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 Jan 31st, 2012

Our little Irish/Old English style pub in Los Abrigos has re-opened. The Red Rock Pub is slightly off the beaten track at Los Abrigos (about 15 minutes away from Club Olympus towards the airport).

The quaint fishing village of Los Abrigos is famous for it's fabulous fish restaurants. If you stand on the front of Los Abrigos with sea in front of you then follow the sea-front left for about 500 yards you will see the Red Rock up on your left.

Rick and Jane bray from Ipswich are old friends of the family and are now the Landpersons??? of the Red Rock.

Great prices, great welcome and views out of this world are a feature of this great bar in Los Abrigos. It's worth a drive out for a change of scenery!

Follow the TF-1 motorway towards the airport. Turn off before the airport at Las Chafiras, following signs for Los Abrigos. Follow the road to the end, turn left at the roundabout, drive half a kilometre and turn towards the sea front on the last right turn in the village and you will be there. Easy!

 Olympus World
 Jan 31st, 2012

If you are on your way here, the weather is fab!

Just ask Kate and Gabby of our Kids Club team.

It has been a superb winter here in Tenerife. Come out here and baste slowly in the heat!

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 Jan 26th, 2012

Just a quick reminder that we have a new 5 minute resort video. It  is posted on YouTube or you can view it by clicking  here!

 Olympus World
 Jan 17th, 2012

Just to cheer you up on a Wednesday morning, this is what we are enjoying right now at Club Olympus!

However, it's all been a bit too much for this little lady below

Little Scarlett is 'holidayed' and 'chocced' out!

See you soon.

 Olympus World
 Jan 17th, 2012

As part of her regular cruise itinery, the luxury liner was in Tenerife a couple of days ago. The Queen Mary 2 is a regular visitor to Santa Cruz.

It was a hot, hazy, January day when she visited. Here below is a shot of this flagship cruiser from an unusual angle.

This zoom shot was taken from the mountainside above the historic port of Santa Cruz displaying the magnificent ship with a 'Bunkering' tanker alongside. Drawing the zoom back, we get this view below.

Cruise ships have not had a good week this week, however this graceful lady is still extremely popular.

The shot above was supplied by Terry Murray who saw the ship on the same day.


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