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 May 29th, 2014

Reservations Team Member Suzie Turnbull has retired today after a long and succesful career in the Timeshare Industry.

Suzie has been with Club Olympus for just over 4 years after coming to us from Timeshare Exchange Giant Interval International. Suzie headed the I.I. team in Tenerife for nearly 14 years. Her experience and expertise were certainly an asset for us at Club Olympus.

Here above is Suzie saying goodbye to some of her colleagues in the Club Olympus Departure lounge.

All of us here at Club Olympus wish Suzie a very happy and long retirement X

 Olympus World
 May 27th, 2014

After not visiting Loro Parque in Puerto De La Cruz for a couple of years, having family out from the UK meant a trip was on the cards. I had forgotten what a fabulous place it was! In the two years since our last visit there are many more attractions and up-grades to this superb park. It used to be a "Parrot-Park" but it is now so much more.


Pretty much the first thing you see upon entering the park is this 'big fella'. He always manages to position himself where he can keep an eye on the comings and goings.

Another big attraction at the Loro Parque are the White Tigers, one of which I photographed below.

They really are spectacular and not the least bit concerned at being stared at. Quite often you see them swimming in their large natural looking pool as Tigers love water.

Other big cats include the magnificent Jaguar from South America. This big male is paired with a black Jaguar female pictured below. The offspring can be either black or spotted as the black gene carries through in about 1 out of 6 cubs (as far as I can remember and I stand to be corrected!)

She really is a beauty isn't she? You can see that even though the coat is black, the spotting is there in shades.

Another absolute delight at the park is the Dolphin show. You can clearly see that the Dolphins love what they are doing.


Fairly recently at Loro Parque, they introduced Orcas brought over from Sea-World in Florida. They based the Orca section on Sea-Worlds design and used their succesful breeding programme for the Orca's in the show.

We caught the last (and quietest) show of the day. The big Lad above is Keto, who I think is one of Shamu's offspring!

One of the Killer Whales was actually born in Tenerife. She is called Skyla and is pictured below doing a trade mark 'breach'.

And no, I didn't sit in the 'splash-zone'. Those who do are not simply splashed, more like half drowned in freezing water!


Some of my favourite animals are the Meerkats and they have loads of them here. In fact they are breeding like ra.....Meerkats!

We had an absolute blast at this outstanding Parque and of course there are many more things to see and do. Not to mention the world's biggest collection of parrots.

Tickets for Loro-Parque are available at our reception and there are regular coaches to the Park from the South.

When you are next here. Give it a go.

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