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 Sep 23rd, 2011

The Colombian Navy have a 67 metre 4 masted sailing vessel as their flagship and it visited Santa Cruz in Tenerife this week. The "Gloria" is a purpose built sail-training vessel and is embarked on a round-the-world goodwill tour.

She normally carries a crew of about 170, with up to 120 of those being cadets. The Gloria is one of the biggest 'Tall-ships' in the world and is often seen in major ports around the globe.

Here is Ivan of Club Olympus on board this famous ship. As you can imagine, the ship is kept in immaculate condition with plenty of brass, bronze and acres of gorgeous wooden decking. Here below, Ivan meets some of the crew.

Ivan is the little chubby one not wearing a uniform! The reception and welcome aboard were exceptional. These young men are obviously very proud of their spectacular flagship and were thoroughly enjoying their stay in the Tenerife Capital.

Pictured below is the ships dog 'Argos' who firmly believes that he is in charge and all of the crew are his personal staff as he is conducted in luxury around the world!

A trip up to the Tenerife capital Santa Cruz is always worthwhile. There is a great deal to see and do up there including museums, art galleries, fabulous bars and restaurants and of course the historic port itself.

Visiting the Gloria was very interesting and while it is quite a rare event, there is always something going on in the port.

It is well worth hiring a car or going on the regular bus service to Santa Cruz, it is only an hour away from Club Olympus in Garden City. Ask any member of the Club Olympus team for instructions on how to get there and things to do when you are there!

Click here to see some great shots of the 'Gloria' in London

Bon Voyage!


 Olympus World
 Sep 14th, 2011

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We love to hear from anybody who looks at and enjoys our website.

Please don't be shy, let us know what you think and share your tips, ideas and comments on Tenerife, the resort and other places of interest. Your comments go directly to me - Ivan (pictured below) for a quick check, then 99.9% are posted.

Cheers and all the best.


 Olympus World
 Sep 14th, 2011

We always love a good sunset here at Club Olympus. We are very fortunate to be in a place where every evening the sky's palette is completely different. Here below is the sun dropping over our neighbouring island La Gomera.

During the course of the summer, the setting sun traverses almost to the right hand edge of Gomera then comes all the way back again. It's always breathtaking to watch the sun actually disappear over the horizon. These photo's were taken from the walkway in front of Club Olympus in Garden City.

Many Club Olympus owners and guests enjoy this daily spectacular here in Tenerife.

Some of our owners send us their Tenerife sunset photo's so please, if you a great shot or two, email them to Ivan at sales at

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 Sep 12th, 2011

There are many reasons to love this wonderful Island, and here are a couple!

The scenery is always spectacular. This shot is looking toward Playa De Las Americas from a fishing boat. You can see Parque Santiago in the foreground and Mount Teide in the far distance.

And where else would you get a T-Bone steak like this one which is about to be devoured by In-House Team Manager Ray Karlsen? The Restaurant is "Era Las Mozas" in Valle San Lorenzo. (Ray is counting the lemon as one of his 5-a-day)

We love Tenerife!

 Olympus World
 Sep 6th, 2011

If you have been to Tenerife in the last couple of years it is likely that you have seen quite a few 'Fish foot-spa's' springing up on the seafront. Many of our owners and guests have tried it but I never have, until yesterday.

I had been cycling along the seafront and on a whim decided to have my feet nibbled!

The Garra Rufa fish is a tiny freshwater carp that exfoliates and nibbbles on dead skin. They have no teeth but grind away with their tiny mouths on dead skin cells. Their saliva also contains the enzyme Diathanol which is said to aid the skin regeneration process.

The fish originate in Turkey but have been widely used in the Middle and Far East to treat various skin disorders.

When the fish were feeding, all that I felt was a light buzzing sensation, it was actually quite a pleasant experience. Afterwards my feet definitely felt softer. It is recommended that three visits as a minimum will get your feet in good shape. I really liked it but my wife Janette (pictured below) wasn't so sure!

The 15 minute process cost 8 Euros and I think it was well worth it. Next time you are here why not give it a try. Their are maybe half a dozen spa's along the seafront and they are all about the same price. We visited the Royal Foot Spa in Los Cristianos.

It's just another of the great variety of things to do in Tenerife!

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