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 Aug 30th, 2011

During this summer, we have enjoyed presenting a fashion show each Monday. The fashion company "BeFunky" specialises in holiday wear such as beach wraps, light cotton sun and beach dresses, swimming costumes, bikini's, designer summer dresses and other holiday wear.

Above, we see our model Aricelly from Colombia, showing a pretty beach dress, just one of hundreds of designs on offer from 'BeFunky'.

The show has generated tremendous interest and has been very succesful for the our guests and for the presenters alike. Above we see Alan (on the right) enjoying the show. Rails laden with designer clothing can be seen in the background, ready to be browsed. Here below, model Aricelly poses for our camera.

Aricelly is wearing one of the dozens of swimwear and bikini's that the fashion company has available for guests at Club Olympus. Monday is fashion day at Club Olympus in Garden City!

 Olympus World
 Aug 19th, 2011

As you know, our UK office is based at Leeming Wells, Oxenhope near Keighley in West Yorkshire.

Not only is Leeming Wells a delightful 'Boutique' hotel in the heart of Bronte Country but it is where our UK contact office is situated.

The small team of Tony Rhodes, Jodie Darnbrook (nee. Rhodes), Louise Cunningham and Andrea Pitts are available to assist you in any way they can. Pictured below in the hotel reception area are (from left to right) Louise, Andrea and Tony

The UK office number is (00 44) 01535 640050. Click here to see the Leeming Wells Website

There is of course one person missing from the photo above, so here below is a recent photo of Jodie along with older brother Ivan at an RDO (OTE) event

Jodie is the one on the right in case there was any doubt.

 Olympus World
 Aug 4th, 2011

As we continue to enjoy a fabulous summer here in Tenerife, the kids keep cool in the pool.

Kate (right) and Gabbi (Left) are having a blast with our young guests, the Kids Klub features loads of activities such as the 'Walk-on-Water' event that you can see going on in the background. They also have table-tennis competitions, darts (for the slightly older ones), Pool, drawing and painting, treasure hunts, swimming gala's and lots of other stuff.

"Please let me out"

We have plenty of activities for adults too from barbecues to quizzes to belly-flop competitions to dance-off's.


you can just do nothing!

Club Olympus in Garden City is a short stroll to the sea-front. It is very relaxing to wander onto the beautiful promenade and enjoy the gentle sea breeze while overlooking the Island of Gomera. A great variety of bars and restaurants are there for the picking. You can also have your feet nibbled by little fish at the various foot-spa's dotted along the sea front walkway.

Meanwhile back at Club Olympus, the party continues!

See you soon.


 Olympus World
 Aug 4th, 2011

It's that time of year when our maintenance fee invoices go out. Some of you may already have received them.

The Newsflash is that for the third year running, there will be no increase in the maintenance fee at Club olympus.

Which means that you can just :-


 Olympus World
 Aug 4th, 2011

Mick Wilkin of the Poolside Bar would like to introduce the latest member of the Security Team.

Isobella, the miniature Pinscher is now on full alert to deal with any issues!!

No nonsense will be tolerated, especially from these two below!

We can't wait to see you down at the Club Olympus Poolside Bar!

It's summer, it's silly season and the Lemon Beer is Ice cold!

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