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 Feb 27th, 2012

Saturday is a busy day at Club Olympus!

On Saturday morning we have our welcome party for our owners and guests. Bucks Fizz is dispensed, necessary information is dispensed, the team is introduced and we have a fun prize quiz. It gets your hols off to a great start!

As you can see above, the 'bubbly' and orange juice is flowing.

Then Saturday afternoon is sport time in the Poolside Bar. Here below are some of the boys enjoying watching a Manchester City game (even though they are Manchester United fans in the main)! They are now saying that they are happy that a 'Manchester Team' is doing well.

Come on down to Club Olympus in Garden City and enjoy your 'home from home'.

It is, after all, 'a way of life'.

 Olympus World
 Feb 24th, 2012

The TF-1 motorway that runs from Santa Cruz in the north to Adeje in the south is being extended enormously. The idea is for the road to eventually encircle the island and great progress is being made.

Here above is an unopened section of the extension just below the town of Guia De Isora.

Above Guia, the terrain becomes extremely mountainous and tunnels have been cut through the mountains to accomodate the motorway. The tunnels seen below exit at the village of La Mancha.

These tunnels are about 1,500 metres long but the next major tunnel will be a couple of kilometers long to get right through the mountain to eventually end up in Icod De Los Vinos. This will marry the new extension to the TF-5 motorway that runs from Puerto De La Cruz to Santa cruz.

It is estimated that when the motorway is completed, a journey from Playa De Las Americas to Puerto De La Cruz will take just 20 minutes rather than the hour plus that it takes now.

And here below is Ivan of Club Olympus with a Donkey.......................In the village of La Mancha!

The new motorway will open up the island for tourism and business alike.

 Olympus World
 Feb 19th, 2012

On the 14th of Feb (Valentines Day)  I said to Charlotte in the Poolside bar "is your boyfriend Andy the romantic sort?" she said "yeah sometimes" then literally 2 minutes later, Andy walked into the bar with a big bunch of flowers for Charlie!


 Olympus World
 Feb 16th, 2012

Tenerife is a wonderful place for walkers and hikers. There are a great variety of dramatic walks on this island which are easily accesible. During the winter my walking partner Terry (of Rochdale fame) and I love getting up into the mountains and stretching our legs.

Terry points the way in the pine forests.

Once above the tree line which is at about 3,000 feet there are many miles of forest. Mainly constituted of Canarian Pine, this unique pine tree evaporates a great deal of moisture out of the clouds. When the water condenses on it's needles they drip great volumes of water onto the ground under the tree. This allows vigorous growth in what would normally be a dry environment.


This shot is looking down from about 3,000 feet over Playa De Las Americas and Los Cristianos.

The sheer height of Tenerife, with Mount Teide running up to 12,000 feet, makes sure that we have spectacular and dramatic views from almost everywhere.

Paths are usually clearly defined and well signposted.

There are several books in English which map out the best walks on the whole island. One of the best is "35 Tenerife Walks" by David and Ros Brawn, this comprehensive book includes GPS waypoints, excellent drawings and photo's and is very handy.

Looking down into the famous 'Barranco Del Infierno', this shot shows how deep these chasms or Barranco's can be and this is by no means the biggest.

Of course, no walk is complete without a decent pit-stop or two. Some rough bread, Chorizo sausage, goat's cheese, a tin of Heineken, a nip from a hip-flask, mountain air and good company make an outstanding pic-nic!

Many people are not aware that Tenerife has much more to offer than sun, sea, sand and sangria. This particular walk is only about a 20 minute drive from Club Olympus in Garden City.


As I said, pathways are usually clearly marked!

If you need any assistance with going walking in the mountains, simply ask any member of the Club Olympus team and we will point you in the right direction. So make sure you pack a pair of decent walking boots when you are next out here on holiday!

You won't be disappointed!

 Olympus World
 Feb 9th, 2012

We are actually thinking about changing the name of this blog post to "Ray Karlsen's Good Food Guide".

At Era Las Mozas in Valle San Lorenzo, they serve outstanding Meat. Here below is an Ox T-Bone that In-House manager Ray Karlsen is about to devour!

No really, it is that big! Now I know some serious carnivores and I have watched 'Man Versus Food' on TV but what Ray does to these is incredible.

As it happens, this restaurant is fabulous for all tastes. Here in this traditional Canarian Restaurant, you can enjoy meats cooked on open fires plus all of the usual Canarian trimmings. The prices are very reasonable and their locally produced red wine is out of this world. It's only 15 minutes from Club Olympus in Garden City.

So what does Ray do to this delicious, succulent, perfectly cooked T-Bone from an Ox?

This is what he does below!


If you want to know how to get to this amazing restaurant, please ask any of the Team at Club Olympus.

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