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 Jun 21st, 2014

The bar was decked out in flags, tapas were on hand for everybody, extra barrels of beer purchased, England T-shirts printed, the Lemon Beer was super-cold, the bar was busy and we were ready for kick off!

The atmosphere was great, and we were all looking forward to a resounding triumph over Uruguay (weren't we??)


Yes we were, even Big Dave was getting into the spirit of things, even though he isn't a massive football fan, (just massive) but then it all started to go a bit wrong,

Louis Suarez scored, however no big deal, Rooney followed up with an equaliser. We were not convinced that England could get out of this, however, hope springs eternal.....


Everything was tense, surely we could do it, surely our young players could outrun the Uruguayans, surely our talent could make the difference? Then Suarez scored again........

Oh, oh, here we go again. Yep, England are out......... Anyway there's always Qatar in four years time! And we ate all the Tapas........And the sun is still shining here in Tenerife as you can see in the photo below of Tony Rhodes and Jodie Darnbrook of Club Olympus.

Ho hum, not to worry, we can all look forward to watching Leeds United when the season kicks off (who on earth would be a football fan?)

See you soon, from Tony, Ivan and Sedge Rhodes here at Club Olympus.


 Olympus World
 Jun 19th, 2014

The Club Olympus AGM was held yesterday the 18th of June at the Las Dalias hotel in Tenerife. It was a very smooth AGM with not too much to discuss. Here below is a shot of the Committee members at the AGM, apologies for the quality (of the photo not the Committee!)

From left to right we have Jodie Rhodes, Jean Faichney (Club Secretary) Tony Rhodes (Chairman) Janet Smales and last but by no means least, John Tarling.

Our thanks go out to the Committee for their hard work.

 Olympus World
 Jun 10th, 2014

A favourite place of our is "Restaurante Churrasqueria - El Rodeo". A Churrasqueria or 'Churrasca" is a specialised South American type restaurant where meat is cooked over an open fire pit then served on long swords. They are thought to be derived from Brazillian 'Gaucho's' or cowboys who roasted beef over open camp fires.

Above we can see Beef Ribs cooking nicely. The meat is then cut directly from the swords which act as spits and make for ease of serving. You can have as much or as little as you like from each variety of meat.

Here is Ivan being served a delicious slice of Pork Fillet directly from the sword. A great variety of meat is served and you simply say yes or no when the waiter arrives. The cuts include, chicken, sausage, fillet steak with Roquefort cheese sauce, Ham and Pineapple, Beef in garlic, Pork in Parmesan, rare roast beef and many others.

All the meat is complemented by a mouth-watering 'all you can eat' salad buffet . Some people go just for the salad selection. It is a one off fee of roundabout 20 Euros for all of this outstanding food. Drinks are of course extra. It is worth bearing in mind that it is a good idea to be hungry when you visit! And when you think you are done, they bring around an enormous 'sweet trolley'.

No problem for Mike Booth, ex marketing manager of Club Olympus, pictured above with Ivan. We don't actually look as if we are starving do we?

It's also a great place to take larger parties as there is abundant parking and it is a huge place that is well geared up for handling large amounts of people. The cleanliness, friendliness and speed of service make "El Rodeo" a big hit and it is only a 20 minute walk or 3-5 minute car journey from Club Olympus.

We love this place and know that you will too. Ask any member of the Olympus team about how to get there and they will be glad to help.

Give it a go and give yourselves a treat!

See you soon!

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