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 Jun 28th, 2012

It is the time of year when the Flamboyante Tree (Spanish) is in full flower and the whole of Tenerife is full of colour down to this flame leafed tree.

You can see similar examples all over the island. This one is in an avenue in the Tenerife Capital of Santa Cruz which was photographed earlier this week.

The "Flamboyant Tree" or "Royal Poinciana" vwas originally from Madagascar but has been planted all over the Canary Islands for centuries. It's Latin name is 'Delonix Regia'. This glorious tree deserves it's flamboyant name.

And here is another flamboyant character below just about to tuck into his 'Chuleton' or Bullock T-Bone.


Ray has just been suprised by the camera as he was about to get started in one of our favourite Restaurants, La Ganania in Los Menores, about a 10 minute drive from Club Olympus.

Did he leave much??


 Olympus World
 Jun 25th, 2012

We recently hosted the Club Olympus Owners Committee down in Tenerife as it was the Club AGM in early June. The AGM passed very quickly as there was not a great deal on the Agenda. The meeting went smoothly with a very cordial atmosphere. Afterwards the Committee retired for a brief lunch at the Restaurante Vilaflor on the sea-front of Playa De Las Americas.

On the left of the table going up we have Chris Smales, Janet Smales (Committee), Jean Faichney (Club Secretary), then on the right coming down, Josie Bottomley, John Tarling (Committee) Jane and Hedley Rhodes (Committee) and Tony Rhodes (Chairman).

Here below is Brian Bottomley, a long standing Committee member who gives a great deal of his time despite health problems.

And here below are John and Christine Bone, they look after the Club accounts and act as scrutineers for any voting procedures.

We are very pleased to have a great team looking after Club Olympus. We would like to thank the Committee members for their very hard work.

Also we would like to thank the husbands and wives of the Committee team who are very supportive.

Who said Chris Smales couldn't 'attract the birds' anymore!!?

 Olympus World
 Jun 21st, 2012

The Poolbar becomes football central when England are playing in the Euro 2012 competition. Paul Taylor makes sure that everyone is well catered for when it comes to match time.

As England progress steadily through the tournament, everybody heads to the Poolbar which now has 6 large plasma TV screens.

The bar girls are ready for action as the bar is flooded with fans and even our Mr Karlsen is into the swing of it!

And it's all smiles as England beat Ukraine and win the group.

Notice that I did NOT take this very fuzzy shot!!

All games are shown at the Poolside Bar so come and join us!


 Olympus World
 Jun 16th, 2012

Yes, it's back! The walk on water experience has returned to Club Olympus. Here below, the kids and some adults are queing up for their go in the bubble with Kate and Gabby.

And in one goes as the air bubble is pumped up around him. (Just look at the colour of the sky)

Once the bubble is fully inflated, it's a matter of seeing how long you can stay on your feet.

This young man has got it sorted, no problem. Here below, Life-Guard Ricardo keeps his eye on things as usual.

Then it's 'back in the bubbles!'

It's not as easy as you might think as this mum soon found out. Everybody enjoys the 'walk on water' experience, especially if you are just watching!

 Olympus World
 Jun 5th, 2012

Tenerife is a hotspot for Big Game Fishing in Europe. With abundant supplies of Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado and Marlin, Tenerife draws fishermen from all over the world.

We normally fish with Jamie Hinson of the "Happy Hooker" pictured below. Jamie, a former Thames river pilot and tug-boat captain, has great experience and provides a superb day out.

It was a slightly overcast morning when we left Puerto Colon harbour a couple of days ago but the weather very quickly brightened and before long we were fishing! Here below is one of my favourite views in the world.

We were particularly after big fish. We had caught quite a few mackerel to use as bait fish and then we were seriously 'Trolling' for the big stuff. After several hours of ploughing the ocean, we had caught nothing but news came over the radio that Jamies sister boat 'Fast Fish' had hooked into a big Marlin. They managed to haul it on board after a one and half hour fight.

In the picture above you can see the tail of the 265 kilo Blue Marlin sticking over the rail. The Geordie boys on the boat were very happy with their catch which was immediately bought by a local restaurant.

Jamie's policy on his boat is to catch and release Marlin where possible. More plentiful fish such as Tuna, Wahoo and other game fish are usually snapped up by local restaurants. Jamie recently caught 9 Albacore Tuna in one day, which is a local delicacy.


While we didn't catch much that day, we did see plenty of wildlife including lots of the local 'Short Fin Pilot Whales', a firm favourite with visitors to Tenerife.

We caught a few smaller fish including a 5 kilo stingray and several other species but no big stuff for us that day. We still had a great day in the sunshine with skipper Jamie and he reminded us that Club Olympus guests are always welcome. Click here to see Jamie's website.

What better way to end the day than with a couple of beers watching the sun set over Puerto Colon!

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