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 Jul 27th, 2010

We have mentioned before that Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife, is a city well worth visiting.

It has one of the deepest  harbours in 'Europe' and is a very busy seaport. Many cruise liners visit the island and dock here for a day or two prior to crossing the Atlantic to the Caribean, the States or South America. Some cruises of course sail round the Islands stopping also in Morrocco and Madeira

The city has a magnificent backdrop and is right at the foot of the Mercedes Mountains. Santa Cruz has a very Colonial feel with many streetside bars and cafes. Places of interest are the Military Museum, the Guanche Museum (the Guanche's were the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands) and the Planetarium.

Having a quick look around the docks as I love to do, I spotted a little head peeping at me from a scupper on a UK registered ship

Zooming in a little closer revealed a handsome crewmember who was doing his duty and guarding the vessel!

What a good boy! Fittingly he is an English Bull Terrier and enjoyed the sound of an English (Yorkshire) voice.

Santa Cruz is only about three quarters of an hour from Club Olympus if you have a hire car. A very regular bus service leaves every half hour from the bus station adjacent to Club Olympus, obviously that takes a little longer but is approximately an hour straight up the TF-1 motorway.

We always try to encourage Club Olympus owners and guests to see more of our delightful island, as indeed most of you do without any prompting. There is much more to Tenerife than some realise. The sheer diversity represented in a fairly small island is terrific and well worth seeing.

In the far distance of this shot you can just see the beautiful Auditorium which is a central feature of Santa Cruz. The quayside shown here is where the cruise ships are normally moored so it's quite rare to get a clear shot here.

If you get a chance and fancy a 'bit of culture', do have a look at Santa Cruz.

Cheers and all the best

Ivan - Club Olympus

 Olympus World
 Jul 27th, 2010

Sorry everybody but we just can't help returning to this little gem of an eating place. Known as "The Chicken Shack" the Oasis Restaurant in Adeje remains the prime purveyor of spicy, 'Adeje chicken'.

Don't ask for a mixed seafood platter here because the only thing on the menu is crisp fresh salad, spicy chicken thighs and breasts, chips and locally made wine.

How good does that look?

You will find the Oasis restaurant on the main street of the town of Adeje. It's about ten minutes by taxi or car to the centre of Adeje from Club Olympus. If you ask the taxi driver for the 'Oasis in Adeje' they will deliver you to the door. A bus to Adeje also leaves very regularlarly from the round-a-bout by Club Olympus. Ask any of our team if you need directions.

One person who enjoys the occasional visit to the "Chicken Shack" is Club Olympus In-House team leader Ray Karlsen.

Ray has been a regular here for more than twenty years and is known well by the family who own the restaurant.

Here he is with Lindy the youngest daughter. Unfortunately 'Mama', Lindy's mum and the original owner of Oasis passed away a few years ago but the family tradition continues with most of the staff being family.

For a traditional Canarian meal with fabulous flavour, superb Tenerifian atmosphere and wonderful value for money please give Oasis a try!


 Olympus World
 Jul 22nd, 2010

Many of our earlier members and guests will remember Sandy Smith who was part of our In-House team for 15 years, right from the early days. Sandy retired and moved to South Africa some years ago. Here below is a a shot of Sandy at one of the World Cup games in South Africa recently.

She hasn't changed a bit has she? Sandy keeps in touch and always wishes Club Olympus owners all the best. She remembers many of you personally and sends her love.

 Olympus World
 Jul 13th, 2010

After all our Pool maintenance (and because the temperature nearly hit the nineties, and because Mick Wilkin of the Pool Bar said "Ivan, I'll give you a pint if you go straight in"), I decided to have a swim in our main pool

And I can highly recommend it. The temperature was perfect and the pint after was delicious!

Alan, of course insisted that the event was recorded on camera to get his own back after much 'pink shirt' abuse.

What a fine figure of a man if I say so myself. No photograph of me in swim wear would be complete without a shot of my ratty old flip-flops so here they are in all their 'ratty old gloriousness'.

I know that you have been missing them, please feel free to comment by clicking on the "comment" button below right. ;-D

It really was pleasant in the pool and it shows why Club Olympus owners and guests love it. The weather is outstanding, the pools are great, the beer is cold and all the team at Club Olympus are looking forward to seeing you.

All the best

- Ivan -


 Olympus World
 Jul 8th, 2010

After a brief closure, our smaller top pool is back in full swing. Every now and again we have to perform a maintenance routine with the pools. We hate closing them as they are very much a part of everyone's holiday, however every now and again it has to be done.

Pictured above is the recently maintained top pool as we call it. The photo was taken yesterday (just look at that sky!)

Here below is our main pool and the Poolside Bar which is very much a focal point of the resort.

The resort as a whole is in really good shape and we are pleased with progress. If you are heading down here this summer, we are sure you will have a terrific holiday.

The Poolside Bar is doing really well and Mick and Stacey are thoroughly enjoying the company of our guests.

Can you guess who is under the Afro wig (It's not Mick in case you were going for the obvious!)

The World Cup has been very well attended at the Poolside Bar and a whole new raft of entertainment and cabaret is being presented, including the fabulous Lady Gaga show.

Everybody is certainly into the swing of it including Club Olympus timeshare owner 'Lord' Peter Osborne shown with Hedley below! The Osborne's were with us recently and had a blast.

  Pictured here below is Assistant Resort Manager Lupe Ortega with Gabby on the left and Katy on the right. Katie and Gabby look after the 'Kidz Klub' at Club Olympus and are ready for the summer onslaught!

All of the Club Olympus team members are geared up and ready to welcome you down to the resort.

If you need any assistance, please call our main office at the resort on 0034 922 795606 or email Sue Simons on ss2 at

And if you see Alan wearing his pink shirt, do have a word with him!!!

And a beautiful Geranium at Garden City to finish off this post (notice how it matches perfectly with Alan's shirt and tie combo!)

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Best wishes from all the team at Club Olympus

Ps. see below to see who was under the Afro wig!

It was of course our very own Ray Karlsen (The Hornless Viking)


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