to put a banner on the Poolside Bar with a picture of a certain Manchester United player in full kit.

It was then debated how long it would take for Ivan (of Club Olympus and Leeds fan) to spot it and have it removed.

As you can see, it didn't take long before it was dealt with!!

All those in favour, please leave a comment (below right)


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