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 Sep 29th, 2010

Our Monday evening owners parties are still very much a highlight of our week at Club Olympus. It's an opportunity for owners to get together and enjoy each others company. They also give our in-house team a chance to display hospitality to our valued guests. We always get great feedback and it's a great pleasure to be with our owners and friends.

Here above is In-house team leader Ray Karlsen (centre) with Retired Light Infantry (The Rifles) Major Chris Lawton MBE and his wife Terri.They are thoroughly enjoying their hols at Club Olympus and as you can see, Ray and Terri arranged to wear matching outfits!

The Sangria flows freely and a great time is had by all. We will see you there soon.

 Olympus World
 Sep 24th, 2010

A great pleasure in Tenerife is to get away from the fairly busy coastal areas and up into the mountains. The roads are of high quality and traffic is at a minimum, the scenery of course, is spectacular. If you have a hire car and it is a bit of a cloudy day, you can always drive above the cloud and enjoy glorious sunshine in the forest areas.

If we have cloud in Tenerife it tends to hover at about three and a half thousand feet. Very quickly you can drive up into the "Corona Forestal" or the Forest Crown which begins at about four thousand feet above sea-level. The roads are quiet and easily navigable. It is not easy to get lost, all you have to do to find your way home is head for the sea. The island has one road going all the way around so once you hit it, your'e on your way home.

If you head up towards Mount Teide and the Las Canadas Crater area there are bars, restaurants and a superb visitor centre.

The sky is a magnificent deep blue, untouched by pollutant haze and the air is crisp and fragrant. The unique Canary Island Pine trees have a delightful rich aroma and it's a lovely experience to listen in silence to the wind singing through their branches. There is a great sense of tranquility up here in the Tenerife mountains and just to sit here for a short while revitalises the senses.

Many of our Club Olympus owners and guests enjoy a drive into this awe-inspiring scenery. If you haven't done it yet then please consider it. It's a part of Tenerife that not everybody even realises is in existence. This wonderful island has a great deal to offer and will satisfy the holiday needs of just about anybody including the joy of the open road!


 Olympus World
 Sep 16th, 2010

Tenerife is a great place for sunshine which of course generates great sunsets and beautiful flowers. So here are a couple of shots reflecting what Tenerife does really well.

This sunset shot was taken just below and to the right of Club Olympus at Fanabe beach.  You can see the Island of La Gomera in the distance. I just thought the silhouettes in the foreground captured perfectly the end of a great day at the beach.

Recently our Maintenance Team leader Evelio asked me to come and look at a flower he had never seen before. It's a flower from a potted palm behind the 600's apartments. I too had never seen one of these. Does anybody know what it is?


If you have any idea please let me know via the comment button below right.

And this photo below, I just saw these flowers cascading from an Acacia tree close to the resort and thought it was a gorgeous explosion of colour. I hope you agree.

Come and see us as soon you can and enjoy all that Tenerife has to offer.



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 Sep 9th, 2010

After a very busy summer at Club Olympus, my brother Tony and I (with respective wives) grabbed a couple of days away. We headed for a European capital as we enjoy city breaks. Can you guess from the rather obvious photo's which city we are in. All correct respondees will of course be rewarded by me with a pint in the Club Olympus Poolside Bar when I see you.

Tony (our financial Director) is on the left and I am on the right. If you saw the last blog post which included my wife's view of my headgear then you will understand that she absolutely did not appreciate this choice at all and refused to even appear in a photo with me while I was wearing it!

What famous fountain in is in the background above?

This is our abysmal impression of the 'Blues Brothers', with what well known river behind us?

OK, if you are still struggling, here is a dead give-away below.

No, it's not New York.

It is one of our favourite cities and I am sure that many Club Olympus owners and guests have visited this historic place. We had a great couple of days and actually discovered the best Cappuccino Coffeee in the world at Bar Brasile in the Piazza Venezzia.

This particular bar is on a fabulously busy corner of the Piazza and is super friendly. They cater for everybody but there is definitely a football flavour about the place. The shot below shows the the bar.

You can see the manager Enzo giving us the benefit of his enormous knowledge on all things football related, he is a Lazio fan. But looking out from his bar across the Piazza, this is the view below!

Did you nail the city yet? Answers on a postcard please to........or even easier just click on the comment button below right.

We enjoyed our quick break and with batteries recharged, we are looking forward to seeing you soon at Club Olympus in Tenerife.


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