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 May 30th, 2012

A great pleasure here in Tenerife, is to have an evening stroll along the seafront. With a gentle breeze blowing and the heat of the day gone, there is nothing finer!

Legthening shadows, fluffy clouds, warm sand and a bit of exercise. Marvelous!

The Tenerife light is wonderful for photography. As always we have to say that we love a good sunset and we get more than our fair share here in the south of the island.

Don't leave it too long before you come back and see us at Club Olympus in Garden City.

See you soon.

 Olympus World
 May 30th, 2012

Tenerife is a surfing hotspot. Consistant waves, fabulous year round weather and easy access make Tenerife one of Europe's leading surf destinations.

The two main areas for surfing are both in front of Playa De Las Americas. The wave pictured above is called "Billboards" and is a right hand break wave (apparently) but the most famous is the "Spanish Left" in front of the Hotel Las Palmeras.

Even when the waves are relatively small you can still get a good ride. The "Spanish Left" attracts surfers from all over the world so the camaraderie has a real international flavour.

Even if you don't surf, it is great fun to watch the guys in action. There are loads of seafront bars and restaurants where you can sit with a drink and watch somebody else doing all the work!

Click here for more information about the big waves in the Canary Islands.

Surf's Up!!


 Olympus World
 May 15th, 2012

Just a quick review of the last week or so. The weather has been spectacular here in Tenerife while the UK and the rest of Europe has been pretty much washed away.

we had several visitors and guests down at Club Olympus. Here below are some familiar faces.

Many of you will recognise Suzanne White along with hubby Stewart and Steve of the Winning Post Bar. Sue and Stewart came out to get a weeks sunshine and see their old colleagues at the resort. They send love and greetings to all!


We also got a new life-guard! (The one on the right not the left!!)

And had a party in the Poolside Bar!

So all in all it has been a fun couple of weeks with lots going on.

In-House team member Dawn, enjoyed a bit of time in the Poolside bar with her family, below left is hubby Geoff who used to work with us at Olympus and on the right is daughter Holly and family friend Frank.

And to finish off, here below is a shot of a handsome young sea-gull, photographed at the weekend!

We are having a blast at Club Olympus in Garden City and the summer is ready to kick-in! We will see you soon.



 Olympus World
 May 6th, 2012

And of course, no month is complete without a shot of Club Olympus In-House Team Manager Ray Karlsen, about to devour a T-Bone steak from an Ox at one of our favourite places, Era De Las mozas, Valle San Lorenzo!

I know, it's outrageous but he is a healthy, growing lad who needs some protein! He does burn it off in 'Hedley's Gym' and is a very hardworking member of the Olympus team. However...........

The chunk of meat  from a ploughing farm Ox doesn't last long with this hungry Scouser!

 Olympus World
 May 4th, 2012

Over the last 10 years, Tenerife has made great leaps forward. One thing that is certainly noticeable is that the infrastructure ie. roads, motorways, hospitals, public buildings, paving etc. have really improved. Take the municipal town of Adeje for example. Adeje (pronounced Add'eckay) is the province that we at Club Olympus come under. A great deal has been done to lift the quality of the town itself. Here below is Adeje Town Hall.

Some of the municipal towns used to be dusty backwaters with dirt roads and very little infrastructure. That is not the case now. Adeje province has renamed and re-invented itself as 'Costa Adeje' and takes its image seriously.


Shown above is the square between the Town Hall and the Church which has recently been improved. The setting of this town is beautiful with dramatic mountains and ridges as background. The flat top mountain in the photo is called 'Montana de Conde' or it is sometimes called 'Montana de la Mesa' or 'Tabletop mountain' for obvious reasons!


Pictured above is the top of Adeje main Street with a certain Mr Karlsen reclining on one of the benches. We had just visited one of our favourite restaurants 'The Chicken Shack' or Bar Oasis to give it its proper name.

The town of Adeje is well worth visiting for its superb restaurants, bars, walks and atmosphere. The improvements to the infrastructure here are representative of the island as whole.

If you haven't been for a while, you will notice a big difference!

See you soon.

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