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 Jul 16th, 2011

It's official ! The Poolside Bar at Club Olympus is the only bar in the South of Tenerife that offers Estrella-Damm Lemon Beer!

This super-refreshing beer with a touch of Lemon is the number 1 selling beer at Club Olympus in the summer months. At 3.8% alcohol it's a superb summer pint and is a massive hit with our guests at the resort.

And here above is our Stacey pouring a pint of the lovely stuff. With temperatures in the 80's this week, our guests have been delighted to have Lemon Beer on tap! When you get here, please make sure to try this speciality of the Poolside Bar. Estrella Damm have a fine tradition of outstanding beers. Click here to see their website.

We also have on draught John Smith's Smooth Bitter, San Miguel, Estrella, Strongbow Cider and Fosters Lager. Bottled Beers include Peroni, Heineken, Coronita, Budweiser and Dorada.

Mick and Stacey along with their team at the Poolside Bar have cabaret virtually every evening as well as theme nights, quizzes and B-B-Q's. (you will have to work out which is which above).

During the daytime, events from the Poolside Bar include the 'Walk-on-Water' event featured below.

Kate and Gabi work closely with the Poolside Bar as a centre for the Kidz Klub. Here is Gabi below with some of this weeks guests.

and here below is Resort Manager Alan Gibbons pretending to be working!

We can't wait to see you down at Club Olympus this summer! The Lemon Beer is ice-cold and waiting!!

 Olympus World
 Jul 7th, 2011

Why is this a particularly 'cool' shot?

Well firstly because it features Cuban Ricardo the Lifeguard at Club Olympus in Garden City and he looks pretty cool.

Secondly because Olympus Owner Tracey Fenton from Bolton is keeping cool by reading whilst sat in the cool pool.

Cool eh !?

 Olympus World
 Jul 6th, 2011

Alberto our Gardener at Garden City is very proud of his little cactus garden pictured below.

Many Cacti are indigenous to Tenerife replica patek philippe and the dry climate suits cactus growth. Alberto (pictured below) keeps his eyes open for cacti of particular interest, he says that every plant has a unique history and story.

He is happy to explain which plant is which through-out Garden City as we have a wide variety. We are even linking the plants into our apartment numbering system, we will explain more about that later. However, let's introduce you to some of the Cacti in Alberto's Garden.

The plant pictured above is an Aloe Vera. This can be found all over Tenerife and is well known for it's healing properties. It is one of the most effective sunburn remedies that can be found. An Aloe Vera leaf when cut open, exposes it's moist, succulent interior. When that is rubbed on sunburn, relief is almost instantaneous.

The Saguaro type cactus (above) from Alberto's Garden is also a native to the island. These things really can attain some height and can grow up to 12 feet tall. Usually in enormous clusters that become home to lots of wildlife.

This diminutive cactus is actually a 'Prickly Pear' seedling. It will grow and eventually produce the famous red fruit that is a great delicacy here in the Canary Islands. The Prickly Pear was not, however introduced into the Canaries for it's fruit. Rather it was because this cactus is home to the 'Cochineal' beetle.

A fabulously rich red and purple dye, suitable for food colouring, is made from the crushed bodies of the beetle and Cochineal dye production was a cottage industry in the Canaries until recently. Some families still supplement their income by collecting and selling Cochineal beetles gathered from Prickly Pear clumps around the Islands. Prickly Pear fruit is now considered to be a superfruit with loads of vitamin C and B complexes.

The Cactus pictured below is one of my favourites!

This Barrel Cactus is know in Spanish as the "Mother-in-laws seat". Well that says it all doesn't it !

As with most things, there is much more to many plants than we know at first glance so do enjoy Alberto's Cactus Garden on your next visit to Club Olympus!

 Olympus World
 Jul 5th, 2011

In line with our plans to keep improving accessibility to all parts of the Resort. We are continually assesing area's where we can make life easier. Here below is Javi (pronounced Habby) of our Maintenance Team building a ramp in front of the Community offices by the main pool area.

And here below is the finished article

There was a ramp hear before but it was quite steep. This now connects the pathway to the ramp at the side of the Pool giving wheelchair, pushchair, mobility scooter access to the main pool area.

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