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 Jan 28th, 2010

Jane and I really enjoy visiting this restaurant right on the seafront of Playa De Las Americas.

There are three reasons that we use Vilaflor, firstly, the staff are extremely friendly and we have got to know them well over the years. Secondly, it's location is outstanding, right on the seafront with views directly out to sea like this below.

This is the view to the right of the restaurant (you can just see the Hotel Bouganville in the middle distance)

and here below is the view to the left.

Jane and I love sitting here and "people watching". Also this is one of the key spots for Surfing in the whole of Europe. The regular wave area is known as the "Spanish Left"  (or in Spanish 'La Izquierda') and it's brilliant to watch the surfers in action (although not much action today!, however if you click on the link above you will be able to watch some surfers doing their thing on this spot on youtube).

The third reason we love this restaurant is of course the quality of the food. It has a very comprehensive menu, specialising really in mixed fish dishes. Everything is 'super fresh' and delightfully presented.

On the left is Jane, in the middle is Charlie Martin (one of our computer tekkies) and I am on the right. Number one son Ivan is taking the shot (you can see his ahemm...hand bag on the table next to his bootful of beer!)

If you are taking a stroll on the seafront and you are on the Los Cristianos side of Las Americas, please call in to see Eduardo (below) and the gang at the Restaurante Vilaflor, they will make you feel very welcome.

Eduardo's son played for the local Adeje football team that is sponsored by Club Olympus. He has since moved back to Holland and is currently having trials with Dutch Club Ajax.

Eduardo and his colleagues will be very pleased to see you and will make sure that you have a splendid time.

Bon Provecho - Hedley

Surf info: Click here

Surfing video in front of Resaurante Vilaflor (great video, horrible music track!) here

 Olympus World
 Jan 14th, 2010

To see an up-to-date calender for your timeshare weeks click on the "Links" button to the left of the page, scroll to the bottom and click on "calender". You can then download the Adobe pdf. document. This calender runs until 2018. We will endeavour to have an easier and clearer link shortly so that you can see at a glance when your weeks begin and and end. The 'Tekkies' (Mark and Charlie) are working on it!

Here below is Charlie, doing something 'technical' on the resort computers!

Club Olympus 'Tekkie' Team

 Olympus World
 Jan 14th, 2010

Well, it was slightly more than mañana however the rear steps and ramps are now complete. We have gone from this.......

To this..................................(below)

Now the ramps are much more user friendly and access to the rear of Garden City is much easier. All Club Olympus guests will benefit from this improvement. It has taken a while but that is because the maintenance team have fitted work on the rear ramps into any available moment rather than it being a dedicated job. This has saved the Club and the Community of Garden City considerable expense.

The gradients conform to recognised European standards but the reality is that it is the comfort and ease of access to our valued owners and guests is what is important. looks good too. Thank you for your patience and we hope that you enjoy the continuing improvements at Club Olympus in Garden City.

Many thanks to Evelio and his hardworking team who are Miguel Angel, Javier, Bernardo, Ismail, Nicolas and Antonio. Well done lads!

And just to finish off, here below is a quick Tenerife sunset from two nights ago!

The 'Fastcat' ferry from La Gomera is here silhouetted on it's final run into Los Cristianos.

I bet you just can't wait to get back here!

We can't wait to see you

All the best from everyone at Club Olympus.


 Olympus World
 Jan 11th, 2010

A Spanish food favourite is Paella! This traditional Spanish dish (originally from Valencia) is loved by most visitors to Club Olympus. Tenerife is blessed with many fish restaurants and most do a fabulous Paella.

Here is Gabby Rhodes of the Club Olympus "Animation" team about to tuck in to a classical Paella at one of our favourite restaurants, Masia Del Mar at La Caleta.

There is an old story of how the servants of ancient Moorish Kings created rice dishes by mixing the leftovers from royal banquets into big pots to take home. It is said by some that the word 'Paella' originates from the Arabic word 'Baqiyah' meaning 'left-overs'. However most linguists agree that it comes from the name of the pan it is made in. This word comes from the latin 'Patella' which was a flat pan.

No matter where the word comes from, we all agree that it is a firm favourite with locals and visitors!

And of course, there is only one proper way to eat it and that is with natures own spoon, a mussel shell!

Bon Provecho - Ivan

Click here for an original Paella recipe

 Olympus World
 Jan 7th, 2010

Early last month we had an opportunity to get most of the team together in one hit and here they are!

They are looking forward to seeing you all and making sure you have a brilliant holiday on your next visit.

So best wishes from, the teams in Reception, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Community, In-House, Kids Club, Gardening, Reservations and Management.

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