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 Feb 28th, 2013

Whilst the UK shivers, the glorious weather continues here in Tenerife. To give you an idea, these photographs were taken late last week!

In the right foreground is the town of Adeje with Las Americas in the distance. Just a few clouds scudding by the table-topped mountain called Roque Del Conde.

Turning 180 degrees, not a cloud in the deep blue sky, inland towards Teide. Fearless Rochdale Mountaineer Terry Tomlinson makes his way down a country track.

 Here below we have found a little birds nest that has fallen from a nearby Pine tree. We hope the occupants were away safely before it tumbled.

Tenerife is often referred to as the "Island of Eternal Spring". The amazing climate means gorgeous flowers all year round. These mountain flowers make a delightful splash of colour on our walks into the hills behind Club Olympus in Garden City.

Tenerife has a great deal to offer for people with virtually any holiday requirements. From lazing on the beach, Pool lounging, Spectacular scenery, fine dining, mountain walking as you can see below:-

or simply doing nothing at all....................

Whatever you enjoy doing, you will find it here on the "Island of Eternal Spring"


 Olympus World
 Feb 28th, 2013

The Olympus Poolside Bar has been very busy. Our owners, clients guests and friends put it down to the team who look after them. Here below are some of the team

Sarah-Jane on the left, Louise (the Bar Manager) in the middle and Charlotte on the right.

The team are looking forward to seeing you!

 Olympus World
 Feb 18th, 2013

Enough of those cold, wintry, miserable UK photo's, let's get back to the warmth.

Ahhhhh, that's more like it!

Sunshine is what Tenerife is all about. Sunshine and blue skies as you can see from the above shot of Mount Teide taken from the Pine Forest.

The weather in Tenerife is fabulous, we have had a superb year for sunshine and the bar has been very well supported so thank you all for that.

Pictured above is Dan of the Poolside Bar looking a proper Princess in his little pink hat with regulars Kenny and Ellie Rose, and Lynn Tomkins in the background

As mentioned earlier, the mountain walking season is in full flow and we have been up and out in the hills above Playa De Las Americas.

As you can see, we are all having a miserable time  ;-D

Where would you rather be?


 Olympus World
 Feb 13th, 2013

Our Boutique Hotel in the Yorkshire Hills was under snow again this week. Much as I dislike snow, it does make for a pretty picture!

Pictured above is the Leeming Wells Hotel at Oxenhope in the Haworth area of Yorkshire. Our hotel is quite busy as you can imagine but it is a delightful place to stay. It is located in Bronte country (the home of the famous Bronte sisters) and has spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.


The Leeming Wells Hotel is also the headquarters of our UK base for the Olympus Group of companies.

Next door to Leeming Wells is the famous Dog and Gun Pub. The pub serves some of the finest food in the area and always provides a warm welcome!

Pictured above is Tony Rhodes of Club Olympus. It certainly is better to be in the pub rather than outside on days like this. Without a doubt I would rather be looking out of the pub window at the snow than outside looking in!

Like this for example.

The combination of Leeming Wells and the Dog and Gun make for a terrific few days away in the Yorkshire Dales. If you fancy learning more, simply ring our Bradford office and speak to Andrea or Amanda on (0044) 01535 640050.

The hotel is within easy driving distance of Leeds, Bradford, Skipton, Harrogate and Ilkley.

While the weather outside might be inclement, inside it is a different matter. In the Dog and Gun you can sit in front of a roaring log fire and enjoy the local, Keighley brewed, 'Timothy Taylor' Ales.

Yes, of course the scenery is lovely but..................................

I know where I would rather be!

Viva Tenerife!

By Ivan

 Olympus World
 Feb 3rd, 2013

A while ago we posted about the tunnels that are being constructed in the South of Tenerife that will eventually link into a motorway right round the island.

We are informed that travel time from Playa De Las Americas to Puerto De La Cruz in the North will be cut to twenty minutes instead of the usual hour and fifteen. The North Airport at Los Rodeos will then be about thirty minutes away. The whole Island will be opened up enormously.


Pictured above are the Southern tunnel entrances located just above Guia De Isora (just inland from Los Gigantes). The entrances are being formed in concrete and will make two tunnels, one of which is an emergency tunnel for evacuation and servicing. The motorway runs right up to the tunnelmouths.

Above, a new and unopened stretch of brand new motorway, leading to the Southern entrances. This runs from the end of the TF-1 motorway currently terminating at Adeje (about 10 minutes from Club Olympus) up to Chio.

Interestingly, parts of the next "Fast and Furious 6" film were made on this stretch of virgin motorway in the last few weeks. Click here to see a report and movie scenes taken in Tenerife!

To get to Chio on the road to Masca, normally takes about 30 minutes. The new motorway will deliver travellers there in about 3 or 4 minutes.

Here below are the Northern exits heading towards the village of Santiago del Teide.  The tunnels are roughly one point seven kilometers long.

Obviously, financial constraints due to the current crisis have slowed things down. We spoke to an engineer working on the project and he told us that there is no current completion date for the project. Pictured below is the beginning of the motorway from the Northern tunnels heading toward Santiago Del Teide.

The next stage is a longer tunnel from Santiago Del Teide to Garachico/ Icod. Mining that tunnel has begun and we will bring you news of that as and when we get it.

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