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 Jan 20th, 2014

As many of you know, hiking in Tenerife is an absolute delight. Mountains, blue sky, fresh air are in abundance here. With Terry Tomlinson (of Rochdale fame) back out for the winter we struck out again recently for one of our adventures.

Just behind Terry and myself (Ivan) you can see Mount Teide with a scattering of snow. The air was cool but the sunshine brilliant at about 3000 feet above sea-level.


This is one of our favourite walks, leaving the village of La Quinta and heading towards the ancient path that leads from the town of Adeje to Arona and Vilaflor. It is an old donkey trail that connected several villages. The locals used this path to transport trade goods and to simply communicate with their neighbours.

We walked with an old mate of ours Keith (Hovis) Brown, pictured to the right, he is also from Rochdale in Lancashire. Keith is an experienced walker and he really enjoyed this very different side of tenerife.

The views up here are, of course, spectacular. This is looking down over Playa De Las Americas with "Table Top" mountain at the left. Taking photos into the sun is never easy but I think you can get the feel of it.


This shot above is looking the other way out to La Gomera, with Paraiso Floral in the foreground. It was of course then time for a snack break once we got to this point so we proceeded to have the food of the Gods!

Not much of it left really but it WAS Lancashire crumbly cheese (not bad for a Yorkshireman like me), dried figs and honey, outstanding! Then we got on with it. Here below is Terry just circumnavigating a giant Agave cactus.

The Agave cactus is where Tequila comes from. In Mexico the cactus leaves are shredded and then pressed. The resultant juice is fermented then distilled into what we know as Tequila!


Terry and I enjoying a well deserved beer break next to an abandoned farmhoue way up in the hills. These old dwellings were deserted in the 50's when Spain was in a state of depression. Many families left to find a better economic environment in South America, predominantly Venezuela. In the last 10 years the traffic has been in reverse with many Venezuelans moving back to the Canary Islands to find work.


As mentioned earlier, the views really are spectacular and it is a joy to be in sunshine at this time of year. There are lots of hidden delights in Tenerife that most people just don't get to see so I hope this short article gives you a bit of insight into this great little Island.

And then, of course, we get the reward for a good long walk in the mountains. A tiny little hostelry in the village of Taucho had the beer at a perfect freezing temperature.


 Olympus World
 Jan 16th, 2014

One of the famous sites of Tenerife are the Botanical Gardens in Puerto De La Cruz. These gardens were planted in the late 1800's and have a fabulous selection of trees, shrubs, plants and vines from all over the world.

Here above is the amazing 'Lord Howe Fig Tree', pointed out by Janette Rhodes of Club Olympus. It's roots actually grow out it's branches, drop to the forest floor, burrow in and become seperate tree trunks joined to the main trunk. It makes it's own little forest.

Other wonderfully colourful plants grow in profusion. You gardeners out there will know what they are but my memory won't hold all these amazing varieties.

Some are so vivid that they look almost artificial. Tenerife's superb sub-tropical climate means that plants from all over the world will flourish here.


Because of the Garden's age there are very old, mature trees here, that you would not normally see, some have spectacular flowers like this one above.

This means that we can see root systems like this that only age produce!

There are water gardens too featuring aquatic and wetland plants like these lilies below.

The vibrancy of the colours is startling and really lifts the spirits.

The Botanical Gardens are very well signposted as you come into Puerto De la Cruz and are about an hour and a quarters drive from Club Olympus in Garden City. Ask any team member at Club Olympus for directions and they will make sure you get there.

Ahhh but this gorgeous orchid, has a beer pump behind it! That's because I photographed it in the pub just across from the gardens.


 Olympus World
 Jan 14th, 2014

As the UK struggles with more miserable weather, we are enjoying some very pleasant sunshine.

I mean where else do we get sky this colour in January?

Just the odd cloud in the sky and people cooling off in the swimming pool. Where would you rather be?

Daft question really, so after this little 'wind-up',  we will look forward to seeing you soon!

Also, do look us up on facebook under Club Olympus!

See you soon.

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