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 Jan 21st, 2011

As you know, we often get fabulous sunsets here in Tenerife and we enjoy publishing shots taken by owners and guests. Here below are a couple of sunsets taken by our friend Darren Gurney while he was here on holiday.

Both shots are taken from the balcony of their timeshare apartment at Club Olympus. Darren's mum Gwynedd and husband Stuart have owned at Club Olympus for many years and we always enjoy their company down at the resort.

Darren has a great interest in photography and takes some terrific shots especially of flowers and plant life but we were pretty impressed with his sunsets. We think he nailed those two. What do you think?

Darren (pictured above right - not his most flattering shot - but of course he didn't take it, his mum did!), actually worked with Club Olympus many years ago back in the UK . His subtle wit and sharp intelligence make him a great character to know.

By the way Darren actually isn't that big, it's just that Ivan is very short!

Thanks for the photo's Daz - good work.


 Olympus World
 Jan 17th, 2011

The Club Olympus staff members gathered recently for their annual bash. Here is a photo of them all together. See if you can guess who is you?

Over the next day or two we will add individual photos so that you see if you got them right.

The Team insisted on sending you all their best wishes.

 Olympus World
 Jan 17th, 2011

Internationally well-known Dummer Bob Mundy was with us recently at Club Olympus. His best known drumming role was with Roy Orbison.

Bob pictured above right with Gabby Rhodes of Club Olympus (Centre) and Jane Mundy (Left) was with Roy Orbison for six years from 1967 to 1974. He has very fond memories of that time and obviously had great fun playing with musical legend Orbison or the Big 'O' as he was nicknamed at the time. Sadly Roy died in 1988 but his memory lives on with people who had a close relationship with him like Bob.

Bob points himself out on one of Roy's albums (Picture courtesy of BBC South Yorkshire). Bob originally was part of a band called 'The Art Movement' back in the 60's and 70's and has been drumming, writing and producing music ever since.

Click here to see a very interesting article about Bob and his relationship with Roy and also about Bob's stint as compere at the famous 'Fiesta' nightclub in Sheffield back in the 70's. Bob has recently written a book about his time with Roy Orbison entitled "The Beat Behind the Legend".

It was a pleasure to have Bob and his family down at the resort.

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