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 Nov 27th, 2012

Well, it landed yesterday and the top of the mountain got a light dusting. Here is a zoom shot for you.

As we drag the zoom lens back a little we can give you an idea of what our weather is like at the moment.

Let's complete dragging the zoom back to show our swimming pool area.

So here is everybody sunbathing in the roasting weather. Snow on the mountain where it should be and sun on the resort where it should be. Marvelous.

 Olympus World
 Nov 21st, 2012

All it takes is one 50's record and they're off!

Hedley and Jane Rhodes joined Vernon and Joyce Knott (owners for decades) for a turn around the dancefloor the other afternoon. It puts the youngsters to shame doesn't it!

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 Nov 19th, 2012

With the arrival of Mr Terry Tomlinson of Rochdale on Tenerife shores, the "Mountain Walking Season" was declared officially open. In very short order we headed up into the hills behind Club Olympus in Garden City. Our walk began in Taucho, a small village about 15 minutes away from Playa De Las Americas.

As we have mentioned in the past, the scenery of Tenerife is really quite dramatic. It is also very easily accessible. Within minutes by car or bus you can be in the middle of spectacular views and terrain.


Here above is Ivan in walking mode. In the background is the village of Taucho. From there we walked back along the ridge line towards the mountains above Adeje. Here below is Peter Rhodes of Club Olympus looking out over Adeje.

The whole Southern coastal is delightfully on view from this vantage point. All you can hear is the faint hum of cars in the distance and the wind blowing - marvelous.


And here above is the aforementioned Terry Tomlinson who spends the winter in Garden City. At 78 he is a keen member of our walking team.

In the shot below we can see that if we look out to the south-west we get a beautiful view of the neighbouring island of La Gomera.

Many people think that Tenerife is all about bars, restaurants, nightclubs, sun, sea and Sangria. Well those things are certainly available but there is so much more to this fabulous island!


We stopped for a break here at the top of a track known as the "Mule-Killer". This ancient path used to be the link between the towns of Adeje and Vilaflor and was a gruelling climb up from Adeje up onto the ridge line.

In reality, there is nothing finer than getting into the mountains and fresh air with the dogs and revelling in the scenery and exertion of a good walk.

This delicate wild mountain lily crops up regularly all over the place above the tree line and is a great 'macro' shot for my Olympus camera (What other camera would I use?).

Our other walking companions are Elkie (left) and Murray (or Stumpy as he more commonly called on the right). They think that this whole walking lark is designed purely for them.


Of course the statutory beer break with a lump of local goats cheese and some fresh Chorizo sausage make for a pleasant repast and keep the energy levels up.

All-in-all, it is a day out that takes a bit of beating.

If you are into walking then Tenerife has a great deal to offer. Ask any of the Club Olympus team about where to go and how to do it and they will be pleased to help.

Bring yer boots!

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 Nov 10th, 2012

It's always a pleasure to have Dave Brady and his family down at Club Olympus in Garden City.

Pictured above is Dave who has been our Bank Manager in the UK for decades. We have a tremendous business relationship with Dave but also enjoy a bit of the social side of life when we can.

The Brady family of Debbie, Hannah, Tom, Dave and young Jack (in front) are pictured here with Peter and Ivan of Club Olympus in the Olympus Poolside Bar.

It's interesting that Tom (the tallest in the picture) actually came out to the resort for the first time when he was one! The years literally do fly past us!

We enjoyed your company gang and look forward to seeing you again soon.

 Olympus World
 Nov 10th, 2012

Hedley Rhodes, Developer at Club Olympus,  took the Heads of Department for lunch a couple of days ago to say thank you for their hard work in obtaining the RCI Silver Crown Award.

You can see Hedley 3rd down on the right just in front of Louise Wooldridge who is Head of the Olympus Poolbar Team.

We headed up to one of our favourite spots at "Era Las Mozas" in Valle San Lorenzo, we have mentioned this great restaurant quite a few times before.

Here above is Sue Simons (left), Sue is the Head of our Reservations team and on the right is Assistant Resort Manager Lupe Ortega.

Here below we have Raquel Villas of our Community Office team with Peter Rhodes who heads up the Whole Ownership Marketing Department. Peter is the one on the right!

Every department has played it's part in improving standards and service at Club Olympus. Not least in that is our IT department headed up by Mark Banks and Charlie Martin.

This rather blurred shot shows from left to right, Evelio Gonzalez (Head of Maintenance), Charlie Martin (IT) and Elvira Padilla (Head of Housekeeping)

And above is Jane Rhodes with Head of IT Mark Banks.

Mark and Charlie are based at the Sale, Manchester office in the UK.

The well known faces of Ray Karlsen, Head of the In-House team and Alan Gibbons, Resort Manager are framed in the shot above. We will show what Ray had for his lunch shortly!

Here is Jean Faichney (Club Secretary and Operations Manager) with Ivan Rhodes.

We really had a superb afternoon and Hedley and Ivan expressed great appreciation to the team for their individual and collective efforts. Well done gang!

Oh and guess what Ray ate?!

A 'no brainer' really!


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