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 Aug 29th, 2010

The UK office of the Olympus Group is based at our beautiful Boutique Hotel in Yorkshire. Lots of Club Olympus owners use The Leeming Wells Hotel for quick breaks in the fabulous Yorkshire countryside.

The hotel location is perfect for visiting the home of the world famous Bronte sisters who lived in the next door village of Haworth. It is also perfect for walking, cycling, fishing and generally exploring the Yorkshire Dales. Right next door is the Dog and Gun pub which is famous for its outstanding traditional cooking and Timothy Taylors ale selection.

Another great attraction of the area is the Worth valley steam railway with its tiny terminal station just a few minutes away. When I last visited the hotel just a short while ago, my wife and I went to the railway.

I'm the one on the right of the picture by the way! Oh, and before you start, my wife also thinks that I look an idiot in a flat cap but it was quite cool weather even in summer and it's traditional and I'm going bald and I like there!

Anyway, the driver (who is also wearing the traditional, if somewhat grubbier, flat cap and was NOT called an idiot by my wife) was kind enough to invite us onto the footplate which was brilliant. It was the first time I have ever been on the plate and it was a great insight. You know, steam engines really do feel alive and without a doubt they have a personality. The feel, the smell and the atmosphere on the footplate was just amazing and made me feel like a kid again.

I couldn't stop smiling, I mean, who wouldn't want to be where I am in that shot above. It will be a fabulous job in winter but on a hot day, whew!

The driver spent a good 15 minutes with us and gave us an in-depth 'talk through' of all the levers, gauges and workings - superb.

The coal from the Tender (shown above) is shovelled by the fireman at an incredible rate into the firebox, below

The coalfire boils water circulating round the firebox, the resulting steam drives the huge pistons which turns the wheels. Simple.

It was a wonderful experience and just a delight that it is so close to Leeming Wells. If you manage to visit our lovely little hotel then make a point of visiting the working steam railway that services quite a few villages in the Worth Valley.

Click here for a link to the 'Keighley and Worth Valley Railway' website. (Please have a look at all our links by clicking on the 'Links' button on the upper left).

The whole area is just waiting to be discovered and we would love to give you a Club Olympus welcome to our bit of Yorkshire.


Tenerife still takes a bit of beating  ;-)


Cheers and all the best

Ivan - Club Olympus


 Olympus World
 Aug 28th, 2010

In my 'postage stamp' size garden in Tenerife I have a Lime tree. It overhangs my patio so when we need fresh limes for cooking or for drinks we literally reach out and get them.

My wife took this shot of me up in my tree harvesting some limes the other night. I was getting a few to marinate chicken breasts for a barbecue.

I marinate chicken breasts overnight in Lime juice (you can substitute lime with lemon but it's not just as tasty), honey, ginger and a drop of Tequila. Then barbecue the chicken, it is superb and has an exotic flavour. The honey caramelises on the outside of the chicken - wonderful.

You don't get too many Lime trees in Yorkshire, so it's a lovely aspect of life in Tenerife.

 Olympus World
 Aug 27th, 2010

We still have another week of school summer hols and the kids down at the resort are loving it! We have had a fabulous summer here at Club Olympus and have really enjoyed the company of all the families who have joined us this year.

The Kidz Klub has had one of their busiest years for a while and Kate and Gabby have had a terrific time with all the youngsters but it isn't over yet! There is still more time for swimming gala's, "walk on water", facepainting, model making, pool competitions, dancing, karaoke and talent competitions!

And the weather is still roasting hot!

It's all still happening for summer at Club Olympus

 Olympus World
 Aug 26th, 2010

Mick and Stacey hit a milesone with their first year in the Club Olympus Poolside Bar this week. We enjoyed a great meal at one of our favourite restaurants to celebrate. Here they are pictured at the Masia Del Mar Restaurant in La Caleta. Owners and guests alike wished Mick and Stacey all the best after a very succesful year at Club Olympus.

Now I don't often give away ladie's secrets but in the photo below you can see one of the Club Olympus ladies' favourite desserts.

This is vanilla ice cream with 'Creme De Menthe' poured over the top. A fabulous finish to any meal.

Congrats again to Mick and Stacey!

 Olympus World
 Aug 16th, 2010

Here below we see the amazing Zack Fox (left of picture) getting all his friends up on the stage and getting everybody at it on Thursday night at the Kids Disco.

Everybody (including Gabby of the Kidz Klub team) was really getting down to 14 year old Zack's (sorry 12 year old Zack - see comments) spectacular karaoke performance. Zack was just on holiday and even his mum didn't know that he could really sing!

But he blew the place away. The Thursday night Kidz Klub Disco and Karaoke night is not to be missed. It really is fantastic how much talent our young guests have and they love to show it off on Thursday nights.

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