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 Jul 24th, 2012

Wednesday the 25th is the start day for entertainment in the Poolside Bar. Caberet will include "Dougie Brown", "Mikey Mike" and "IS". The team at the Bar are raring to go as summer kicks into full swing.

The team are ready to welcome you aboard. We have glorious sunshine, ice-cold beer and fabulous food at the Poolside Bar.

The Oldham gang are in town (above) as are the Preston Brigade! (below)

The Southern Squad are enjoying themselves (below)

And the Leeds Lunatics are in full cry!

So get yourselves down here as quick as you can! We will see you soon!



 Olympus World
 Jul 21st, 2012

Many Owners, guests and friends have expressed concern about the forest fires reported in Tenerife recently.

The fires were all actually up in the mountain areas and well away from the coastal resorts. The media, as always, love to dramatise these things so we see shots like this one below!

It certainly is spectacular! Again, this photo is taken right up in the hills above Vilaflor. We drove out to get as close to the fires as we could and this is about as near as we got as you can see below.

This shot was taken up in the mountains above Taucho.

The good news is that all the fires are out and certainly the forests have suffered fire damage but everybody on holiday continued as normal.

Here are Kate and Gabby with this weeks youngsters!

 Olympus World
 Jul 10th, 2012

Long standing Club Olympus members Steve and Karen Reffin from Hull are enjoying their stay this year.

Apparently Hedley Rhodes, Chairman of the Olympus Group of companies, had promised Karen a famous Club Olympus Polo shirt a while ago but then had not seen the Reffins for a few years. Hedley was delighted to fulfill his promise this year. Here he is below presenting a shirt to Karen.

It's a pleasure to have the Reffins back on their 20th year with Club Olympus!

Here they are with Lifeguard Ricardo.

Welcome back guys.

 Olympus World
 Jul 8th, 2012

Torrential Rain?


Steady downpour?


See you soon!!

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