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 Dec 30th, 2009

This is today (30th December) at Club Olympus in Garden City.......

and if you don't believe me, here below is Mick Wilkin of the Olympus Poolside Bar with todays Daily Express!

Things are settling down after the seasonal chaos but the stress of it all is definitely getting to some people, as you can see below.

Sam Downes from Wolverhampton had a message for everybody back at home, he said the stress is killing him and he wished he was back window cleaning in the snow, ice and slush.

Mick and Stacey of the Poolside Bar are continuing to make improvements and we recently had new tables and chairs put in. Stacey wants the bar to be light, fresh, airy and modern.

The Bar still shows all major sporting events and is the focal point of the resort. The Estrella beer is only 1.50 Euros per pint and they also have the special "Lemon Beer" which is full strength beer with a 'shandy flavour', it is superbly refreshing on hot Tenerife days.

Above we have Jane Rhodes, Steve Lightfoot (Stacey's Dad), Hedley Rhodes and Mick Wilkin in the Bar.

Here below, famous London socialite Toby Von Judge is enjoying the sunshine and ambience of the bar as he convalesces after dislocating a shoulder.

The team down at Club Olympus can't wait to see you all in the New Year so get your flights booked, get down here and get some sunshine!

 Olympus World
 Dec 21st, 2009

A win for Leeds and a loss for Manchester United makes for a happy weekend for saddo's like me and of course my family and friends pictured below.

Apologies, apologies, I know this is nothing to do with holidays (other than that all major games are on in our Poolside Bar and all fans of any team are very welcome)

But I just had to !............................Please comment by clicking on Comments below right.

All comments on any of the posts are welcome and will be published (if they are legal, decent, honest and truthfull....'ish)

Ivan - Club Olympus

 Olympus World
 Dec 17th, 2009

Two of our hard working girls wanted to say hi to all our members. You probably won't see too much of them but they are a vital part of the Club Olympus team. Josune (Yossi) Almaren and Raquel Villas.

Both girls are from mainland Spain and speak  English. They are the backbone of our office team.

 Olympus World
 Dec 17th, 2009

The walking season is in full swing, enabling us to enjoy the spectacular scenery that Tenerife has to offer. Many Club Olympus members and guests take advantage of the fabulous walking that is to be found on this beautiful island.

Dramatic views over the coastal area are only a short distance from Club Olympus at Garden City. This viewpoint (shown above) can be walked to, from the resort. However it's a tad easier to drive up into the hills and walk through the forests to here, as enthusiastic mountain walker Terry Tomlinson (of Rochdale fame) demonstrates below.

The pine forests are just a delight to walk through. The only things to be heard are birdsong, Woodpeckers knocking,  the wind through the trees and Terry huffing and puffing. Marvelous!

Here is Ivan enjoying the clean, crisp mountain air, looking as slim as ever. At the left of the shot is a sheer drop into the famous 'Baranco Del Infierno' which is another classic Tenerife walk.

Every bit of exertion has a reward at the end, in the shape of incredible, panoramic views.....

.............and a can of ice cold San Miguel beer.

Please ask any of the staff down at the resort, how to go about going on some of the terrific walks in and around the Club Olympus area, or ask Ivan. There are also guided walks available.Click here for info on guided walks.

If you do get the chance, then please look at a side of Tenerife that many are not aware of.

 Olympus World
 Dec 10th, 2009

Recently the Club Olympus Committee visited the Resort for one of their regular meetings. This means that they can meet up with all the resort personnel, can view improvements and keep fully abreast of what is happening at your Club.

Their imput is invaluable  and makes sure that the owners perspective is kept in clear focus.

Pictured above is  Hedley Rhodes of Club Olympus (left) with Committee member John Tarling.

John, from Brighton, is a retired solicitor and has recently joined the Judges Circuit. His imput on all things legal is of great value to the Club and he works hard on behalf of the members.

Here we have long standing committee member Brian Bottomley from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, alongside Club Secretary Jean Faichney from Oban, Scotland.

Brian has great experience in working abroad. He was a commissioning engineer in the oil, gas and pipeline industries. He has been a committee member with Club Olympus since Noah's days! Brian and wife Josie (shown below) have owned timeshare at Club Olympus for more that twenty years.

On the left is owner and committee member Janet Smales from Gargrave in North Yorkshire. Janet lived and worked in the USA for many years and is part of the Whitakers Chocolate family . Janet has a great business head and a strong sense of fairness.

On the right is Brian's wife Josie . "Behind every great man is a great woman", enough said!

Above is Club Chairman Tony Rhodes along with the Club's legal advisor Sandra Wrightson.

Sandra is a Barrister with Legal group DeCota, McKenna and Sante Fe and has an in depth knowledge of the timeshare industry. Sandra acts on the instructions of the Club Committee in regard to any legal matters.

And here is Club accountant John Bone with Hedley's wife Jane. John is a Londoner (we don't hold that against him) but currently lives and works in Manchester.

We are very confident that the Club is in the hands of a good, strong team.

The committee inform us that the Club is in great shape and progressing very well despite the current economic climate.

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