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 Jul 25th, 2013

The Oldham Team are back and having a blast.

From left to right we have Paula, Rick, Jason, Paul, Sam, Kathy and Keith (although strictly speaking, Paul and Keith are not from the Oldham area but decided to be in the shot :-)

It's always a pleasure to have the team here at Club Olympus and it certainly helps with sales of Alhambra Beer and Magners Cider!

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 Jul 23rd, 2013

But not here! We at Club Olympus are continuing to enjoy a fabulous summer.

As we gear up for the school hols which are shortly upon us, we are ensuring a plentiful supply of cold beer in the Poolside bar for hardworking mum's and dad's when they arrive.

We will see you soon!

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 Jul 18th, 2013

We at Club Olympus were very pleased to be awarded a "Certificate of Excellence" by Internet Holiday Review Website 'Trip Advisor'.

Here below are Tony Rhodes, Financial Director of Club Olympus with Assistant Resort Manager Lupe Ortega.

This is despite the fact that many people confuse Club Olympus with other private rentals at Garden City which do not come up to our standards.

We are constantly trying to make sure that it does not happen but comments often show clearly that some people are not staying in a Club Olympus Apartment when they make a comment.

Having said all that, we are very pleased with the award and thank everybody for their positive imput.


And thanks too to TripAdvisor click on the link to go directly to Club Olympus reviews.

 Olympus World
 Jul 2nd, 2013

After memorial services both in the UK and in Tenerife for Hedley Rhodes, Developer of Club Olympus, things are begoinning to get back to normal. While the loss of Hedley leaves a big gap in the family and the resort we are preparing for a busy summer.

The Rhodes family are regrouping orologi replica and looking forward to welcoming our owners, guests and friends down to the resort. Here below is a family shot from last week taken in the town of Adeje.

Hedley, whilst still active and visiting the resort regularly was enjoying being semi-retired and the family business was (and is) being looked after by sons Ivan, Tony and Peter and daughter Jodie.

As Hedley would have wanted, it is "business as usual".

The weather in Tenerife is fabulous, the resort is in great shape and we are planning continuous improvements.

So from the 'Rhodes' team and all at Club Olympus, it is ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!

See you soon.

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