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 Apr 17th, 2011

Calm seas mean fishing! On our day off., I joined Skipper Jamie Hinson on his boat the Happy Hooker recently for a morning's fishing out of Puerto Colon. We were bottom fishing in about a hundred meters of water about a mile off-shore.

After catching our bait fish (Mackerel) we set off for the big stuff. It wasn't long before both Jamie and I hooked into something substantial!

Jamie's fish came up first. And here below is what he caught.

Here Jamie carefully removes the hook from an Eagle-Ray. We don't tend to land these as they are not what we are fishing for. They put up a good fight and are edible to a degree but they are such beautiful creatures that they are freed with as little fuss as possible (plus they pack a very nasty defensive sting on a knifelike barb). We generally don't even take them out of the water.

And this is what I caught at the same time!

This Skate is locally called a Blonde-Ray. Because he was quite light, I lifted him out briefly for the camera then dropped him straight back in and let him glide off. Jamie prefers to fish with light tackle which means that even modest catches are exciting. However we were after some good eating fish and it wasn't long before we began catching them.

These fish (2 on the line if you look closely) are called 'Cabrilla' and are type of Sea-Bass, they are spectacularly tasty and we caught quite a few that day as well as a shed load of mackerel.

Here below is a shot of another very interesting little fellow who floated by attached to a piece of seaweed.

We had a good look at it, checked it was ok then sent this little Sea-horse back on his journey. They are quite rare in the Atlantic but we have come across them before.

Here below Justin Scott (who's mum Leslie worked with Club Olympus for years before heading off to Australia) catches a fine example of dinner!

Another fat and juicy Cabrilla.

The abundance of fish and sea life in this part of the Atlantic Ocean make sea-fishing very interesting. Warm weather, blue sky and even bluer sea with the gorgeous back-drop of Tenerife seen in some of the shots combine for a marvelous day out.

If you fancy a few hours fishing, contact Jamie Hinson on his web-site here at Happy Hooker or call him direct on 0034 636 761552. Jamie can accomodate up to 4 people.

If you have a bigger party then contact Jamie's brother Mick Hinson who runs the Crested Wave, they can accomodate up to 10 people.

Both brothers are great fishermen with excellent reputations as Skippers for safety, knowledge and catches.

Here we go again, what do we have this time?

Another Eagle-Ray, ah well back he goes. All in all we had a great morning's fishing with a good dinner of fresh Cabrilla and Mackerel that evening. If you are visiting Club Olympus and would like to know more about sea-fishing, speak with myself Ivan or have a chat with any of our team. Alternatively contact Jamie Hinson on the details above.

Tight Lines everybody!


 Olympus World
 Apr 17th, 2011

Famous London Socialite Toby Von Judge MBE, visited Club Olympus recently. Toby is a frequent visitor to Tenerife and very much enjoys the sunshine of our beautiful island.

Toby is a colourful character who loves nothing more than holding court and regaling all with stories of the rich and famous with whom he rubs shoulders. He like to dress modestly and conservatively and to keep a low profile as you can see from the picture above taken with Sedge Rhodes (on the left).

It was great to have Toby down on the resort. We look forward to seeing him again soon.

 Olympus World
 Apr 17th, 2011

Many Club Olympus owners and Guests enjoy a game of Tennis and we have a top Tennis venue very close to our resort. Tennis Sur is literally a few minutes walk away next the the White Windmill Restaurant (Molino Blanco) a couple of hundred yards above Club Olympus. They have 4 superb courts, changing rooms, showers, bar/restaurant and Pro-shop.

Top Tennis Pro Tim Taylor from Sheffield has been the resident pro at Tennis Sur for over 10 years. Here below is Tim (right) with Jeff Stacey (left), who has worked with Club Olympus for many years in the UK. Jeff was visiting the resort recently and loves to play tennis every day when in Tenerife.

As well as competing in (and winning) Seniors tournaments Tim is a terrific coach.

If you want to contact Tim for coaching, playing or to know about Tennis breaks in Tenerife, give him a call on 0034 629 506855. Or have a chat with any team member at Club Olympus.

 Olympus World
 Apr 17th, 2011

Sadly we are saying good bye to our Suzanne. For family reasons, Stuart and Suze are leaving to head back to the UK.

It has been a pleasure having Suzanne as an integral part of our team at Club Olympus and she will be sadly missed. Hopefully in the future Suzanne and Stuart might return to Tenerife at some point. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Club Olympus

 Olympus World
 Apr 5th, 2011

Despite fabulous winter and spring weather here in Tenerife, there is still a hint of snow on famous Mount Teide. This is perhaps testament to the harsh winter experienced throughout Europe this year. This shot below was taken from the seafront in front of the Conquistador hotel, Playa De Las Americas.

As you can see there is also a trace of snow not only on the peak of Teide but also on the mountain top to the left. (And on Terry's head and top lip!)

It is a fascinating contrast with temperatures on the coast hitting the late 70's and early 80's. This of course is a great feature of this beautiful Island.

The weather here is glorious and Tenerife is in full swing.

See you soon!

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