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 Apr 26th, 2012

The variety of wild flowers in Tenerife is enormous and I love just snapping them when I come across them. I don't know what they all are but here are a couple.....oh go on then....four!

The above flower is a RockRose or a 'Cistus' to give it its proper name. Beautiful isn't it?


Hibiscus (above) is always a favourite and garden City is full of them, this shot is for one of our owners Pat Clarke;-). They do grow wild here but I guess they are not indiginous.

I shot this Trumpet flower growing wild up in the mountains. It was not too far from human habitation so again it has probably been brought here.

And finally..........

I just loved this flowerburst of daisies growing from a bank at the side of a path, again up in the mountains behind Garden City.

Please email any great flower shots, sunsets, mountain replicas de relojes suizos or sea-views. Email them to me at mihr at they will come directly to me, Ivan at Club Olympus.

Come and enjoy the floral delights down here in Tenerife!

 Olympus World
 Apr 26th, 2012

Currently we are pleased to have Jose-Miguel Sanabria Toste, chiropracter and sports physio on site for a couple of days per week (we just call him Jose). He is located in the massage/treatment room adjacent to Hedley's gym at Club Olympus. Jose has studied and worked in France, Cyprus and Morocco.

Fully qualified Jose-Miguel is a back-pain specialist but deals with sports injuries, muscular or skeletal pain. He is an expert Masseur so if a therapeutic massage is what is needed he is delighted to help. His other skill is Reflexology.

He is with us on Mondays and Friday's. A typical one hour session costs around 50 euros. Please inquire in the Community office for available times/treatments etc.

 Olympus World
 Apr 24th, 2012

Wee Janey Gardener from Glasgow made sure that Ivan of Club Olympus had his regular dose of Haggis this week.

Thank you Janey. Grant's tinned haggis is outstanding and very much appreciated by the Rhodes family in Tenerife!

 Olympus World
 Apr 20th, 2012

A number of our members have informed us that they have received an urgent outstanding maintenance fee invoice from a company called OH Control.

This is a scam! Please do not send any money to them. Here below is a quote from "Mindtimeshare" which is a consumer alert organisation:-

"A very serious complaint has been brought to our attention regarding a mailing received from a company called OH Control Accounts, or OHC Accounts.

This company is doing letter mailings to timeshare consumers, claiming that they have outstanding fees for their timeshare week(s) which need to be paid urgently.

The letter contains the timeshare consumers personal contact details and timeshare ownership. Alarm bells started ringing with those who sold or surrendered this membership some time ago and are no longer owners.

OH Control Account requests an urgent payment and even provides in the letter the full bank details where the consumer should transfer the fees. This is a bank account in Ulster, Ireland.

They also provide a contact number 0845 649 2988 and an email address for the lady in the Recoveries Department called Anita Bouwman and her email is

The letter looks very official and genuine, more even because all company details are on there and this company seems to be registered with the UK Companies House and OFT

This is though certainly NOT the case! The details on the letter are taken from a genuine company called Control accounts, on the same address but with a totally different phone number, no bank accounts in Ireland and certainly not a Gmail account for contact!

The genuine Control Account company has reconfirmed with us that they are aware of this scam and it has been reported to both the Police and the OFT."


If you have received a letter from the fake OH Control Account requesting a payment for outstanding fees, please let us know! Please speak to Louise or Andrea on 01535 640050 at Leeming Wells.

 Olympus World
 Apr 18th, 2012

It was a delight to welcome Walter and Audrey Durant back to the resort and they really enjoyed our Monday Night party!

Walter is 103 and Audrey is a 'Spring Chicken' at 80. We, of course, gave Walter a load of stick for going after a much younger woman! Age doesn't hold them back from enjoying a good party.


All of our members, guests and friends have a good time and we get through plenty of our special Club Olympus Sangria!

All age groups are welcome. Here above is Ray Karlsen giving a brief welcome speech and prize draw and here below welcoming back an old friend, Nan Stott from Leyland in Lancashire.

Our team really enjoy themselves as well on a Monday night. It's always great to welcome older and newer members and guests.

Tony (top left) along with Theresa get into the spirit of things.

Our Monday Evening soiree's are a feature of the resort and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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