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 Oct 28th, 2010

We are currently experimenting with a new type of Bed-Settee on the resort. Head Housekeeper Elvira Mendez took me up to one of the apartments to see what I thought.

They are of the "pull-out-and-over" variety rather than having a seperate single bed that pulls out from underneith. They are durable, cost effective and attractive so we shall see how they fare. They are not in all apartments yet but will be phased in if they are up to the job.

In that particular apartment, new wood-finish aluminium patio doors were also installed, as you can see being modelled by Resort Manager Alan Gibbons below.

The apartment is on the top floor so I grabbed a couple of view-shots (Apologies for the quality but I only had my little camera with me).

This shot, taken from the balcony shows the view to the left looking out over the resort to the sea. The Hotel Iberostar Bougainville  is in front of us. Then looking down from the balcony we can see our smaller, top pool here at Club Olympus.

The shot was taken at about 10.30am, hence the shadows. The top pool was recently refurbished as readers of this blog will know. We also have a lifeguard now stationed at this pool as the law requires. Health and safety  is catching up in all parts of Europe!

The next shot shows the view to the right, out over the pool area of the Hotel Iberostar Las Dalias. In the far foreground is the Hotel Jardin Tropical and then you can also just about see the island of La Gomera which is about 20 miles away across the ocean.

Most of our apartments have sea or pool views which are all pleasing to the eye. In the next photograph you can see the view to the rear of the resort.

The mountain to the right of the shot is known locally as "Montana De La Mesa" or Tabletop Mountain, however it's real name is Montana Conde. To the left is the Adeje Ridgeline, this has the famous walk along it's length know as the "Adeje Skywalk".

So as you can see from these shots, which only give a tiny flavour of our surroundings, Club Olympus is an attractive place for you to enjoy your holidays. Just ask any Club Olympus owner!

Such as Dave Hynes (above left), Dave and wife Connie from Bolton have owned with us since 1987. And above middle and  right we have Marilyn and Kevin Dwyer from Leeds who have owned with us since 1989.

Come and join us soon!



 Olympus World
 Oct 21st, 2010

The weather in the UK is apparently not too bad today however here is a quick shot or two of the resort today, just so that you can see what you are missing!

We have been enjoying a great Autumn so far and everyone is very chilled out here at Club Olympus. Here below you can see Club Olympus Mascot Suki keeping an eye on things.

Suki belongs to Susie Turnbull, one of our Reservation Team members and is a frequent visitor to the complex. She has a slight obsession with nuts (Suki not Susie) so if you are eating pistachio's or any other form of nut, you might find that Suki is your newest, bestest friend!

Talking about nuts, here are another two Sue's busy working away in the office!

On the left is Suzanne White of our In-house team and on the right is Sue Simons who is Head of the Reservations team. Neither were happy with the photo because they weren't wearing their proper make-up etc. etc.

 Olympus World
 Oct 11th, 2010

One of our favourite places to visit is the fishing village of La Caleta. It is about ten minutes from Club Olympus by car. Once in La Caleta you are in a little bit of the real Tenerife.

La Caleta is famous for fabulous fish restaurants and old world Tenerife atmosphere. In recent years the local council have really upgraded the area into a premier place to visit. There is plenty of free parking, a beautiful boardwalk and some lovely bars. Nowadays you can actually walk completely along the sea front to La Caleta from Playa De Las Americas. This would take about an hour and is well worth it if you enjoy a good walk.

All the restaurants and bars have spectacular sea views. There is a great quality of light here which has led many artists and photographers to try and do it justice.

The locals are very friendly and you can choose from cheap and cheerful restaurants to expensive but classy. The fish doesn't come fresher than that served in this tremendous little fishing village.

Many Club Olympus owners and guests are familiar with La Caleta but if you are not, then do make a point of taking a trip out. Ask any Club Olympus team member for directions.

 Olympus World
 Oct 8th, 2010

Just a quick reminder about the RDO's official website called Go Timeshare

The RDO (formerly known as the OTE) take a great interest in looking after the best interests of Timeshare owners. The Go Timeshare website is dedicated to keeping timeshare owners up-to-date with events, legislation and the latest news on companies who attempt to prey upon timeshare owners. Please check out their website and make it one of your bookmarks.

Club Olympus are founder members of the RDO and fully support this hard working organisation.

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