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 Mar 29th, 2011

If you drive to the town of Valle San Lorenzo by taking the junction after the Los Cristianos turn off  (going North towards Santa Cruz) and drive into the centre of the town turning left just before the CEPSA garage and following that road, you will arrive at the Asadero Central Restaurant.

This restaurant specialises in home cooked Canarian dishes such as local cheeses, local sausage, barbecued chicken, pork chops, fillet steaks, ribs, Goat meat stew and various other Canarian staples. All the veg and fruit accompanying your meal are grown on-site in their farm-garden seen below.

Everything is super fresh and roasted on their big 'Asado' or Barbecue grill as you can see here

Every mouthful is a delight and is complimented by their own rustic red wine made in-house. The main restaurant area is decorated with antique farming tools and antique musical instruments.

It has a properly rustic and farming setting and is used extensively by Canarians from all over the island. They feel that it puts them in touch with their roots. Well I agree with them and so does Terry Tomlinson my walking partner from Rochdale.

Terry is sat here with the remains of a splendid meal in front of him. We always forget to get a shot of the food as it arrives because we just can't help piling into it. So my apologies for not sharing the full gastronomic delights with you. The staff here are brilliantly friendly and helpful. Pictured underneith is Terry with Head-waiter Juan (on the left)!

If you fancy a visit to this outstanding place, have a word with any of our staff at Club Olympus or if you are in Rochdale, speak with Terry in the Church Inn or in the Grapes!



 Olympus World
 Mar 10th, 2011

As you know we have regular Management meetings at Club Olympus and they wanted to pass on their greetings to all our Club Members and valued guests.

From left to right we have Evelio Gonzalez, head of the Maintenance team. Then Sue Simons who looks after our Reservations team.

In the corner is Elvira Mendoza who is in charge of Housekeeping. Jean Faichney at the head of the table is Operations Manager and Club Secretary.

Then we have Ray Karlsen our In-House manager and finally Resort Manager Alan Gibbons (in a pink shirt  AND a pink tie today!).

So, where is Ivan who looks after the Management team?

Only joking of course! Ivan took the picture of the team, so hear he is below actually attending the meeting.

There he is on the right. Thanks for taking over photo duties Alan.

So, greetings from the management team and we look forward to seeing you soon down at the resort.

 Olympus World
 Mar 5th, 2011

A great attraction for many visitors to Tenerife is Sea-fishing. Off the coast of Tenerife swim a great variety of  Game fish and other edible species. A great boat to fish from is Jamie Hinson's 'Happy Hooker' . It's a pleasantly sized boat that fishes four guests comfortably.

Jamie takes time to assist each guest individually and makes sure that everybody has satisfying days fishing. We had a superb morning's fishing over the weekend. We were hunting Barracuda!

And here is Ivan with first catch of the day. In all 5 good sized Barracuda were caught. in the morning session as you can see below.

Barracuda are an aggresive, predatory fish. They grab the bait and run like mad and they make fabulous eating. One of these ended up on the menu at the Club Olympus Poolside Bar.

Here below see Olympus Chef Shelley wondering which way it's going to go in the oven!

The best way to cook them is to parcel them up in tin foil with plenty of lemon juice, honey, chopped onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes, Rosemary, salt and pepper and roast it in its own juice for 35 minutes. The meat then falls off the bone. It is firm, pure white, juicy and delicious!

Here is Ivan, up to his old fish kissing tricks again!

For a tremendous fishing trip, check in with Jamie Hinson on the 'Happy Hooker' and you will be looked after in style. Click here to visit Jamie's website.

It really is very exciting and great fun. Jamie uses all the latest gear and gives the day a personal touch that is getting quite rare these days. Also you get to see the beautiful island of Tenerife from a different perspective.

Tight Lines everybody!

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