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 Apr 14th, 2014

As always, if we at Club Olympus get a chance to photograph a great sunset, we take it

We are privileged to enjoy spectacular sunsets on a regular basis here in Tenerife and we have had some beauties over the last few days. This shot was taken overlooking Fanabe beach a couple of nights ago.

Here we see the sun setting behind our neighbouring Island 'La Gomera'

It's funny how Ivan never photographs a 'sunrise'! Hmmmmmm

 Olympus World
 Apr 1st, 2014

It has been a busy year so far and we haven't had much time for walking but we managed to escape this week.

We headed up to one of our favourite spots at Taucho above the town of Adeje (pronounced ad.ekkay).

Here is me, Ivan (on the left) with mate Jeff Stacey from Preston. The guys we walk with are experienced at this kind of thing but we are all getting a little older and slower! Except for Terry of course (pictured left with Welsh Dave) who at 80 is getting younger!

The air up here is fabulously crisp and breathable with delightful aroma's of Pine trees and spring flowers. A feature too of the Tenerife mountains is the Tabaiba shrub (or Spurge shrub in English). This too has it's own unique smell. You can see one in the foreground below.

In the photo above you can just make out Mount Teide in the background. It still has a little snow on it.

Up in the hills we come across old buildings which were at one time inhabited but now the residents are long gone into towns and villages.


The old building methods were really beautiful and left a wonderfully textured look to these old properties. Terry was formerly a 'Stonemason' and he particularly enjoys seeing these antiquated places.

The views too take some beating. In the picture below we can see the coastline down towards Adeje Golf Course.

Jeff and Dave appreciating the view towards the sea.

Mountain walking is a great pleasure here in Tenerife and if you want to know more, please do have a chat with any team member at Club Olympus!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Ps. Do look at our Club Olympus Facebook page. It tends to be updated much more often than the Club Olympus website/blog



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