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 Oct 28th, 2012

A regular contributor to our website is Dave Bownes who has been an owner at Club Olympus for years. He is a great photographer and catches tenerife at its best. Here below is a sunset that Dave caught on his last Club Olympus holiday.

Dave takes these shots from his apartment in Garden City.

Many thanks mate!

 Olympus World
 Oct 25th, 2012

Club Olympus are delighted to announce that Club Olympus in Garden City has been awarded the RCI Silver Crown.

After a great deal of hard work, the various departmental teams headed by Club Secretary Jean Faichney, are thrilled to see their efforts rewarded by RCI Guests to the resort, who fill in a 'Holiday Experience' questionnaire provided by RCI on their return.

RCI are the biggest exchange organisation in the world and as part of their philosophy they continue to push for higher holiday standards. An RCI Silver Crown award means higher exchange power for Club Olympus owners and clearly reflects the Olympus commitment to constant improvement.

Thank you too to our owners and guests who have taken the time to express their appreciation for a great holiday.

We will bring you more on this shortly!

Best wishes from

The Team at Club Olympus x

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 Oct 18th, 2012

Every now and again I like to post a sunset photo. We get spectacular sunsets here in Tenerife as you know and for the last few nights we have had some beauties. Like this one from a couple of nights ago.

I took it from behind Club Olympus in Garden City at a friends house in Roque Del Conde.

As always, if you have any shots, email them to me at sales at



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 Oct 12th, 2012

The Club Olympus In-house team gathered for a spot of lunch at one of our favourite places, Era Las Mozas in Valle San Lorenzo.

From left to right, we have Dawn, Tony, Malc, Gail and Ray with Mario the waiter leaning in!

This particular restaurant is famous for it's barbecued meat and it soon became an 'eat-off' between Tony and Ray who both had humongous 'Chuleton's' or T-Bone steaks from an Ox.

We reckon that Tony was on a hiding to nothing up against Ray who disappears these steaks as a snack!! In actual fact, Ray's was even bigger than Tony's which is saying something.

Many apologies to all you vegetarians out there, however the boys did enjoy themselves and a great deal of Tony's steak ended up in a doggy-bag! Not Ray's of course. We all had a lovely, relaxing afternoon after a very busy last few weeks. The In-House team has been working very hard so it was great to have a bit of down time together.

Above is Ivan with Dawn and Tony. We have a terribly hard life working here in Tenerife as you can see but we persevere despite the difficulties!

No idea what Ray is doing here!

Afterwards we went back down to the Club Olympus Poolside Bar to finish off and were greeted by Operations manager and Club Secretary Jean Faichney (left), Louise (Bar Manager) and Charlotte (Hostess with the mostest)

We look forward to seeing you all soon x


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 Oct 7th, 2012

The capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz is a thriving port and bustling cosmopolitan city. Many Club Olympus guests and owners enjoy spending time in this city that is a mix of old and new.

A recent visitor to the port is the British Type 42 Destroyer HMS Edinburgh. This ship has recently seen service in the Falklands, South America and the Arabian Gulf.

British Naval ships are frequent visitors to Tenerife and are always welcomed to these friendly shores.

A great variety of marine craft use Tenerife as a stopping off point. Marine fuel is cheaper on these tax-friendly shores and Santa Cruz' deep harbouring and cheap bunkering make it an ideal port for ships heading from Europe across the Atlantic to the US and South America and indeed for the journey south to Africa and round the Cape into the Indian Ocean.

Super Yachts such as 'Diamonds are Forever' (pictured above) are frequent visitors as they commute between the 'Med' and the Caribean. The guests on these yachts are always happy to enjoy the fabulous sunshine of Tenerife.

Yes indeed, Santa Cruz is a City well worth a visit when you are here. Diverse attractions, museums, art galleries, historical buildings, superb restaurants and 'tapas' bars, scruffy typical canarian Bodegas, live music and endless festivals and fiesta's mean that there is always something going on.

The view above is a shot of the old Bullring (Bullfighting was outlawed in the canary Islands in the 70's) taken from the hillside above Santa Cruz.. Here below is a photo of  an avian local who hangs around the harbour looking for an easy meal.

This Whimbrel has got used to city life!

Santa Cruz is a three quarter of an hour trip by car from Club Olympus in Garden City or about an hour and fifteen on the bus. You will enjoy a visit.

Ask any member of the Olympus team how to get there and what to see when you do!

You won't regret it!

(Photo's by Ivan)


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