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 Jun 11th, 2011

Evelio Gonzalez, the Head of our Maintenance team, is proud to announce the arrival of the first crop of bananas at Garden City and here they are below!

You can see the new bananas with the little white end flowers just to the left of the stalk almost under the edge of the leaf!

Bananas are notoriously difficult to grow so Evelio (pictured below) is rightly proud of this first crop which you will see at the rear of Club Olympus in Garden City. He said, "we nearly have enough for a couple of banana splits" (in Spanish of course!)

Bananas are one of the main export crops of Tenerife and Canarians are very proud of their banana growing traditions. The Canarian banana as you know is quite small but very sweet and tasty. Click here for a great web-site about bananas and how to grow them.

 Olympus World
 Jun 8th, 2011

Many of you will remember Joanne Morrisey, pictured below,  who worked with our in-house team for many years. Joanne then moved into an administration role and works with Club Secretary Jean Faichney and Raquel Villas as part of the Admin Team.

Not only is Joanne a great asset to the admin team but also speaks Spanish fluently. Joanne also has another talent that has recently manifested itself, just look at these photographs of Mount Teide below, taken by our Joanne this last week.

Joanne has captured the atmosphere of Teide beautifully with this shot, you can see the ocean of cloud washing up on the foothills.

I was really impressed with the clarity of this shot taken on Jo's 'Kodak Easyshare' camera. Many you will have visited this area at the base of Teide.

Again the clarity of the shot is outstanding in this area of 'outstanding beauty'.

Well done Joanne for those superb shots that remind us of what a gorgeous place Tenerife is!

 Olympus World
 Jun 1st, 2011

As you know, I (Ivan) am a little addicted to the great Scottish delicacy of Haggis! Now we don't get too much of that over in these Canary islands so a constant supply from our many Scottish timeshare owners, guests and friends is very welcome. One of our dear friends is Francis who has forgotten me in times past but has now fully redeemed himself!

And here he is (above left) with the latest delivery of MacSweens finest to me in the Club Olympus Poolside Bar. Many thanks to all the Scots who keep me supplied!

 Olympus World
 Jun 1st, 2011

Some friendly familiar faces from the Poolside Bar wanted to give you, all our much loved timeshare owners at Club Olympus a big hello. They really enjoy seeing you all and being with you.

You know who they are! If you don't know them then we are not seeing enough of you.

Cheers from us all in Tenerife  ;-D

 Olympus World
 Jun 1st, 2011

Many Club Owners and guests are keen golfers. We have a plethora (Greek word meaning 'a lot') of superb Golf courses here in the south of Tenerife. A little favourite of ours for a bit of golfing fun is the Los Palos 9 hole par 3 course at Las Galletas.

For a bit of easy golfing that really assists the 'short game' Los Palos is great. It is a well kept short course with some challenging holes even for experienced golfers. It is an oasis of green in what can be quite a desert like landscape and at 15 Euros for 9 holes it's good value too.

On the left is me, Ivan and on the right is my brother Sedge (Peter) of Club Olympus. We love playing this course as time is often limited but we can whizz round here in an hour and a half. It is just wonderful playing in shorts and T-shirts all year round. Our golf is not of the highest level (it's nearer the lower levels) but we have fun and enjoy being out in the sunshine.

The dramatic Tenerife scenery surrounds the course, here in the far background you can see Mount Teide. This interesting little course is a great deal more than just a 'Pitch and Putt'. Beginners will love it and more experienced golfers also enjoy practicing here. As you can see from the shot below, Los Palos also has a terrific driving range so you can also get the 'big bats' out. There is a lovely putting green and chipping practice area with bunkers.

The Club house is a brilliant too with a well stocked bar, changing rooms, toilet and shower facilities, restaurant and Pro-shop. Parking is dead easy and it is easily accesible. All of this is a ten minute drive from Club Olympus in Garden City.

The scenery, friendly atmosphere and value for money that Los Palos offers is tremendous. Obviously there are several serious championship golf courses within minutes of Club Olympus and they are also outstanding but this remains one of our favourites.

When you are next visiting us, why not give Los Palos a try? It's one of those places where if your partner doesn't play, you can have a quick knock knowing that your partner is in a beautiful place, enjoying a drink and relaxation and you are not going to be hours!

Heads down and eyes on the ball !!


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