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 Nov 15th, 2013

In the North of Tenerife there is a phenomenon known as Guachinches (pronounced wah-chin-chay)! These are basically where someone who is wine grower opens up a section of his house as restaurant providing extremely high quality food and loads of fabulous wine. The section of house that is used is usually the garage as you can see below.


This particular Guachinche is in Santa Ursula in the North of Tenerife, not too far from Puerto De La Cruz. The interior is rough and ready as you can no doubt see with this shot below.

When we say "in someones garage" that is exactly what we mean but the atmosphere is brilliant, almost a party atmosphere and the food is out of this world. Each Guachinche tends to specialise a little bit, this one was pork orientated with terrific pork chops and pork fillet.

Not the best shot above but it gives you an idea of the quantity and quality. Wine is of course served in old pop bottles! In the shot above you can see Jean and Gabby of Club Olympus, engrossed in listening to Jean's husband Manolo telling a story. As for prices, well just look here uhren replica

That's the menu and price list nailed outside the door!

And the view from the garden of the house we visited is this one underneath.

There Guachinches all over the North of the island but just a couple in the South. If you speak with Hugo or Louise in the bar they will point you in the right direction be it in the South or North. Here below is the owner of this particular Guachinche (left) with Manolo (on the right), the husband of our Jean


For a very different dining experience, do try a Guachinche!

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