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 Olympus World
 Aug 22nd, 2012

.........and lots of it here in Tenerife. If you are tired of being washed out then you know where to come.

With temperatures hitting 30 plus, there is only one thing to do................

...................................Get in the pool

This year we have seen a fabulous year for sunshine at Club Olympus. The officials tell us that it's been one of the best ever while much of Europe has seen abysmal weather over the summer period.

Sun worshippers are having a great time with temperatures here today hotter than Cairo and Bombay.

Club Olympus in Garden City with it's beautiful gardens, friendly staff, superb Poolside Bar and fabulous location has been busy this year but if you still want to grab some sunshine call Sue Simons or Suzy Turnbull on 0034 922 795606


 Olympus World
 Aug 18th, 2012

Many apologies for the lack of up-dates over the last couple of weeks. This is because I (Ivan) have been away on hols for a couple of weeks. I was on holiday in the far north of Scotland and wifi was virtually non-existant. Anyway, we are back and in good shape. The first thing I did was to get together with our In-house team for a spot of lunch and here we are!

One of our favourite locations is the restaurant "Era Las Mozas" in Valle San Lorenzo. A fabulous place if you are a bit of a carnivore. Also it's a complete coincidence that Tony and I are wearing almost identical shirts, it's not a new Club Olympus uniform!

Ray of course did his usual and devoured a great chunk of meat!

It's a great diet that he's on!

We then retired back to the Olympus Poolside bar and joined the on-going party there.

Here is Dawn with her daughter Holly and here below is Tony with Jen from the Poolside bar  who recently left for University back in Scotland.

So we are all back in full swing and looking forward to seeing you.

Just a quick comment on recent UK media coverage of forest fires in Tenerife. When I was in the UK a definite impression was given that the forest fires were a big danger, this was simply not true. A few small fires up in the forests of Tenerife were dealt with by fire teams but at no time were they near any holiday resort areas.

Big fires were reported on the neighbouring Island of La Gomera and they have lost significant amounts of Laurel forest which is tragic. Some properties were also lost particularly in the Valle Gran Rey region.

Forest fires are an almost annual event here in Tenerife particularly during long hot summers. They are also a natural way for forests to clean themselves up. The bigger trees survive the fires and subsequently many pests and bugs are eliminated as well as clearing the forest floor of inches deep pine needles. So please don't be put off by over-zealous reporting from the media.

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