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 Oct 27th, 2011

We have talked about the capital of Tenerife a lot in recent weeks, Santa Cruz continues to be a favourite day trip with visitors to Club Olympus. Here are a couple of shots contibuted recently that show the quaintness of this wonderful old colonial city.

These photos, from Olympus contributor and photographer Shane Drovi, give us a flavour of this great little character filled city.


Tenerife is so much more than many people give it credit for. On this wonderful Island you can find whatever you want from a holiday. You just have to go 'outside the box'

 Olympus World
 Oct 15th, 2011

The famous Russian Naval Training ship returned to Tenerife this weekend. You might it remember it featured on our blog a couple of years ago.

The Kruzenstern is the biggest sailing vessel in the world. Originally built in Germany she was taken to Russia after the 2nd World War as part of 'War Reparations'. She will be heading from Santa Cruz harbour in Tenerife to the caribbean shortly. Here below is Ivan of Club Olympus with a couple of the crew.

I seem to be having my photo taken with Sailors quite a lot recently!

As mentioned on the Blog previously, there is always something to see in the Tenerife Capital and Port of Santa Cruz.

click here for more information on the Kruzenstern pictured above..

Another very famous ship was also in Santa Cruz harbour today. This is the Antarctic and scientific research vessel the 'James Cook' which has featured in various documentaries and programmes. Here she is below.

The James Cook is a fairly new ship built in 2007 and is very hi-tech. It is currently manned by scientists from around the globe. Click here for more about the 'James Cook'.


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 Oct 11th, 2011

We recently revised the Club Olympus Welcome Pack. After a hard days travelling its great to have the necessities when you get to your apartment. For 20 Euros we will supply the full pack or for 10 Euros we will supply a drinks only pack.

Here below, Ray Karlsen (In-House Team Manager) and Suzie Turnbull (Reservations) model the Welcome pack contents for you!

Ray is talking as usual and what he is saying is that the Full pack contains "a jar of coffee, a packet of tea-bags, 1 carton of milk, 2 litres of water, sugar sachets, 1 carton of orange juice, a loaf of bread, a pack of butter, 1 jar of jam or marmalade, a packet of cheese slices, 1 packet of assorted biscuits and a large re-usable shopping or beach bag"

The Drinks pack contains a jar of coffee, a packet of tea-bags, 1 carton of milk, 2 litres of water, sugar sachets and a carton of orange juice.

You can order these by calling our Tenerife office on 0034 922 795606, by emailing Sue Simons on ss2 at or by filling in the order on your holiday planner.

As mentioned, the price for the Full Welcome Pack is 20 Euros and the Drinks Pack is 10 Euros.

We look forward to seeing you

From the team at Club Olympus.

 Olympus World
 Oct 6th, 2011

In the early hours of Tuesday morning (4th Oct) this week we had a spectacular Electric storm just off the coast of Southern Tenerife. The lightning storm was captured by a couple of guys we know and here are some of their shots!

All photo's were taken looking out from the Torviscas/Fanabe area just to the right of Club Olympus in Garden City if you were looking towards the sea.


Many residents and holiday makers alike thoroughly enjoyed the amazing free show that lasted for a couple of hours. We have incredible sky here in Tenerife. We are privileged with outstanding sunsets, delightful cloud formations and some of the clearest night skies that you will ever see.

At night particularly, it is good advice to look up instead of down. We often see tremendous meteor showers. Satellites are easily visible whizzing through the night sky and the Milky Way in all it's glory can easily be seen. However, Tuesday morning belonged to the Lightning!

Many thanks to Raico Rosenberg and John Sharples for allowing us to enjoy these awesome and spectacular photo's. Another reason to love Tenerife!


 Olympus World
 Oct 4th, 2011

I think I might have mentioned before that the sea-fishing in Tenerife is really very good and is another reason to love Tenerife. So while our hardworking team at Club Olympus were diligently handling their assignments........I cleared off fishing!

These beauties, of which we caught several, are 'Masked Trigger Fish'. They are an absolute delicacy here in the Canary Islands and are quite rare to catch.

Pictured below are several 'Trigger Fish', a 'Queen Cabrilla' (top left) and a couple of 'Red Snappers'.

Oh and of course you will be delighted to see the return of my scratty old flip flop which provides perspective and proportion to this photo of my magnificent catch!

We always eat what we catch (if it complies with size regs) and both myself and the guys I fish with are members of the International Game Fish Association.

The IGFA have a strict code of conduct and focus on responsible fishing, conservation of fish stocks, catch and release of prime gamefish, strict size control and preserving of the enjoyment of fishing for future generations. Which is of course why we are members.

At Club Olympus we always recommend fishing trips with our good friend Jamie Hinson on the 'Happy Hooker', click here to see Jamie's website. Jamie worked in the Club Olympus Reception for some time before setting up his own fishing business.

If you have a larger party eg. 10 plus, then contact Jamie's brother Mick who has the larger vessel 'Crested Wave'.

We can't wait to see you soon in Tenerife and if you fancy some fishing then have a word with any team member.

Tight lines and all the best


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