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 May 26th, 2010

Mick and Stacy in the Club Olympus Poolside Bar are currently experimenting with 'San Miguel' beer on draught!

San Miguel is a very popular beer in Spain and is now finding a big market in the UK. Quite a few customers have asked if we have it and the answer is now  yes!

San Miguel has a long history of production in Spain and in the Phillipines. It's interesting that the break-away Phillipine branch of the business is now the biggest food and beverage producer in those Islands.

It's a pleasure to serve this fine lager beer in the Club Olympus Poolside Bar.

 Olympus World
 May 25th, 2010

We are delighted to announce that as of yesterday morning (Monday) the main pool was re-filled and open!

This pleased Ellie Hammacott very much as you can see below

and it really pleased Ellie's little sister Sophie Hammacott.

In fact we are all very pleased because we hate shutting the pool. It has had a complete service and is now back as one of the focal points of the resort. Many thanks to all our guests at Club Olympus who were very patient and understanding for the few days that it took for the maintenance programme on the pool.

 Olympus World
 May 21st, 2010

The Pool repairs are just about completed and we will be filling it with fresh water within the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, everybody has been enjoying themselves and chilling out at our top pool.


We are now just finishing off the final bits and pieces in the main pool including servicing the underwater lights. Here below, maintenance team member Miguel-Angel is just about done with this light.

And Maintenance-Team Leader, Evelio, is putting the finishing touches to the paintwork.

Along with Uruguayan painter Juan-Carlos who looks after all the Community paintwork.

Here below you can see Resort Manager Alan keeping an eye on things. So, all-in-all, we are pleased with progress. Thank you all again for your patience, we should be back to normal on Monday!

In the meantime, here are a couple of 'flower shots' taken this morning.

Around Garden City we have a profusion of flowers such as this Oleander above and the Hibiscus below.

We look forward to seeing here at Club Olympus in Garden City



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 May 17th, 2010

As we mentioned recently, we have closed the main swimming pool at Club Olympus for essential repairs. It should be closed for less than one week if all goes to plan. RCI and CLC, who regularly send guests to Club Olympus, were both informed some time ago about the closure so most people are aware of it. We would quickly remind everybody that we have TWO swimming pools at Club Olympus. Here is our Top pool pictured below which remains open.

Extra sunbeds have been placed here to cater for everybody. This shot was taken at 1pm today (Monday 17th May) and just look at that sky!

Even though we have to do maintenance on the pools, some people still like to stay in the area of the main pool so we have provided a portable pool so that our valued guests can cool down when sunbathing as you can see here.

We are removing all the discoloured mosaic tiles from the rim of the pool and replacing them. We are giving the whole pool a good scrub, filling any cracks, re-grouting and all the myriad little jobs that need doing on a facility that gets the use that our pool does.

Our Pool, because it is heated, gets a great deal of use throughout the whole year so it does take some 'hammer' (if you will excuse the pun associated with the picture above. Also, the water in Tenerife has a very high concentration of calcium and other minerals which take their toll on anything freshwater related.

It's amazing to see how big the pool is when it has been emptied! Here you can see Javi (pronounced Habbi) chipping away at the tiles and Nico on scrubbing duty.

The lads of our maintenance team are all involved to get the work done as soon as possible. We all hate the pool being closed and there is never a good time to do it because it is really the focal point of the resort, however we know that you understand that these things have to be done. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

The Poolside Bar remains open of course! And the team are looking after everybody very well. Here below we see Angie and Tracy working hard.

And we have finished the construction of the "Lifeguard Station and First Aid Post" as you can see below. We are just waiting for the equipment to arrive from the Mainland and also for the signage.

We will keep you up-dated on what is happening so you can see progress as it happens.

Cheers and all the best from

The Team at Club Olympus


 Olympus World
 May 13th, 2010

So guess where I was on my day off again?

And here below is my magnificent catch!! Do bear in mind that I also have very small feet :-D

A nice mix of Mackerel and Boga (a type of Sea-Bream) all cleaned and ready for the barbecue! Thrown on for just a few minutes with a squirt of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle of rock-salt  then smothered in Alioli (garlic mayo) and eaten with your fingers, honestly they take some beating.

I don't think they are going to make a documentary about my fishing - do you?

Fishing in Tenerife is great fun and very easy. There are a two fishing trips that we recommend at Club Olympus, both with the Hinson brothers. Mick and Jamie Hinson offer two types of fishing.

Jamie has the the "Happy Hooker" boat, he likes to fish with light tackle and is based out of 'Puerto Colon'.

Older brother Mick has the "Crested Wave" based out of Los Cristianos. Mick is after bigger gamefish and so has the bigger boat and larger equipment. Both are a brilliant day out!

If you enjoy fishing then you will certainly enjoy a trip with either boat. Both are within minutes of Club Olympus in Garden City and are very reasonably priced. We have known the lads and their dad for donkey's years. Give 'em a try.

Tight lines!

Cheers and all the best

Ivan - Club Olympus


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