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 Feb 28th, 2011

The Kidz Klub area at the rear of Garden City has just undergone a winter renovation in preparation for a busy summer.

The area provides a safe, shady and sheltered environment for Kate and Gabby to entertain our young guests. There are a couple more jobs to do before the area is finally completed and then we will have a small opening ceremony. We will bring news of that when it happens.

Katie, pictured below right said "it's so important that kids have a great time on holiday, here they are in a different country enjoying a different culture, it's a great education for them and if the kids are happy then the hardworking parents are happy too and we love it!"

The Kidz Klub provides daily events for children from 3 upwards and during the summer the kids disco and Karaoke is a great event on Thursday evenings. Club Olympus is a family resort and we really enjoy seeing youngsters having a blast here in sun-drenched Tenerife!

And we do mean "sun-drenched", the weather is fabulous as you can see from this shot of Resort Manager Alan Gibbons with 'camera-shy' Josh and Mick Vaughan leaping about in the pool behind him! (Pink tie Alan??)

See you soon.

 Olympus World
 Feb 25th, 2011

This is how! We hire a a big lorry with a big extendable crane like this below.

And then the company that we employ to do this maintenance persuade one of their guys to do this at full stretch!

Of course everything is done with strict safety in mind and these guys are professionals. We have done extensive work at the rear of the resort over the last few weeks to ensure that Club Olympus in Garden City is kept in good order. Some jobs are not particularly easy but as our Head Maintenance man Evelio Gonzalez (photo below) says "there is always a solution!"

(actually he says "siempre tenemos un solucion")

And he is usually right!



 Olympus World
 Feb 11th, 2011

The Owners Committee of Club Olympus were on the resort last week for their scheduled meeting. It's always a pleasure to see them down here. They do a great deal of unseen work and it is appreciated. Pictured below (left) is John Tarling with Operations Manager Jean Faichney.

John is a retired Solicitor and part-time Tribunal Judge from Brighton and has been with the Club for many years. Jean has extensive experience in the timeshare business and has run a number of resorts and is a key figure at Club Olympus as well as being Club Secretary.

Above, we have Chris and Janet Smales from Gargrave in Yorkshire. As well as being owners at Club Olympus, Chris and Janet are points owners with Club La Costa as indeed are many of our owners. We have a long standing relationship with Club La Costa and points owners are extremely welcome down at Club Olympus, now and hopefully for decades to come. Points owners are valued guests at Club Olympus and are an integral part of our structure. Janet is a dedicated part of the Olympus committee.

Here below left is Tony Rhodes, Club Chairman, along with John Bone (on the right ) who looks after the Club accounts

John Bone is a keen sportsman and very busy cricket umpire, hence he has a keen sense of fairness which is of course a valuable asset. Tony represents the founder members of the Club.

Here we have Brian and Josie Bottomley, owners with Club Olympus for decades. Brian always has a listening ear and is a firm favourite with our owners. Brian actually appeared in an edition of 'Hello' magazine recently as a team of Dewsbury footballing 'old boys' who played a young Dewsbury side. That Yorkshire sporting event made headlines around the world.

And finally.........we have Hedley and Jane Rhodes,

Hedley is still active and whilst living in the Isle of Man, still get's out to the resort often to keep an eye on things and keep his boys in line!

Our Committee do work hard on behalf of the members and it is always a pleasure to see them down at Club Olympus.


 Olympus World
 Feb 7th, 2011

Both the infrastructure of Playa De Las Americas and Club Olympus in Garden City continue to be improved. The local council of Adeje, under which we come, is striving to maintain Playa De Las Americas as a world class resort. The road systems, pedestrian areas, gardens and the seafront are under constant improvement. Below is the view towards the sea from the front of Club Olympus in Garden City.

As the trees and gardens mature, the outlook always getting better. Virtually the whole seafront is now pedestrianised and makes for a beautiful walk. You can either go left and head towards Los Cristianos or go right towards La Caleta. Both ways make for a delightful seafront stroll.

At Club Olympus we are constantly improving things too. We now have much better ramp access to the pool areas and to the Poolside Bar.

Disabled bathrooms at the Poolsdide Bar have also been completed. The Bar bathrooms are for the use of the whole Pool area so get some pretty heavy traffic.

The bathrooms at the other side of the bar will be up-graded to a similar standard shortly. The Kids Club area at the rear of the resort is also being refurbished as we speak and should be completed in the next day or two. As soon as it is, we will get some pics up for you. Gabby and Kate of the 'Kidz Klub team' are very excited about their new working environment and are looking forward to welcoming youngsters to Club Olympus this year.

The weather is glorious and everybody is having a thoroughly good time down here at Club Olympus. We will keep you notified of improvements as they happen!

See you soon!

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